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What would be the definition of hell to you?

Just a funny meme I decided to use, but hell could mean anything other than the typical religious belief ones.

EmeraldJewel 7 Jan 24

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Driving a chevy......

(Runs and hides and waits for the flack 😉 )

Edit - I wasn't brave enough to say riding a harley. 🙂


The upcoming SOTU address by Trump.


Being with all those reborn people for eternity...


Hell is having Trump as president and the GOP in charge of congress and conservatives having a majority on the supreme court.


Surrounded by mountains of weed, eternally searching for a lighter.


@SilverDollarJedi assuming you can find those items in hell. and, after i posted this, i thought to myself, "self, it's hell, you can prolly find fire somewhere". so maybe it would be my purgatory, more accurately.


Some say hell is other people, I say hell is other people's children!


A world run by religious fanatics like in that Handmaiden Story TV show. A world with modern technology and Dark Ages thinking. Of all the dystopian visions of the future that would be the worst. Hell on Earth.

Right, like I said, the GOP reign.


Never have believed in heaven or hell.


We are living in it now, under the GOP reign.


Reincarnation with awareness. Or waking up married with 2 kids and a third on the way.


Being conscious but not able to interact with anything. Eternal boredom.

Ugh I had to once work as a greeter. That was hell lol.


The crapstorm of stuff we might put ourselves through either mentally or situationally. That, to me, is the real meaning of hell.

AmyLF Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

Losing everything.

I'm good. They all made fun of me, so I left. Gary picked on me on FB a lot for being thin and having depression. Wally told me to post something, then all the crap about the post I got. Then he made fun of me for posting it when he said to post it. I took all of those people from there off of FB. At least people here are nice to me and don't treat me badly for my depression and being thin.

I didn't like him (Gary) telling everyone that I lived in a group home and that I have mental illnesses. That is my business to tell. He constantly belittled me for being skinny. I'm aware that I am. I'm 5 ft tall exactly. The doctors say I'm healthy and my weight balances out with my height. He's a huge guy, so he was jealous of how I looked. When people get jealous, they belittle others. I left for my sanity. I'm healthy, gained 4 lbs of muscles, am happy in my new place, and work is good.


Practically anything at all that went on forever.


Hell is when/where you are constantly punished without any reason. The intensity of the punishment increases continually at an ever increasing rate and if you are not suffering enough,others you love are tortured to increase your suffering. There is no reason or justification for your punishment, there is no way out, there is nothing you can do to appease the punishers, no-one tries to help you in fact all those around enjoy you being punished and encourage it. Punishment is mental, emotional, physical.

  • The only man who's ever gone and been
    to Hell and come back alive, I have the scars and ashes to prove it.

Before I became an atheist, I considered hell to be the complete isolation of the consciousness. It would be as if some spiritual tether was cut loose, flinging the soul irreversibly into the void.


I am sorry but that folder with heaven and hell got thrown into the fire.


To spend eternity with nauseating and hypocritical christians


Being in a place for eternity with absolutely no purpose, and nothing to look forward to, no challenges or ability to educate my self. Actually this is what believers would call heaven

I could not imagine spending an eternity in a pretty much church service.


I own hell, My X-wife gave it to me


Dying in prison... going to prison... being in a nursing home... dying in a nursing home... I visited these 2 places and its terrible...

Those places are indeed depressing. Agreed!


Trump rally


Having to go back and grow up all over again, in my mother's house.

Wow, that is right on. Did your mother have a sister? My mother was about as loopy as one can get. She loved going to the doctor; that was her hobby. She never told a joke in her life- she couldn't understand why people would laugh. Oh ya, there were the beatings too- besides trying to twist my brain into a knot.


Indeed it can.
Hell, we have Hells on earth and plenty of them. How about this one. I lose all my money and my passport and somehow end up in the streets of a very poor country with no clean drinking water. I lost all my objects and property and live homeless, scavenging from bin or rubbish piles. I am losing my mind as I have no food and not enough water so that I cannot even think straight anymore. I have no way out. I just want to die, I wish I could kill myself but I haven't the strength ...

In these places there are people who were born into this Hell on Earth. Meanwhile in the west we worry about getting our moneys worth at Coles and getting the best bargains. And we complain about political leaders and who sings the best at a music competition.

Child mortality in poor countries like these: I've heard a figure that 1 child under age 5 dies each second!

Earth is a kind of Hell for many millions of people.

I donate to charities but sometimes wonder if the money gets to where I intended.

Yes, and while all the gluttons scarf down as much food as their guts will hold- with zero concerns for anyone other than themselves.


Living with my son and his family again!

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