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How long should you go without sex before giving up?

Wyattpa 5 Aug 28

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Never give up !

Mets Level 6 Nov 22, 2018

1 hour


What do mean by "should"? That implies you're coming from standard base. By who's standard?
There is no base. There is no should. There are no rules. It's a completely individual choice.




5 minutes to a lifetime


If you don’t respect yourself then others are not likely to either.


Mmmm, nothing more attractive to a potential partner than self pity.


Does it really matter? Sex is an important element in somatic and emotional health in the long term. In short term? It can be months or years and still be o.k. if you're o.k. with it.


I am no longer a smoker but imagine your hand as a puppet smoking a cigarette afterwards. Put some eyes between that thumb and forefinger and it works out just fine.


Never give up ever!


I gave up giving up when i was 13 and had my first O. There's no going back now!


I think I can relate to this feeling of desperation. However, IMHO sex should never be the objective.

I see a lot of responses here that I think have some wisdom and some ... maybe not.

One person says "Give up" and things will get better. I think that's right. There is an old saying, "The worse you want something, the worse you will get it.". No matter the topic, I've found that to be true.

Some say "Hire a professional.". So long as exploitation by others is not involved, I don't see any reason to say this should not be allowed. But for me personally, I think it would be like tying a treat around my neck to get the dog to play with me, or like paying someone to play with me. I just don't think it is something I would enjoy like I want to, not to mention the degrading subtext I send to my sub-conscience.

So, yep, just give up! Find something else that brings you joy, at least for now.

@KissedbySun I had an established partner (wife) and still had to go through a song and dance routine to have sex. At least now, with no partner, I have no expectations. But I sure wish it wasn’t solitary sex for the past 10+ years.


Not sure what you mean by giving up, so I'll presume you're talking about any sexual encounter between two people which does not involve a direct exchange of money for sexual services.

I'd say if your not having any luck finding a partner, when you get to the point where the thought of physical contact with another human being involving sex takes up your every waking moment (and many of your dreams), not allowing you to successfully and smoothly navigate all other aspects of your life, then go ahead and procure the services of a pro.

And I wouldn't consider that giving up by any means. It's just taking a non-traditional avenue towards having your needs met. We procure the services of others to have our needs met every single day. None of us can be good at everything in life. Finding sex partners is no different. Some are good at it. Some aren't. For those who aren't, there are people who provide physical intimacy and sexual services as a means of generating income.


That depends. If you are talking about a sexless relationship, then don't waste your time. You will be told anything to keep you but promises will not be kept. Hope will keep you from moving forward so move on instead.
If you're not in a relationship and just haven't had any in a while, don't give up. Giving up doesn't solve that problem.


I guess this is the difference between choosing not to have sex with a partner or not finding anyone who willing.


Giving up what..finding a hooker, finding a floozie, or finding a combatible life companion? If you want to find someone good you have to put yourself out there..ask women out, join meet ups that do activities you enjoy, etc.
Maybe you'll even meet someone here.

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I went a few years. I've resigned myself to my sexless fate.

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