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Presumed to be religious. Do people just make the assumption you're religious, as if there were no other option?

Sometimes I get asked "what church do you go to?" As if, I must go to one of them. But, when I was doing my coursework as a teacher, the Professor that came in and graded my student teaching told me...

"A lot of teaching jobs are being cut (true at the time). You may have to apply for private schools. Many are Christian, but I know you won't have any problem with that."

I was sort of dumbfounded by the comment. How do you know that? Oh, because you haven't seen me eat any babies? I seem like a nice person... well, I'm not a Christian-- or a religious person! I wanted to say... but seeing as this was the person grading me, I just didn't comment.

Are you presumed to be religious, too?

silvereyes 8 Jan 18

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I will let a religious person start to give me their spiel after so much time, I snap back and hang them with their own words. When jovi`s witness talk to me they walk away and avoid me. If someone dares to try to "save me" those people I just toy with.


Wait, do you not eat babies in public?

Mmmm, tasty!


@resserts I had been called by a nun "lucifer's rib" and I couldn't be more than 10 at the time.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Haha, what was the context of that? I've never heard that before (though I've known my share of nasty nuns).

@resserts I was not part of adam and eve family tree and sad thing was instead of keeping my mouth shut I answered "In my house we call him Satan". That gave me 2 hours of detention and a twisted ear I think.


Hell, yes! All the time. I get, "who are your people?", and "which church do you go to?", constantly. Watching their faces when I answer has turned into sport.


After mentioning that I work with a Lutheran Church quilting ministry (I make quilts), the other person asked me if I was Lutheran. At that point, I said that I am Agnostic. I was raised Catholic. It may be the thinking by quite a few that the ONLY people doing good, or are kind, considerate, etc. are Christian. IGNORANCE!


What you describe is the essence of why I'm bothered by certain religions. Their broad assumptions that everyone around them believe as they do. Like how could there possibly be any other way of thinking besides theirs !? Gr-r-r

If I find myself in a similar situation, I make sure to speak up and correct their assumption. I do it kindly, without attacking - but I sure do it ! Sometimes minds need to be pried open !


If you don't eat babies, how did you get on this site? Lol.

Yes, people presume I'm Christian because most people are. I don't correct them, but if they were to ask I tell them I'm not Christian. If they ask more, I tell them I don't believe in god. They never ask any more questions and I don't offer more. I didn't like preaching Christians, and I don't want to hear preaching atheists. This site is perfect. I can take it when I want and leave it when I want. No preaching.

Absolutely. Preaching from any position on the deity scale is abhorrent. No one likes a smug preachy better than thou atheist, that’s for sure.


This happens to me so much here in Texas. At first I don't tell people I'm an atheist I'll just sit and talk with them and we'll have a normal conversation like two normal people and then they get to like me for me. Next thing I know it's hey what church do you go to or hey would you like to go to church with me this Sunday? When I tell them I'm an atheist all of a sudden it's like how can you be an atheist? You seem so nice. As if atheist or the meanest group of people in the world. The other day I was at the laundromat talking to a woman and she found out I was an atheist so she had a million questions and I answered most of them but at the end she says I know that you would be a great Christian. I told her I was a Christian up until I was 25 years old and she said see I know that's God working through you. No matter how much I tried to convince her that I am an atheist and I will always be an atheist and I am happy being an atheist she was convinced that I had to believe in God and even started crying because she was afraid I was going to go to hell. She then told me she would go home and fast for 3 days for me. I asked her not to punish herself for me much less for herself. I've not seen her since.

Wow. That one has not just drunk the koolaid, she's hooked up to an IV of it.

@silvereyes There's plenty wrong with me. 😛

I can relate to a lot of this 😟 Makes me want to get the "HELL" out of Texas! There have been a number of times I've helped strangers and they said "bless you" or something about god being responsible for what I did. I find it extremely frustrating because I desperately want to let them know a life long agnostic helped them, we are good, not devil worshipers, and god had NOTHING to do with it. Just barely more than that I want to avoid any more focus on the subject. I know discussing it is pointless. I rarely find anyone who can understand, let alone change their mind, and I don't want to hear the same bullshit again.

I give my prospective on this in my comment on this post. I believe it is a misconception that has been "brain washed" into the minds of religious believers, NO ONE can do ANY GOOD without believing in God/god. This has its roots in the belief that all humans are shameful "broken" creatures and need to ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness for what? For being human and "created" this way. !?!?!?!?


Not so much a problem in the UK. it's only happened to me a few times. I even once stopped and changed a tyre for two stranded Nuns with a flat, sure they asked if I attended church, but were completely understanding when I explained my atheist position. Hopefully they had a pleasant experience with an atheist that day.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 18, 2018

Checking in at the docs, lady asks “how are you celebrating Christmas” I say I celebrate Hannukah. She asks if that’s a new way to celebrate Christmas. I say I’m jewish and she asks is that another way to celebrate Christmas? Btw, I’m a humanist Jew. I have a cat

How are you celebrating Christmas? I sacrifice babies. Oh? Is that another wY to celebrate Christmas?@silvereyes


I live in south Louisiana, so yeah I get that. I love telling people I'm Agnostic. Some don't know what that means and some do and just shake their heads. I wear a pentacle necklace with a dragon on it and an old lady saw it when I was walking out of the a store and grabbed her chest and gasped, she actually gasped. I didn't know why for a while until I thought about it and looked down. It gave me a good chuckle.


Phhhtttt! I live in Texas so ... yeah. It's assumed one is Christian, so the questions asked instead are whether you go to the better mega-church.

I'm interviewing for jobs and it's a tough call. Feign Christianity, or contradict them and lose the job opportunity? Religious paraphernalia is always on show throughout the offices.

I wouldn't either, @silvereyes, but it's amazing how many companies turn out to be religious. There's an animation company I've loved and checked into, only to find numerous religious posts on their FB page. Sigh.

My mom moved to Washington DC at the beginning of WW2. It was legal to ask your religion and she would write Jewish and they would tear up the application right in from of her


I tell people at work that I don’t believe in religion, they reply with “you have to believe in somthing”, and I say, no I don’t. You can’t argue with them, so eventually after they get red faced, they quit, but they still love me. They stopped quoting the Bible at me when I quoted it back, actually quite fun. I even made up my own religion called bullshitism, in which we worship the great space turtles, and the pastors are called turtle priests. They get a kick out of it until they think I actually believe what I’m saying.


I have never been asked: "what church do you go to?" People have asked me if I believed in god and when I told them that I did not believe in god, the foolish ones stepped forward as though it was some opportunity for conversion. They quickly retreated when hit on the head with a metaphorical pile driver.


Never anywhere but the South and they usually assumed I was a Jew due to my beard, glasses, and last name. I was given some books about Jesus. A lot of people confessed stuff they did that would have been frowned upon after they absorbed the fact that I am an atheist.

Presuming religion isn't generally done on the West Coast in or near cities.

I could never live in the bible belt.

@Marine Neither could I. I was just there for work and most of the time I flew home every weekend (to SEA or SFO).


Also, on the other hand, some people presume you're an atheist if not religious or is agnostic. In the eyes of the infinite and eternal, possibilities of life are also infinite and eternal in theory. How do we know what we don't know for sure?

My beliefs baffle most people, and they claim either I wear a mask and fake or that I'm illogical and need serotonin. I don't fit any single, suffocating/ confining label or classification of groupings. It's the perception of being within a bubble and not being aware or urges to be aware of anything outside of that bubble. To not signify and classify is a higher order level of thought in my way of interpreting this life and awareness that some may not fathom.

Basically, if we are not wired to this matrix or the norm, then we must be crazy or something and need to be fixed. It's so difficult interacting with people and to find anyone to relate.


I think it's pretty common for some people to just assume (without ever realizing or even thinking about it) that everyone goes to church. It happens when people are never exposed to other ways of being.

Then you have those who feel (again, probably without much examination) that the only right way to be is to belong to their preferred in-group--so anyone who seems "right" (i.e. not a degenerate) must belong to said in-group.

I've seen this so much in good-hearted people that I don't really fault them for it. You don't know what you don't know.

Once you know and you still chose to save yourself some mental effort by relying on flawed heuristics instead of permitting everyone's humanity to enter your eyes, that's a sin.


Yep, until they figure I'm not, then I get dogged with you need jesus in your heart and Ill pray for you comments. I they look in shock as I ask them questions about there religion that they can't answer while they try to preach.

My reply to being vocal is because someone is always trying to convert me!


I have gotten the "which church do you go to" question or something similar in the distant past. I can't recall anything in recent years. Maybe I look less approachable than I used to. 😀

Stop walking around with that leather jacket and that t-shirt that says "I punch kittens" and you will be more approachable.

Kidding kidding😉

@SACatWalker Now that you mention it, I used to get "Do you work here?" a lot more often than church questions, too. I also don't get those much any longer either, but I'll still try to help folks when they seem to need it, usually when I'm in the hardware store or a home improvement store.


Its not really like that here. I just had a comment from a friend who is Jewish. Oh you're not religious thats why you're on that Atheist site You've never been religious. Fine with me. Known her for 25 years.


Yep in Brasil you are presumed religious from birth. Most catholic....yuck


I started to apply to a private Christian school when I lived in KY. But I stopped filling out the application when I saw a box to check whether or not I attended dances, or ever drank.

Ballroom/jitterbug dancing were my favorite weekend activity, and at the time I had a case of expensive wine, so I decided it wasn't worth lying and trying to cover things up.


I live in Georgia and work in customer service. Every day I have some interaction where a church gathering or solicitation for prayer comes up. Everyone is assumed to be Christian and primarily Baptist around here. Hell I got weird looks when I was saying "Happy Hanukkah" that week of December because these people get personally offended if you don't say "Merry Christmas."


Luckily, I work Thursday-Sunday 8:00 am to 7:30 pm so I obviously do not attend church.


It is a sales technique. Every sales man or woman has to assume that his client cannot live without whatever they are selling. In science false assumptions are the main reason for failure of conclusions


Well, I live in the US-Bible belt and everybody presumes that everyone is religious. They do not seem to realize that living in this area means that they may presume that I'm a Christian when I don't look like that I come from a Muslim-, Buddhist- or whatever ethnic religion. If they start talking to me about blessing etc. I just tell them that I'm not religious and they stop, but stay friendly. I seldom meet people that hear that and turn away.
And in case of losing my job, I would not tell anyone that I'm non-religious. I had a Christian education so I can easily teach children in Christian schools. The income of people without a job is terrible in the US so a job is first. But working as a non-religious teacher would also have benefits, teaching children to think independent. For that I'm willing to fake.
Just like worker in WOII in the Netherlands that worked for the Germans, so he was seen as collaborating with the enemy. After the War they tried to trial him but it appeared that he used his position close to the Germans to help people in need, like people that were in hiding and people that were on the list of deportation to the camps.

Gert Level 7 Jan 21, 2018

Yes, I've had that on occasion

"Surely someone at your church can help ... "

"But you believe in a creator, right?"

or better

"Why don't you come to OUR church?"

@silvereyes Wow... sorry for the late reply.

Yes, even here.

Some people are of the mindset that ALL people attend a church or temple, or something.

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