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Are Immigrants Ruining America?

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 23

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"Yes, Bobby Joe: Habib the neurosurgeon is 'stealing jobs' from your GED ass."



Also unless you are a Native American? You are an immigrant.


The people who hate immigrants ruined america long ago with their patriotic rascist idiocracy. Borders r man made and flags should all be in flames.

Amen. A secular amen of course


That's funny, I must have misunderstood my history class cause I always thought immigrants started America.

That statement is an insult to the aboriginal people that were here first.

A book came out recently titled "1991". It was about the native Americans that were here before we were 'discovered'. It also mentioned that the number was far, far higher than anyone had known. Small pox brought by the Europeans zoomed across the country and eradicated most of the indigenous peoples. The European policies took care of most of the rest.

When Columbus landed in the Bahamas and in later trips on the main land, he encounter few thousand people who though CC and his sailors were descendants -because the blond hair blue eyes- of the ones who had "visited" the land several centuries before. What we today refer to as America, the American continent, the New World...was long inhabited by people from the four corners of the world.

In the middle of the Argentinian Pampas archaeologists recently found stones with runic (Danish alphabet) inscriptions dating 900 years.

@JackPedigo They should be offended a bunch of pompous pricks claimed their land, intentionally transmitted small pox mainly through gifting infested army blankets, killed a lot of their ancestors, sold their healthy captives as slaves overseas and rape whatever's available. You know that last tradition, we still carry on til this day. However, most people don't get offended when people state a historical fact unless their trying to deny something like the Holocaust.

@mt49er Remember, Columbus came here thinking it was the East. The purpose was for trade. Money not discovery.

@JackPedigo Well, then he scored! There's more money when you take the capital as opposed to trading for it.


Most of the immigrants I meet are intelligent,hardworking and impressively motivated. Judging from my experience, they're a pretty positive influence.

Indeed....and we shouldn't worry about them. ...we should worry about those few -which could men thousands- who don't behave as you describe.

@Naeem Again, you are crying racism where is none. Maybe this incident will clarify things.

In my other country an immigrant -who entered illegally- approached a female police officer from her back and put five bullets inside her head. If that bad immigrant was not in the country the officer would be alive today. Are all the immigrant from his country bad? Not at all....but as you said it only takes a person to commit a crime


There are many who do not fit your bill. Many come to countries because they are desperate not because they ant to become a part of another culture. Many won't learn the language and customs. My late partner is from Iran. we made a road trip to LA, the largest community of Iranians in the U.S. Iranians are intelligent and often achieve high places but there, there were many that were living in Iranian slums, not knowing the language and involved in illegal activities. No single group of people, immigrants or citizens are better than anyone else.


Damn puritans started all this crap....send 'em back, I say....where do we build that wall?


The reality is that as a species, we have been constantly moving on the face of the earth looking for a place to eke out a living and call home.


Trump is a chronic, lying, racist, psychopath. If something is good in any way, he will be against it and try his hardest to crush it.

He probably hates babies and kicks puppies and kittens.

Never trust a president who doesn't have a dog.


I don't know but you could ask a native American to see what they think.


I don't think it's the immigrants ruining America, Americans seem to be doing just fine on their own!

*Not all Americans. The ones that hate, fear, value their religious "rights" over human rights, the ones hungry for money and devoid of tolerance.

When people come here they become Americans. They become as much of the problem as the citizens already here. What is ruining "America" (remember that also includes Canada) is the demand for resources outstripping the supply (overpopulation).
Did you know 2/3 (2 million) of he population growth of the U.S. comes directly or indirectly (births from the 1st generation) from immigration. The fact that very many break our border laws to get here makes that an untenable situation.


every human but the Indians are immigrants so id ask them. the black slaves I guess we're not immigrants so maybe ask them. id be more inclined to blame human population rather than particular peoples and its a world problem, not just America.


Last year an article appeared in the Atlantic Monthly []

We need an open and honest discussion (free from vitriol) on this subject because both sides tend to take the extreme route and are therefore wrong. It should not be about closing the door and nailing it shut nor should it be about ripping the door off of it's hinges (this later one is insane and will destroy us). Immigration should not be about people and emotions. It should be based on an evidence, reasoned policy that is sustainable environmentally and serves all including the immigrants themselves.

Some know that I was once an emigrant to another country and did it legally. My late partner was also an immigrant and she went the long, arduous path toward getting legal status for 4 people. She worked in an international school in Seattle (in which 150+ languages are spoken) and between the 2 of us we learned more about this issue than most. It is too easy to brand people who ask questions as 'racist' and laud those who support it unconditionally. That is wrongheaded and only polarizes people and the issue.


Ok first off, Indians are from India, it's Native Americans or whatever. Using Indians to refer to Native Americans is ambiguous at best. Clearly no one who used that term has worked in tech where there are lots of Indians and very few Native Americans.
--End Rant--


Our country was built on immigration, it is part of the fabric of America. All of us are immigrants or descendants of immigrants except for Native Americans or Native Alaskans. Generally speaking, only old white racist christians are against immigration. Like Trump, no brown or black people, but white Europeans are fine.

Who are your doctors, your research scientists, your IT people? Lots are immigrants. They may have come from poverty but the worked hard to get here and even harder to stay in the face of discrimination. Who is willing to pick your crops for low pay? Immigrants almost exclusively.

Should we have a strong vetting process to weed out likely terrorists? Of course.

Stupid ignorant racists are ruining America, not immigrants.

Believe it or not immigrants are not immune to racism. No culture is.
I would remind those that say we are a nation of immigrants that we were also once a nation of slaves. Sound bites don't move us forward and often they cause more problems than they solve.

@JackPedigo Hi Jack, I can't discern what your point is.


Immigrants built this country and continue to do so.

I ask which generation of immigrants and obviously the native Americans contribute nothing? Jobs (the economy) will not protect the life support system and in fact it is the life support system that the economy needs to work.


Unless one is a descendant of a Native American tribe, Isn't everyone an immigrant. Diversity is good and the immigrants are successful and have a high drive to succeed. They see the opportunity in this country and what they left behind. A lot of people who were born here do not know what it is like to live in a country without rights and opportunities, and an education. The do not take the freedom that this country offers for granted. I am an immigrant and I came to this country when I was eleven years old and I Appreciate the opportunity given to me and I give back every chance that I get.

My late wife was the same but the idea that they all contribute greatly is a generalization. Plenty of U.S. citizens also contribute greatly. Many of these 'contributors' are wooed here by industry which, in turn creates a 'brain drain' from their own countries.


Not are far as I know. Where would we be without them.

What and how many is "them". My big question is hat level would we allow in before e were full. China is roughly the same size as the U.S. yet it has 4+X our population. Is that what we want? With so many cultures and languages hat would happen to our democratic system? It might end up like China's.

@JackPedigo. Jack.... I love you man..... you asked the right question. Let them come on in. We're founded by them. They can pay taxes too.


Yes, we are. We are taking all your jobs, like apple picking and dairy farm tending and canning factory working and leaving the hard working American underclass in the dust. Does it sound like I am making fun of the issue. No, I am not. This year, my county, the forth largest apple growing county in the US will have no Mexican, no Jamaican and other migrant workers from so called shit- hole countries to come and pick fruit, and no local, real American will work in the orchards.
By the way, I am an immigrant, but thank goodness, I am almost from Norway and really white.


Well you can add to that... for years in the american dance world... it been immigrants winning the championships and representing us in the world. Why? Because why junior is learning to play football... Igor is taking ballroom private lessons in a studio. And when junior realizes he is not college football material... Igor is already a professional dancer earning a living and competing at national level if not world class.


One big aspect of the immigration question that we never hear of and one which is especially relevant to our group is the number of immigrants sponsored by religious groups. When I was working there were 2 Cambodian siblings in the admin staff. They were brought here by the Mormon church (but could care less about this religion). One took a western name (Denise) and the other kept his name (Su Yet).

One case came up that was unbelievable so please bear with me. My late Partner, Parvin, was an elementary school teacher. One day while on playground duty she spotted a little African-American boy who seemed lost and was not with any of the other groups. She went to him to find out who he was. He spoke little English so she took him to the principals office to see if they could help. Later he was brought to her and told he was her new student but she refused to take him unless there was more information about him. It turned out he had an older brother (18) who spoke English and was the family spokes-person so a meeting was set up with the child's family. That evening the brother, father and a pregnant woman carrying a baby was also present. A church had sponsored the family and when they got here the father was told this child needed to go to school. He saw a school bus picking up children so he told his child to get on the bus and go to school! It also turned out (and I am NOT kidding) the family was from Africa and true to that culture the father had multiple wives (4) and 32 kids!! Since it is illegal to have more than one wife the paperwork simply said 1 wife and 3 family members. The pregnant woman was simply one of the wives and who knows whose baby she was carrying. When certain groups are looking to expand their numbers there is all manner of abuse. Immigrants are often victims of unscrupulous people/organizations and religious based one are often the worst.


They sort of did if you ask the first nation people.


Very good!


Immigrants have made this country strong. It's corporate owned lackeys with purchased titles who are actively and willfully destroying this country for their greed.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 23, 2018

How many corporations are run by former immigrants? Are immigrants special and immune to greed? What about those immigrants that smuggle in others and put them to work in sweatshops? We need to stop generalizing.


I certainly don't think that immigrants are ruining America. I do, however, think that we have to have a reasoned immigration policy. Although I dream about a word without borders, I know the world won't be ready for that in my lifetime or my son's lifetime or probably the lifetime of any children he may have. We should welcome anyone who wants to come here and work, get an education, raise a family, and assimilate. That last part is the most important. There are liberal democratic principles that people coming here need to embrace. We can't tolerate people coming here and espousing intolerant ideologies.

I would call Christian ideologies intolerant, and our country has no shortage there. What intolerant ideologies are you talking about? And, do ideologies trump our laws?

I was getting a tetanus booster recently. In the room I saw a world map of infectious diseases. Europe was covered with large purple dots. Those dots represented measles. I was told by the pharmacist that that was because so many people were coming into Europe from countries that had little or no vaccine program. Too often we think things are simple when they are really very complicated. We have tried to build a social infrastructure but if we look the other way for outsiders that infrastructure can be destroyed. It needs balance and control to be viable.

The primacy of the law and equality before the law are two of the principles that must be respected by anyone wishing to be a citizen. There can be no god before country, no holy book before the Constitution. I won't name specific ideologies, but I'm sue we can all think of a few that would violate these principles.
As for vaccinations, they should be mandated by law. Laws need to be based entirely on objective truths and reason. The science behind vaccines and understanding of the diseases they prevent is established consensus at this time.


Looks like they're making it better. Except for the original immigrants (us).

I don't see the new immigrants as any better than the old. People are all the same worldwide.


Only those ones who come here to do bad things.

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