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What do you think is the common link in this "group"? Do you think it's dating, or theology based? What is it that you are looking for, by being here?

Self explanatory sort of question, inspired by curiosity. Nothing more. I seek no one, or anything except understanding.

Dreegle 4 Jan 22

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For me it is to take the place of an actual social life. At 55 I no longer have the tolerance to listen to the bullshit of the local goons in my area. At least not on my own time, only for work or my kids activities. "No Billy Bob, I don't think Trump tells it like it is." " No Betty Joe, I'm not mad at God. For the last time I don't believe in him.". "Hey you damn theists, get out of my yard!"

Yeah. I know that feeling... I'm a coast city boy 400 miles inland, in a small town. I don't have a social life, because I don't know what to do, and what they do looks boring as anything. lol... I miss not missing tge internet.

@LennyP49 I had Cancer at 45 - my condolences on the experience. And on the "Tots and pears" it gets very upsetting. I kept thinking "Let's cure cancer instead of praying shall we?". I hope surgery goes smoothly for you.


I am just up for general discussion, many forums on pretty much any topic from camping, gardening, economics I get some idiot praying for a solution. I pray that doesn't happen here.

I was in the understanding that we did Prayed for this Site. And that our prayers been answered.

Well... my opinion is that you need to know what you're praying to... I mean "Jesus Christ! Where's my car keys" is a lot easier to say than "Oh random force of non sentience please assist me to be in the correct place in the time space continuum, at precisely the right time so my neural synapses misfire exactly correctly enough for me to remember where I left the fucking things" You know? Far more convenient... but to my view, equally valid prayers. XD Soo... What's your country like?

@Dreegle Bloody hot here, but at least I am on the coast, probably hotter where you are?


I've openly been an atheist for a long time so I'm definitely not here to talk about god to other atheists. (I mean what is there to say about it after "I concur"?)

Certainly venting about the isolation atheists can face is helpful.

I'm looking forward to discussing the challenges of raising children as an atheist with other parents.

Definitely excited that no one will send me prayer hands emojis! When people send me those, or even worse request them from me on FB, I accidentally on purpose post clapping hands. (Dick move? Perhaps. Also funny? Definitely.)

Dating. Maybe. I've been single, by choice, a long time. I've enjoyed it for the most part. Would I like to be involved with someone again? Sure, but I'm not crying myself to sleep over it and certainly not going to force it.

I currently live in a small town surrounded by the Big Three: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Kidding. Religion, Racism and and Homophobia. Trying to have a conversation with these people makes me feel like my brain is exploding so this site reminds me that I am not alone.

Oh! And banter. Have to have the banter. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Peace and love.

Love your post, just thought I would add that those hands are actually a โ€œhigh fiveโ€ which I found hilarious and point out to those who use it erroneously as โ€œprayer handsโ€.... dick move ? Ahh might be, technically correct? Yup ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚


I'm here for an intelligent conversation.

Good luck with that... lmao
Nah, just joking... but what would you like to discuss? That's the thing I'm trying to work out. If left to a completely unihibited random collision of ideas, based upon the individuals social education, what would be the topic of conversation? What is the common ground that "intrigues" us enough for us to seek societal acceptance in "places" like this? Where, in real society, would we gather, to discuss our ideas, and thoughts about the massive diversity of knowledge that we each have, that no other has in the same context? Do you think it would be a pub? An "anti church", maybe just random people talking in a park. Where would we belong? In your opinion...


Ultimately, I think shared thinking, particularly in theology is a commonality. The "dating" aspect likely depends on the person. Some may be looking for intelligent conversation, some for long distance or local friends and done for dating. Me? I'm new and suppose I'm here because I'm intrigued and would like to see what the site has to offer.

Welcome to our little world, humble battlefield and active forum.

Yes. I'm much the same. Intrigued. I feel like I have a certain freedom, here. You knou? Everyone seems to be doubters, with knowledge of ignorance about a topic, so, seems a much less judgemental crowd... but we'll see... You might get to see me be the first stake burning...>XD that happens a bit

@GipsyOfNewSpain Thank you, we'll see what kind of mischief I can get into! ๐Ÿ˜‰

@SmittenKitten I learned as a teen, the moment we lose our playground... we lose ourselves to become part of the masses. So a playground for ground ups is necessary to keep us happy and in tune with all other participants in the play ground.


I definitely came for the discussions. The dating function of the site I only learned of once I joined. A personal relationship out of it would be lovely "frosting," but I am not hanging my hopes on that, by any stretch. I seem to live in an intellectual backwater(sorry, Louisiana, but it's true). Long distance dating intimidates me, so that does not help my odds in the dating department. Or maybe I'm just too opinionated to live with! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sure didn't came here to talk about god... but every freaking day somebody has to post a question or drama about god and about religion... I thought being an atheist was leaving religion Behind not remembering religion was left behind. My humble and honest take about the god problematica. It's been dropped don't pick it up!

What would you like to discuss? People have opinions about everything. I think that god as a topic is kind of what brings people, then they get here, and sharing their views of disbelief is a form of seeking societal acceptance. "I don't believe this about the imaginary sky fairy... does anybody else not believe that too? We can hang... ". I dunno... my guess... lol... I must admit, though, I do like my perception of god... but that's mainly just for philanthropic debate ๐Ÿ˜€

I'm never the one to bring up the god thing in my daily life. Daily I'm bombarded with it, to the point where I need a little support. I feel safe to vent my frustrations here ... with out fear of judgement. I feel so free.

@gipsy Freedom is good and only liberty really,.

@Dida I am just... when I drop a subject, I leave on the floor not be picked again. And maybe because I cancelled my subscription to god and religion over 50 years ago and never needed reassuring or support about it. Just don't see the need of discussing it on a daily basis. I hope theist don't spent their time talking about atheist. And then again... how will I know since I don't do the experience?

@Dida That inquiry always scares me because it may end up being... "this is the last place left to look for god".


Straight-up community for me. I like the idea of conversing with like-minded people, and not having to constantly defend facts. It's refreshing that common knowledge and science are accepted without argument. I also like the fact that so many of the members are not only intelligent, they also have a sense of humor.


I would ultimately like to find a long term relationship. But I also would like to make new friends. It seems that many people on this site have similar views as mine and that makes it much easier to connect with a person. I donโ€™t agree with opposites attract. Thatโ€™s more of a sexual connection and ends quickly after the rush.

I'm so glad you said that. More than once I have been branded mean because I leave people quickly and easily. (Well, also, one of my favorite songs is titled "I Told You I Was Mean", so that might have something to do with it, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I am not mean. It's because once the chemicals calm down there's nothing there. The person starts talking alot more and things fall out of their face that I just don't have the capacity to ignore. I don't want to talk to sheep and I don't have the patience to be a shepherd.


Dating is what drew me to the site but conversation with like minded people is what keeps me here. I felt very alone in my thinking before I joined, so I'm grateful for the void it fills.


I expect to meet people simular in my belief. That's it... no dating... just want to expand my knowledge.


Currently I would say curiosity brings me here. It's refreshing to be on a platform where peoples beliefs are similar to mine.


Intelligent and caring dialogue. Most, but not all, contributors to this site meet these criteria.


I joined to speak freely about being an atheist and maybe meeting someone, but don't care for having to earn points to browse to look at other members.


The word freedom comes to mind. On most subjects, I feel free to express myself freely (all except one topic). I like the fact that virtually everyone here is a non believer of one kind or another. It really changes the conversation when you are amongst very religious people. It would be perfect if all here could also express themselves freely politically. The silence is deafening at times.

It's funny. I think that everyone here is kind of a believer... just rebelling against a preconceived idea of what things are like, or should be.
Freedom is tricky. We're taught to be. We are taught what we want, and how to get it by teachers who have been taught to teach by teachers who follow government curriculum, learning and behaviour modeling processes which start with early learning centres and preschools. The government has taken our children from us, and we happily accept it, because with two incomes, we might be able to afford a home... While we train Hitlerjunge... So, "Freedom" is a bit dubious... but that's just a solitary interpretation of data, and needs peer review. ????

@Dreegle that's true, especially after watching some of those documentaries about the bugs in our system that change our brains. For example

An excerpt,
"The Feline Parasite
Toxoplasma gondii tops the list as the most famous โ€” and most controversial โ€” neurological parasite. This tiny protozoan doesnโ€™t look like much more than a blob, but once it makes its way to the brain, it can radically alter the behavior of hosts like rats, cats and, yes, even humans."

And there are many more such organisms apparently. This puts free will in to question too.


for me its having the remote chance of finding a local atheist women, sure i also enjoy the conversations and alike, but honestly i can get that from other atheist groups.

Living the dream. Where I am, it's a two day hike to a high point and light a signal fire to find single women of any description... Sort of... lol

lmao, you got it bad .


The common link is we are unbelievers of one form or another, considering becoming so or just curious about.

I'm here for all of the above but "dating" for me is finding act leads or models to represent my "mythos".

One exception: I completely avoid the "debates" of "our" psuedointellectuals who want to harass others endlessly about opinions they call facts. None for me, thanks.

Well, I can see your point... but I think that each one of us, and possibly all life on earth, occupies its' own layer of the multiverse, which is a concept based in science. The multiverse is the infinite parallel universes which surround us, each with a minute variation, or an infinite amount of the same, there is a plausibility that the individual person viewing their "reality" is also viewing across the multiverse to common inanimate objects... but the angle, field of view, and perception of value of the object is entirely subjective to the unique life experience of the individual viewers... So, your "mythos" is entirely your own, and is ruled by your singular perceptions, and the experience only your life can bring... You are free to be god of your universe, because your universe is defined by your perception... and may very well collapse without you to view... That's an opinion. Is it too "questiony"? ????

@Dreegle I see where you're going and I've "been there" myself. Though I don't see any of the many "multiverse" theories as provable yes, I have visited many...whether I "created" or merely "discovered" is questionable as well. And no, not too questiony...questionable, of course, but that's most of the known universe. May your travels through the unknown expanses be...expansive.

@DangerDave Cool. Have fun ????


I think most of us are here because we are interested in the topic of religion. I'm personally open to dating, but I joined because it seemed like an interesting community to take part in. I wasn't wrong.

Don't think only there are some very intelligence interesting topics that come up. Also you can talk make mistakes do not really feel judged more like pushed in a better direction.


Living in rural NC bible belt , just seeking intelligent conversation and reassurance that I'm not alone in my thoughts and beliefs .


Like-minded people here.


being individuals, disliking trump/corrupt people, fake people and sports oh and intelligence


I joined for the social interaction, and intelligent conversation, topics Iโ€™m interested in, and hopefully to find some local people. Other groups I have joined (especially on fb) devolved over the years into โ€œselfie threadsโ€ and circle jerks unfortunately. I canโ€™t rule out the possibility that there may be another human here that can understand and tolerate my bad attitude.... but itโ€™s not the goal. There just arenโ€™t a lot of atheists, much less just generally intelligent folks around here. ๐Ÿ™‚


Well I can tell you, even the women that are not compatible are way smarter than my past experiences. There are a few here I find intriguing. I think chivalry is golden and with thought, croversing and patients some will surface. To rush and get hooked up quick never works. Slow and steady wins the race.


Release valve, safe space

Conversation, fellowship

Inspiration, edification

(What everyone else said)


It's the community of course.

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