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A lot of talk about adding a sports category so what is your favorite sport?

Also what is your favorite team?

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Crimson67 8 Jan 21

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Sex, Chess, Karate LOL Athletes rarely give credit to the teachers that got them to where they are.


I have almost no interest in any sport. I'd like an option for no favorite sport in this poll.

@SACatWalker Imagine what could be accomplished if all that passion and effort and money put into sports was directed towards something more meaningful.

@witchymom True true, There is much good to be said about sports. The teamwork, competitiveness, exercise and so on. I don't care for opera either.


Don't want to be a wet blanket, I honestly and sincerely abhor sport, particularly team/spectator sports. I swim, cycle, kayak and surf, but not as sport.

I can't stand sports either.


im that unusual man who finds watching most sports boring and playing them if I could. I do like ufc


I love baseball the most. I was happy to see my favorite team, the Houston Astros win the World Series. I also follow American football and basketball. I follow the Kentucky college teams.

balou Level 8 Jan 21, 2018

I'm a baseball and American football guy.

I played baseball from little league until college. Sadly, the Yankees did not come calling when I was in college lol


I’m pretty partial to baseball. Many find it slow and boring, yet a matchup between a pitcher and batter can be poetic and tense. There are a lot of nuances to baseball that are after overlooked. My favorite team is the Twins.


Not a huge sports fan but I am hoping the Vikings (American football) don't loose again. ????


@mrcharlie65 are you going to watch the game?

@Donna_I I'll have it on in the background, although I highly superstitious(how does that play into being agnostic? LOL).I had to look away during the last play last week!

@mrcharlie65 lol! You did better than me I gave up and had left the game after watching most of the second half so I only saw it on replay which is fine with me!

@Donna_I i"m not even watching. I'm a teacher and I am writing lesson plans listening to Thelonious Monk on headphones while my son watches. I grew up in Cleveland and have remained loyal to their teams, which has only led to heartbreak after heartbreak(except for 2016 Cavs). Being in Minnesota for 23 years has only provided more heartbreak. I have to stop getting myself emotionally attached to professional sports. there is much better stuff to get excited about.

This game sucks. I thought for sure the Vikings would show up to play!

@balou it is not going well at all.. 😟

@mrcharlie65 i grew up in Minnesota and my dad is a fan so lots of Sunday afternoons watching games back then. I would be on thrilled if they won but with the score where it is I am not holding my breath. 🙂 what subject do you teach?

@Donna_I I teach 4th grade. Sunday is usually filled with prepping for the week.

@mrcharlie65 you are a brave man!

Either brave or insane, not sure which@Donna_I

@mrcharlie65 lol - I am going to stick with brave!

@SteveB I often wonder the same thing. 🙂 they have such horrible luck!

@Donna_I well you are just too kind. thanks


Where's pro wrestling on that list? All the ones listed are like reality TV shows vs traditional dramas. At least pro wrestling goes to the trouble of writing a script for its performers!


can't help it...this site is fun.



I liked to play baseball when I was a kid/teen, even though I absolutely sucked. I've never enjoyed watching sports, though.


New Zealand national rugby union team All Blacks!

Theres a man who knows his sports! 😉


I'm a Colorado Avalanche fan.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

Ice hockey...I used to play...I've always been a long-suffering NY Rangers fan


College Basketball is the best, with baseball close behind.
While I root for my college, I'm basically an "anyone but Duke" kinda guy.


Favorite Team: Chicago Blackhawks.
(Thay got smoked last night by the NY Islanders) 😟

I like golf too. I don't care for watching it, I like to play though.


Tossing the Caber

The Scots

@SteveB -- That they are, my friend. Akin to a renaissance fair, but restricted to all things Scottish.


fishing and scuba, i don't care for ball sports and nascar.


Martial arts. I took karate in high school, until I tore my ACL.


Basketball is poetry in motion.


Surprised boxing was not option 7 of 8 but... not a problem. As you get older you realize is not that important. My brother used to box... Golden Gloves Tournament Champ one year. Me and my buddys as kids we used to box in the middle of the street until a car came in and if the round was good, car will have to stop and wait. Bigger guys were always putting us to box. Different era, today they will run you over. I stopped boxing when I realized I have a big nose and bleeded easy. Also boxers were not getting any more girls than basketball players... So sports with the ball it was... done baseball and basketball. Today I only follow Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL... playing today for the AFC Championship. Sports just not that important. If I have a grandson I will turn him into what my son should had been if I would not got divorce. My ex-wife was a basketball groupie when I met her and maybe that is why she didn't wanted him to play basketball. I said it before... I was the worst and shortest basketball player she ever dated. he, he, ha, he, he, ha. Is not that I was that bad it is just the other guys were that good. Yet I took her away from a 6'6" forward... as if I could own him on the court... You see? I did owned him on the dance floor. I turned her into being a groupie of a different kind. Every time she talked about her athlete father... I was so what? She did track and field like her father too... but my mother could dance. And so my son. Sports is not everything but teaches a lot in the formation of a good citizen. Teamwork, camaraderie, friendship among opponents, honest versus cheating. Teaches also how to stretch and break rules getting away with it. Teach you about victory and defeat... to get up and try again. To will yourself... DARN HOW I MISS SPORTS!!!!


Rugby League (branched off from Rugby in 1908 ) is for me. I play competitive flag Rugby League twice a week. Tackle Rugby League is a bit too rough. And I'm too weedy.

Although, I can appreciate a Sport channel. I'm not much into talking sport. I even lost interest in reading or watching news (player signings, management dramas, player misbehaving in public news, etc.) on the NRL (National Rugby League in Australia).

I only appreciate the sport for the sport. I really enjoy watching (at the stadium and on TV) and analysing the game.


Bears for life. I know they've sucked for a long time but I'll be a fan forever.

@SteveB Me too. Exactly!


Cycling. The hardest and most beautiful of all sports.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 21, 2018

Rugby New Zealand All Blacks 😀
Cricket, New Zealand Black caps
Basketball Oaklahoma Thunder/ New Zealand Breakers (play in the Australian BB league)
Soccer/football. No favourite team. New Zealand is terrible at football
Rugby league/Netball
Love watching the Olympics and Commonwealth games
Still trying to work out NFL

Sacha Level 7 Jan 21, 2018

I will give you a tip for free in the NFL... Jacksonville Jaguars.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Hmmmmm

@Sacha They are playing today against legends of a coach and a player. Maybe the two greatest. But is time to retire those two motherfuckers. Send them home to their pretty wives. Time of a change of the guard and establish a new NFL order.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Alright then!

@Sacha sometimes what is free is worth nothing... they lost.

@witchymom Ouch, it hurts so much... But the silver lining is another super bowl without dog in the fight. Being so close does not matter. Only the Win. I took it as a man and went to bed without dinner.

@GipsyOfNewSpain So this means the Patriots are in the Superbowl? I support them.. I have my reasons. lol

@Sacha So you were the one that jinxed us? You used me!!!! I was innocent!!!! You violated my trust!!!! For you... Go Patriots!!!! But no more free tips for you.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Awwwwww but I like free tips 😟

@Sacha So let me tell you about this guy that....


American sport is my favorite game because it is the true exam of muscles and energy, for American sports you should be active and energetic.

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