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If you could pump enormous amounts of money into scientific research, what would it be for?

AMGT 8 Jan 22

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A virus strain that wiped out stupidity.

I mean, I like it, but it'd probably kill me.

I consider this an important issue, but as a goal I submit that it is unattainable. Just as life will find a way, so will stupidity. I maintain that ignorance is tolerable because it is a condition that can be fixed. Stupidity on the other hand is a state of being and cannot be fixed. I have known some highly intelligent people who were incredibly stupid and insisted on remaining so.


well i am bias because i am a researcher but certainly cancer

A cure for cancer won't come from the pharmaceutical companies, so good for you. They have an obvious vested interest in not finding one. Two reasons: 1) they make huge money from cancer drugs that work in only a small percentage of patients, and 2) to their own admission, anything they cannot patent will not be pursued. I have a friend dying of brain cancer, spending $30,000 a month on drugs. That is immoral.

@Hominid I have to respectfully disagree with you sir. I am in no way taking up with pharmaceutical companies as they are businesses but there are some good things that come from them. Chemo is a Drug and it does cure certain types of cancer. Here at my facility research is huge. We conduct thousands of clinical trials for new cancer drugs and some have actually shrunken tumors and eliminate them. The problem is that everyone is different on a metabolic level. A drug may work for patient A but not for patient B. You are right by saying the cost is extremely expensive but business and morality usually do not go hand and hand.

@Hominid You slander hard working, smart, educated people with uninformed drivel. Shame on you.

@ScottAHurst did you put that engine in that vette yourself?

@ScottAHurst - If you don't believe me, do the research. I can't cite the source at the moment, but big pharma are quoted in public discourse as saying they cannot pursue un-patentable remedies for the simple reason that it doesn't fit their business model of making money. Start here: []

And - shame on you for judging my very informed comment.

@Hominid Your ugly conspiracy theory doesn't survive any of these realities...

Several cures have been found already. Cancer isn't one thing, but many. Many cures will be required. The cures found so far have been hugely profitable.

Big pharma companies pour their money into developing patentable drugs. Yep. That doesn't make them bad. They also aren't the only people in the game. If there were the kind of low hanging fruit that you suggest, government and university researchers would be all over it.

Also, these are human beings. They are dying of cancer. Their kids are dying of cancer. Their spouses are dying of cancer. They are trying as best they can and making more rapid advances every day lately.

@twshield Yep. More than just put it in. The current motor is a custom race casting and tall-deck to boot. Everything under the hood is completely custom. It took me a couple months of evenings to fit that one.

The previous motor (number two) was built into a GM LSx block. It's a race piece out of the GMPP catalog, but it dropped it just like a factory motor.

I do it all myself.

@ScottAHurst pretty cool! alot of work!

@ScottAHurst for people who think so bad about the medical industry i hope they remember that hard working people like me work everyday to save lives and fight to be an advocate for patients rights. Ofcourse there is good and bad in every industry including medical but this does not diminish the hard work that medical professionals do.


If I had enormous amounts of money to aid scientific research, it would not all go to one place but would be spread among several areas.

Space exploration and associated technologies

Genetic applications in medicine

Nanotechnology with an emphasis on medicine

Robotics and artificial (I prefer the word 'synthetic) intelligence

Astronomy and associated disciplines

Cures in the area of mental health issues


First and foremost putting money into basic education for EVERYONE ( not just schools) so that everyone can appreciate the value of science to them personally Even DO more science themselves. In this way more people would vote for more science through the government so the improvement would pay for itself.


Free energy...


Wow to choose just one area for research. Certainly cancer warrants this, and also Diabetes (specifically T1D as my son is carrying this). Let’s not forget Alzheimer’s, and acute pediatric specialties. The list is virtually endless. Often times I wonder if funneling monies to these research companies funds just the company’s pocket not work involved. In my opinion, with advances already made, there are potentially cures for many different afflictions. However, once again, it is federally regulated to funnel these monies and introduce cures or treatments when “they” approve.

Maybe I would channel those funds to whistleblower supporting entities in order to educate populous. I don’t know. Good question though.


Affordable bionics, because my knees are F'ed! 😀

But seriously, imagine the practicalities of exoskeletons, perfect eyesight, limb replacements, limb enhancements, brain implants.

We can produce as much food and address practically poverty right now. We have never experienced this much abundance of food, wealth and information ever.


Alzheimer's. Because I wrote a song about the "The Big "A" train". And I want my mother back and I can't have her.
the big "A" march 24, 2012

you will move thru the veils of time
with the grace of a wounded butterfly
in that maze left in place of my mind
hoping to find that spark in my eyes
begging for a smile
you will expose anything of you...
i may recognize

you will wait...
a gesture or a sign
something as simple as your name
or a tired familiar phrase
but to no avail
as if nothing ever got imprinted in my head
all of us... together
just erased

you are going to have to realize
all my memories had gone fishing
to a dried out pond
way too far
from where we are today
just turn your back...
and walk away
you see?
by then
it will no longer hurt

you might think i am insane now
because there is no telling how
or what...
future will bring to us...
unless we try...
finding out...
another day...
together or apart
an easier life...
with another mate
following that dream
we made ours
almost seems to be as fresh...
as yesterday
by me...
put to rest

in a shallow grave
too deep to contemplate
resurrection of some kind
without the recourse of resurrection
you must abide

you will entertain...
a gamble of some sort
a deal, a truce
a promise... a ruse
anything i could hold
or bring me back
to yesterday

but the train has departed
and i had taken my seat
no other baggage than my living corpse
one way ticket on the express
i am a passenger in the big "A"
curtains in the windows of my eyes
remove me from the speed...
in which my life story
melts away
or pass me by

not even a souvenir for safe keep
nothing will survive the carnage
that much i am certain
that much i accept
with no regret

i am not sorry for not saving you a seat
for the sake of yesterday
it is not a mistake...
is just...
some journeys should be taken alone

all of me will be at peace
well whatever left...

if i had it my way
pick my own poison
write in my own fate

i want my memory to go first
as disturbing as it may seems
i will embrace...
the dreaded big "A"
i will let alzheimer
take you away...
from my existence
along with everything else
single file...
side abreast

no fight...
no resistance
my heart a minor partner
with no say

no last kiss
still trembling in my lips

your perfume
lingering in the air

of all this
i will deny it
because i am already...
or already there

won’t remind me
you were once here
my queen...
and keeper of my soul...
today about to be shreds
my spirit...
reached another plateau
hurts in a different zone
on different feeling...
already in your night is dawn

for all and from all
no longer fears
no more this pain
of losing you...
to a better man
or to a lesser jerk

all the gold in the world
won't be enough ransom
for the lost memory
of the greatest of loves
that never was

i will be at rest...
without knowledge
of the lost

my spirit swimming
in a river
forbidding from you
to approach

you will look into my eyes
and won't find me
not a tear will survive
and with a puzzled gaze
i will move past you
into the next door
down the hall

you will try to touch me...
bring me back here...
where we are now...
but i'll be gone

and you will have to admit
i had escaped
my last act of defiance...
my last rebellion...
to cupid's aim
deny you a proper goodbye
or one last hello
for old times’ sake

and a compassionate nurse will tell
you have to let go...
he is gone
you might be here...
but he is not
because he is done

and if you press me
all that will come from my lips...
is that i forgotten...
i forgot

my heart will try to double time...
will ask you to wait
for a sign...
or a phrase
bring your memory back to life
for old times’ sake

my eyes won't recognize...
your face
my hands won't felt
my flesh cold and dry
won't understand
as you hold my hand

for maybe the last time
all you will have from me...
is a puzzle sight

and when i die...
i will do humming...
mcarthur park

thinking it was a tune
of my own device

if for nothing else
just in case
take this as...

i will die one evening...
all alone
no one noticed...
the time...
and last sound they heard
was my broken rendition...
of mcarthur
as sendoff
i will scream it...
to the top of my lungs
to a telephone...
just as last month
still unplug
breaking the monotony
down my hall
until silence
I am done
and so gone
so gone

that last fork...
in my trail
i will pick...
i will chase...
as a daring captain...
will navigate...

the last veil...
in my life...
i will remove

to finally...
all alone...
found me home

the train...
and quickly...
nobody is aboard

all known to us...

no curtain call

nothing left...
but an empty and hollow...
curtain call

silence sets
eyes closed
i rest
there's no rest like the one we do at home
i feel at home
home now

no more test to pass
in peace i rest
memory of you
felt next to me

you were the last
i knew i loved
but should had been...
the first

in peace i rest
i rest
humming a song
i swear i wrote

    by Hector L Martinez
       Jacksonville FL

So many good, vital places that need financing! I like to think that I would be magnanimous in spreading my money around, but I would probably end up with selfish choices: Alzheimer's, Fibromyalgia, and CIDP/MADSAM.


How to manipulate genes so that we can cure as many diseases as possible. Basically, condition our immune system as perfectly as possible


Mental health. Learn how the brain works (better than we already do).


Research into the biology that drives our worst and best behaviors and what environmental factors lead to both, so that we can educate and implement preventative measures to curtail the worst behaviors.

"Those who don't study the history of extraordinary human change, those who don't study the biology of what can transform us from our worst to our best behaviors, those who don't do this are destined not to be able to repeat these incandescent, magnificent moments."



Human organ cloning..or aeronautics/ space..or paleoanthropolgy..actually if I had gobs of money pretty much any endeavour that enriches our knowledge..


Cancer cures-all types of cancer-so many.


it would go towards saving natural habitat


Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence. Sure it might be the downfall of the human race, but in its place will be a far more intelligent race with more potential than we would ever have. Bonus points if we're able to integrate it with our own minds, creating an interconnected human hive mind.



skado Level 8 Jan 23, 2018

Stem cell research.


Space exploration and Terra-forming.

Mee too. I think generally speaking, humanity is best when we're on the move.


I've already 'liked' the comments with similar responses to the question. But can't help but say if I had enormous (billions) amounts of money. I would simply start my own political party and buy the Presidency, I would also change my name to "Nobody".


My first thought was cancer, or more broadly, unlocking the human immune system to fight off allm kinds of ailments.

But then I reconsidered. I am alarmed about global warming most of all. Some technology to actually reverse the accumulation of greenhouse gasses would be something I would gladly invest in. Flip side of that would be renewable energy to actualize its potential to completely replace fossil fuels.


My first thought was cancer, or more broadly, unlocking the human immune system to fight off allm kinds of ailments.

But then I reconsidered. I am alarmed about global warming most of all. Some technology to actually reverse the accumulation of greenhouse gasses would be something I would gladly invest in. Flip side of that would be renewable energy to actualize its potential to completely replace fossil fuels.


How can we build better storage units for our technology. Our batteries just aren't enough. We have enough computing power on our phones to send a man to the moon, but only two hours to get him there before the batter runs out.

Oh, and batteries that don't blow up either.


If I had enormous amounts of money to pump into anything, it would likely be the education systems. But if it's only scientific research, then undoubtedly it would be exoplanet exploration and interplanetary spaceflight.


Joint repair!!!!!!!!!

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