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What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

Spag84 6 Aug 12

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maple bacon


Find me a box of Count Chocula and I'll love you forever. I actually had Cocoa Pebbles for dinner last night. That's right... I'm a six year old child. 😉

Woman after my own heart.


Peanut Butter Capitan Crunch

There it is!

Cap'n Crunch is basically tiny mouth razors. I don't see how people do it.

@maturin1919 you gotta let them soak foe a couple minutes.

@maturin1919 maybe I like tiny mouth razors.

@Minta79 Call me <3


It's hard to say no to the big chocolate-chip cookie taste of Cookie Crisp. Chocalatey tasting Cookie Crisp is part of a good breakfast that's got everyone howling "CooOOKIE CRISP". The one with the big chocolate-chip cookie taste.


I don't have one but my favorite dinner cereal is frosted flakes?


Fruity Pebbles.



Life: both original and Cinnamon


Bobs's Red Mill Oat Bran. I mix it (cooked) with coconut manna (butter), apple fiber and sometimes I put a drizzle of molasses over the top with a small scoop of sour cream. Delicious ??

I like Bob's Red Mill Oat bran too. I just sugar it up with brown sugar, use a couple of pats of butter, a little salt on the top, and a little ramekin of blueberries.

@zeuser mmmm that sounds delicious too. Always open to new idea's so I will give it a try although I don't keep sugar at all, so will have to stick to molasses or similar I guess. 😀

@patchoullijulie Brown sugar is just sugar with some molasses mixed in, so you should get the full effect.

@zeuser Right...I just don't have sugar in my place. I don't use it at all.


I'm a bit of a granola fan, sprinkled on top of Greek/natural yoghurt on top of fresh fruit. But if pushed would go with corn flakes or weetabix (which may not translate lol)

I also do yogurt, fruit and granola. I love Weetabix but I try to stay clear of wheat products so if I have it, it is as a treat.......I eat it dry with slathers of butter!!! 😀

@patchoullijulie When I was little I loved weetabix with butter and jam 🙂

@ipdg77 oooooo I havn't tried it with jam on. Next time I indulge I will try. ?


Lucky Charms is my indulgent. I don't really like to eat cereal, so I wouldn't say I have a favorite... Maybe Frosted Mini Wheats.

Ok. Now we are getting somewhere. Real people!

@Hihi I was thinking same. ?

Bad news.


I always liked the sugar covered ones, doesn't matter what kind. I stopped eating them years ago I prefer my breakfast cheeseburger


Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms


Chocalate Cheerios


Old-fashioned rolled oats ( oatmeal)?


It's been a favorite ever since I was a kid.

Yes. Totally underrated.



Depending on what kind of oatmeal, I might have bad news for you.

@joeymf86 Scary!


Has anyone said "Meuslix with dried organic tofu bits, sprinkled with ground pine needles, and sweetened with natural tree sap" yet? I really love that. Yummy. ?

You're kidding, right?

@Spag84 I'm kidding. 🙂

@LilAtheistLady I like your humor


When I give into my inner toddler Cookie Crisp
Otherwise Frosted Mini Wheats.
Always dry cereal. I love crunchy foods.


I alternate between Honey Nut Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats.


Special K with blueberries and 1% milk.


Not a high-brow-vegan-non-gmo-organic-free-range-gluten-free-grown-in-an-inner-city-coop-community-garden product but, I love Corn Pops for a sweet but not too sweet snack. 😀


I'm not a big fan of cereal. Every couple of years I buy a box of Lucky Charms.


i don't like commercial breakfast cereal. not cold cereal, anyway. well, unsweetened granola, but rarely. cream of rice or oatmeal or grits. usually i have regular food for breakfast!



Bran flakes with honey and sliced bananas


Roman Meal

I like to cook the cereal, then pour it into a shallow baking pan. Refrigerate, then cut into nice rectangles. Fry the rectangles in butter until crisp on both sides. Serve with apricot, raspberry, or strawberry preserves. I also like making homemade strawberry, raspberry, or boysenberry syrups for my fried cereal.

I do the same with corn meal and Cream of Wheat, but I prefer the Roman Meal.


I notice no one picked Trix or it's sad cousin Kix. Always thought the marketing on Trix was a bit dodgey. Let's get a rabbit to sell cereal that looks like colorful versions of it's own turds.

I don't always eat cereal but when I do I like granola.

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