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Have you ever felt depressed and singled out while single on Valentine’s Day?

EmeraldJewel 7 Jan 26

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If you have to rely on someone else to make you happy would you ever be happy. If you are know how to keep your self amused to share companionship you in turn should not rely on another person to give you happiness. Not to exclude that another person can make you happy. Just to point out that to share happiness is not to rely on someone to provide happiness.


I have not. If I want flowers, chocolates, and an orgasm, I can take care of that myself. πŸ˜€

and usually have a better orgasm, and the exact flowers and chocolates you prefer.



@HippieChick58 Well... you never seen my origami... wait... you said orgasm? never mind.

@HippieChick58 No doubt about it. πŸ˜‰

.....and a really good man repairs it afterwards.

@pilgrim lmao

@Shelton that could be very true.


Being single on Valentine's Day is awesome. First, you save a crazy amount of money. Second, there's no stress over getting the right gift and planning the perfect date. Third, you can spend the entire day in the comfort of your own home watching Netflix in your underwear while eating junk food.

Right? I agree! πŸ™‚

I like the way you think


I hate to tell you this, but this is a holiday that targets women specifically. Don't let corporate marketing dictate your feelings.


Depressed - sometimes. Singled out - never. My dog is always around and I know she loves me. πŸ™‚


Nope. Especially since I moved to Thailand and no longer felt pressured to "find someone."

The US puts unnatural emphasis on relationships, assuming that if you're single, there's something "wrong" with you, and concerned friends and relatives constantly try to set up their single friends, as though they were charity cases.

In Thailand, many/most professional women stay single, to be able to keep their money and independence, and married couples frequently don't even live in the same town, as husbands often live with their mothers.

Even if married couples live together, most people here seem to be bi, and both spouses often have lovers of both genders. Many don't seem to consider gender at all, actually.

Sometimes, just hearing about longtime cultures so different to my own really bums me out, it’s like I’ve wasted mine here in the US … where everything is centered on commercialism..

My oldest daughter’s not concerned with having children and just described her plan to live in Hawaii for a year… My ex wife/ her mother is freaking out.. while I welcomed such an enlightened view, feeling as though β€˜my own’ is now expanding my concept of humanity… Dare I mention Thailand πŸ™‚


I would rather be alone and happy on valentine's day than be with the wrong person and be miserable. It happened to me in the past, and I will never let it happen again.


I was completely unaware that valentines day was coming up until I saw this post. Thanks a lot...hehe....I am not effected by holidays. If I am not around people who celebrate them, they just pass me by. Everyday is a Thorazine Holiday! Wait...that doesn't sound good...or does it?

Sounds good to me! πŸ˜‰



In all fairness, I think I've been single for maybe 2 or 3 V Days in my adult life. But I always hated being expected to play along with any social game I didn't choose.

I'm rather relieved that my life currently does not contain the cast of characters necessary to act out that script.


No, it's just another commercialized holiday. I don't get the fuss. If someone cares for you, they will show it year round. Plus, I'm practical and a little frugal so it bothers me when so much money is spent on frivolous things. IMO


The whole holiday is designed to make people feel depressed and excluded.


I thought it was so businesses could make money

I thought it was so businesses could make money




Depressed a few times because of recent break ups. Singled out no.


I'm single and I cringe every time I go into a store with all the "I love you" hearts---it is depressing. It really shouldn't be for me because my ex never got me anything on VD anyway. But it still is.


Even when my wife was alive, we never celebrated Valentine's Day. We always figured it was a BS Hallmark-manufactured holiday, so there's nothing to miss now.

I remember a day thinking the same with my former wife … though looking back, I suspect it was only me..

@Varn In retrospect, I sometimes wish we had used the occasion to celebrate our relationship, even if it was a bogus corporate-manufactured one. Ah well, hindsight. LOL


Nope it's just another day. Even when I was in a relationship I never "celebrated"


Honest, I am so glad I don't see this website as a dating site because per the feedback against Lovers Day and the hate on Valentine. Speaks tons of lack of creativity and being in tune with a partner and that will explain why the single dealio is like the refuge and place to be. I only being married once and romance does not means marriage but companionship and having an intimate relationship should already been achieved by all in here. And nobody can come up with anything positive? Memories of better times? Okay... while you guys are hating on the day I am thinking about staying in Maryland past Valentine just to spend time with a former flame. There is always dancing going on around that date. I could leave to Vegas or Jacksonville after that. "If you can't sow the seeds of love, you are bound to be Miserable and single". But hey, once you are comfortable in misery... you wouldn't even notice it. I am just too old or grown to teach a woman something she should had learned in high school... ROMANCE. My humble take.


Valentines is almost a non event here, some stores try and push it, florists do well, young guys trying to score get sucked in by it.


Depends on the mood at the time, sometimes it definitely can be


I just want the candy I don't care if I have to buy it myself or somebody buys it for me I love chocolate.

Love the honesty.. That’s the only aspect of β€˜easter’ I appreciate … finding those marked down solid-chocolate rabbits a week later ..and buying 3 πŸ˜‰

@Varn and the chocolate eggs.


Nope. Have you? Want to tell us about it?

I used to when I was in jr. high, but I guess at that time, it is common for girls that age lol.

@EmeraldJewel junior high there may be hormones but is like you said, common for girls that age... at that age girls are more mature than boys so they go to the arms of older boys. Survival starts early, and once it starts... never ends. good luck this 14th.


If I start to feel sad on Valentine's Day, I just take a deep breath and tell myself, "It's ok. Nobody loves you on all those other days of the year either.". That really seems to help.


My over-55 singles social club will gather in the afternoon at my house for homemade soup & do it yourself sandwiches & sundaes. In SE Connecticut...all welcome! Give me a message!


Not for a very long time. I did a few times when I was much younger. Back then, I still had the false impression that we aren't anything until we are part of a couple. I don't believe that nonsense anymore. I rarely feel "left out" on Valentine's Day, or any other. I rather like being single. I don't have to put up with anyone else's bullshit. I think that's awesome!


No ...but what it has done is remind me how little I apparently have in common with the average (US citizen) person … and how alone I am, if in β€˜a good way’..

Varn Level 8 Jan 27, 2018
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