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A perfect moment caught

If you care to, share a photograph that you took, that communicates what you consider to be a perfect moment.

AMGT 8 Aug 24

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Here are a few pics from the homeless shelter that I volunteer at.
This place houses around 250 people.
their goal is to get people back on their feet.
There are computer rooms where people can apply for benifits, apply for jobs etc.
There are quite a few groups that bring dinner every night. and some bring clothes.They even have teachers volunteer to teach a class to get people a GED if needed.
I'm happiest when I am there, I love to help people when I can.

Wow!!! That's so awesome!!!

Very nice, you are a good guy.

@zeuser Thank you.
I was once homeless myself, so I know what it's like.
People helped get me back on my feet, and never asked for anything in return, they just wanted me to be OK.
So I like to pass that along when I can.

@TristanNuvo Good on you brother. All the best to you as a person, and in pursuit of this worthy endeavor.


Watching TV with my grandson ?

His messy cute hair!


Pretty much any moment with my daughter.. And any time I am with an animal like in all my profile photos.

@AMGT If I believed in the reality of miracles, she'd be my miracle baby. Mother wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant and then she was "born" stillborn. The doctor said it almost very happens, but he was able to bring her back and they got her on life support til her body could recoup. Now she is full of life, always happy, and smarter than average for her age.

Look at those adorably chubby little arms! So sweet! πŸ™‚

( her arms, not yours) πŸ˜›


My last three doggie daughters...they are sitting in the order they passed away....2011, 2013, and 2017....left to right.

the three most perfect doggies that ever were...

my little girls 😟

Jack Russell Terriers ?

@Cast1es Yes....they would all find me an incredible traitor since my current roommate is a ratato...LOL sworn enemies.....hahahaha

@SkotlandSkye I think they would be ok with it, but probably would not understand why you "play" with the rat differently than them.

@goldenvalleyguy He does...and I love him. We just had corn on the cob and black beans for lunch. He knows he has a good thing going πŸ˜‰


My friends playing at the open mic I host. I had the sound dialed in and they were amazing.

@AMGT, you should have heard them. Maybe you will get to. They are currently working on a 5 song demo recording.

I notice that you are in LA. You're welcome to come down to Long Beach any Wednesday evening for the open mic. It's in an art gallery with great acoustics and a pristine sound system. The talent that shows up blows me away.

@AMGT, message me for details, or go to Imagine an Open Mic on Facebook.

The posted hours are 7:00 to 9:00. Reality is we start between 7:00 and 7:30ish depending on when people show up. Depending on the list we may run over. I don't remember going much past 10:00.


From my backyard.
Split second ?
Kids saw it, took a couple of pics...and gone.


Hiking with the kids?

@AMGT I love β€˜em


At ComicCon with my niece, a perfect moment when I got to share my love of geekery with her... she’s 10 and the reason why I’ve decided to adopt a little girl of my own! ❀️


I have a lot of such photos.

@AMGT They're cheesy, alright.

Here's my most recent perfect moment.


With my sons going to our first OU Sooner football game together


Me and my daughter (and my thumb) at a club listening to a good band.

@AMGT Thanks.


Gramps and future scientist doing experiment.

My grandchildren keep me alive, that's for sure. Logan, the fellow in the pic, was 5 when the pic was taken. Gramps was a little older.

He's 7 now and has already won 2 science fares.


My boy, Romeo, doing what he does best, napping.

@AMGT Oh, yes. That's him.


"Camping" with my youngest, hanging out at the fire pit, without a care in the world.


Me and mine, doing what we do


A picture with a good friend of mine taken just a couple of short months before she passed away suddenly from a heart attack. She was a funny, bright, shiny spot in my life as well as others, and missed so much.


I get most of the "perfect" moments by carefully framing the picture, but this is one of the closest moments to perfection that I've attained.

JimG Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

Perfection is a relative notion captured once in a lifetime


Camping on Dartmoor (UK) this summer, no phone signal, no internet, just a camp fire and my daughter for company πŸ™‚


This may had been my Last Picture with my daughter that left us last month. It was Madonna's Rebel Heart Concert in Atlanta. I will never be again that Perfectly Happy Man in the picture!

@AMGT I pm you.


I was out for a walk today and as I passed a small pond I caught sight of this little guy.
Soooo Cute!


The simple pleasure of making a new friend in a remote place


Jury still out, probably both...

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