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Does anybody else seem to have a strange talent for attracting weirdos like me?

The random message I got from an unknown. I know sometime I can be a little outspoken, but seriously, does anyone else have this issue with attracting weirdos?

EmeraldJewel 7 Aug 20

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To quote Rex Tillerson, (fucking moron)

Don't use vulgarity. Its unbecoming in all ways and intellectually insulting to most of us.


I received a phone call one day from some girl who was looking for someone else. I told her I was the new owner of the number she called, she was apologetic. We spoke for a few minutes when she began to ask personal questions, I was on lunch and decided to play along. After a while she began to get angry at my answers and demanded to know how I got her number. I told her she was the one who called me, there was a pause then she said "Oh I did, didn't I. But still, how did you get my number?".
Some light bulbs are sorta dim, some are burnt out.

Wow! Sounds like she got mad and was trying to flip things to make you out to be the bad guy. Dangerous kinds!


Wait; are you asking if we attract weirdos, or that you're a weirdo and do we attract you? =] Personally, I would have no problem attracting a weirdo like you. LOL!

I’m asking if anybody attracks weirdos, but funny! Hahaha!

@EmeraldJewel I know. I'm just teasing you. =]


In Oz this feral guy came up to me to score some dope. I said "Nah mate not a dealer. Tell you what, just ask the weirdest guy you can see maybe". His answer; " I just did"
Cracked me up.
So yes, I too seem approachable to the outcasts and weirdos.......and suits avoid me.


One of my strong points is ending up in relationships with women who are either bipolar or have some sort of personality disorder where there appears to be multiple personalities, one of which appears to be nice, caring and sensitive, which gets you hooked, and then the Spanish Inquisition personality appears suddenly, unexpectedly and without warning. Have spent 4 or 5 of the worst days of my life trying to extricate myself from crazy.



Thus is why I have no photo anywhere on the internet. Like flies to shit. Must be the the horns. I don't try & hide 'em anymore.


I have concluded that I make terrible choices. I can't blame anyone else.
I am the common denominator in all my relationships.

I have decided to stop making terrible choices.


Are you sure you are not Ethean? ?? Please check again ????????


Once I owned a number very close to a pizza delivery.
Some days bored out of telling I was not the pizza restaurant I simply tell that the delivery would be there soon, and they are waiting until now...

My phone number is one digit away from a taxi company in upstate New York. I haven't lived there in over a decade, so I don't know anyone there anymore. If I get a call from that area code, I can almost guarantee they're looking for a taxi.

I've often thought of answering the phone "(City) Cab, how can I help you? Where? Yeah, we'll get someone right out"

Half an hour to an hour later when they ring back, I'd answer again, "What, he hasn't shown up yet? You know, I'm getting tired of his crap. When he shows up, you tell him to come see me when he gets back to dispatch. And he's taking you wherever you want to go for free"

Another hour or so, a very irate customer calls back, I let it go to voicemail, she realises she dialled the wrong number, checks it, calls the taxi company, and gives them a piece of her mind,

The ONLY reason I haven't done this is, I wouldn't get to enjoy the fall out. Literally that's the only reason,


I had a buddy who was a bartender that used to laugh at me because, as he described , the weirdest dude in the bar will always sit next to you and try to be your friend... it's hilarious...
He thought so... I didn't think it was so funny...


You don't seem too weird.


Hmmmm well I'm wierd and find you attractive so I guess you've still got it.



Well I'm just fucking weird so there's that


You can't fix stupid.



Attracting weirdo's is my one talent in life 😕 Keeps life interesting...........

That’s a good way to look at it.


Oh man , i would have probably answered that type of message the same way.., and yes i gave gotten those messages



I had somene emailing me telling me they were going to kill themselves . Not sure what happened as i sent the person the suicide helpline number and reported them to the admin thinking they would be able to help ( turns out doing that blocks them )


Change your photo. That could / would help .


@CaroleKay no idea what you have typed to me here - this photo is actually very nice - nice smile. what is this ? WTactualF. I copied and pasted that . Really I have a negative reaction to changing our lovely interesting English language like. spelling cat - Kat and etc. I detest vulgarity in any form.

@FlaGoldenGirl WTactualF= What The actual Fuck.
A persons profile pic is an expression of themselves, it doesn't have to conform to your standards nor anyone's but the profile holder.
" I detest vulgarity in any form.", so? No one asked and I for one don't care about your opinion. If you have such a constricted idea of social values you may not care for some of the posts made here, so read @ your own risk.
By the way, your profile pic isn't very nice according to your own standards.

@MacTavish What a nice person you are not. Sorry for you. Only vulgar people use vulgarity and it identifies who you are. I don't have a recent photo of myself but when I do have an honest one I shall post it. You are rude. Again sorry for you. Rude people are not happy people. Again, they identify themselves. I can hope for your own life and happiness that you grow up and over your rudeness and hostility to others. If you are using this site to vent your own rudeness and hostility, shame on you. No one is offended by you, just feel sorry for you.


I’ve always been attracted to weirdos, birds of a feather and all that.


I have often wondered, are all women crazy, or just the ones I date? 😉

(Hey, I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Mostly)


Ozman Level 7 Aug 21, 2018

I have had the most fucked up men contacting me online. Nasty. Apparently the men get catfished loads by scammers or soliceted for sex by professionals. I think online dating is a horrible experience for all.

Livia Level 6 Aug 20, 2018



What did you do to Ethean? ?

Nothing! He doesn’t exist to me hahaha!


I didn't know you were a weirdo.


I am a weirdo magnet.


I would be very happy if l could attract a weirdo like you. ?

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