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What are your favorite websites?

What places on the web do you frequent the most? Agnostic is the obvious for me... but, I play around on youtube. Mostly silly stuff there. My local online library is probably the next most frequent site.

How about you?

silvereyes 8 Jan 27

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0 have been playing on there since it` inception. Wikipedia , Brainy Quotes, Amazon, Agnostic of course,, dogpile search engine .

@silvereyes Do the Crossword daily, Word Whomp are my favorite I do the badges every week. Just about all the games are well thought out. I pay the 40$ a year for Club Pogo is worth it to me. I like the badges and challenges.


youtube and this one


this one


Wikipedia,YouTube,Science Daily ,various non believer websites.Jay Leno’s garage,eBay,,And Amazon Video,Google,Facebook where I only have 32 real friends,and relatives not 500 bullshit friends that I hardly know. Face book trivializes the true meaning of the word friend

Yes ,Large amounts of Sheep acquire large amounts of phony friends on Facebook as a sort of stupid status symbol


I capture audio of videos on youtube to turn them into MP3 for someone dear to me that teaches dancing. This week was Disco and Polka. We are not together but I am her Do-er for life according to her... and still the activity makes me happy.

you sound like a really nice man 🙂

@walklightly I think I am, or I will like to be. I am stubborn as a mule but not in a damaging a relationship way. I like the fact that some women that "knew me well", still think of me well enough to not avoid me as toxic is my best sign or indication. Some for over 20 years after the fact. And the dance teacher is an avid christian scientist... we still go on "friend dates" dinner, movie, dance. over 8 years later. My first 2 real girl friends were my best friends first. And I would had rather kept my status of me being their best friend and trusted confidant than being the boyfriend. But my relationship with women always been special and front and center to me, over anything else going around me. And you happen to be in the other side of the world!!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain, yes, it seems like a bit of a bummer, but maybe not. it could certainly be worse... either one of us not existing for example 😀

@walklightly Exactly. Maybe the World is Not Large enough to keep us apart. We already met thru this. So introductions are not necessary.


ScienceDaily 😉

I’ve started absorbing crafting/making videos on YouTube.

Fantastic Fiction is getting so much better. I’ve been visiting for years. I wish more indie writers were on it, but with anyone being able to self publish, I imagine it’s hard to regulate between a shitty writer and one worth reading. Lol.

Science Daily has so many different genres in one place! Great to keep up on things outside my focuses. @silvereyes

@silvereyes Got my Mom a kindle touch. She has always been a huge library person (was a librarian for twenty years), and still uses her bookmobile. 🙂 Now we have her trying to find copies of books electronically that she’d have to wait a month for in que. it’s taken a while, lots of questions, and confusion, but she’s slowly getting the hang of it. I think the biggest obstacle was having to use both the library webpage and the Overdrive page.

Eh, I use the app on my phone. Lol. iBooks or Kindle. I use Calipre for my laptop.

Do you have Calibre for the pc? I love that program. I wish they would make it possible to convert LIT files though. Arg. My entire collection of Anne McCaffrey is in LIT. I have many in hard copy, but have all in soft. 😉@silvereyes


I frequent an MK website (missionary kids) to get my fix on wild foreign adventure stories and follow many other wildlife and birding Facebook pages. Since a friend gave me the link to this website I've almost stopped visiting other ones, however.


Facebook, Agnostic, Pinterest (Mostly recipes) Trade me, which is New Zealand's Ebay. Very cool site. Youtube. Airline websites and airline comparison websites.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 27, 2018

Wikipedia, you tube, Hulu🙂


Agnostic, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Google, Ted Talks, TedEd



This is one of my favorite hang outs. If you have any question at all concerning atheism or theism there are expert members that can give you any "correct" answer to any question you might have.
The site is for Athiets only so theres no trolls or arguing that happens. If you have a question say on the environment, be prepared for more links and references than you will ever need.

@DavidLaDeau , Is there any recent history to Atheist Nexus worth knowing?

I was a member several years ago, then rejoined recently (I found this site accidentally when searching for that one). But it seems near dead, with a huge history of old discussion. Reading its forum reminds me of visiting ancient Rome’s Forum. At least no one burned the library this time.

Did flame war(s) drive people off? Are groups more trafficked than the general forum? Or has it always been slow-paced?

@josh_karpf Unfortinately you are correct I am compelledunbeliever on the site. I have limited my post as not to monopolize the site. It has really died in the last year. I do not know why. I thought it might pick up with Trump being in office, but has rather gone in ther other direction. There is one group Quotations now thats dominating, all the site seems to be quips. That can be found anywhere. The deep discussions seem to have disappeared. With this being said, there are still absolute experts in every field still there. When I have a question that is not easily accessable on the internet, they show me where to access that information. It is a great, old , dying, group.


I agree with @Rugglesby and @LeighShelton. I'm on Google 50 more times than normal because I'm ALWAYS on this one. Work habit; I like to cite my sources.


Google, 50 times more than any other site easy.

...& me!


I like Ancient origins. You can register and be ad free, and no cost.


This one. I used to go to YouTube a lot, but that was mostly for Game of Thrones stuff before Season 7.



2, Netflix,, Facebook


Agnostics, fakebook, youtube.

2 Mostly for a laugh. I think of it as Reddit lite. Lots of food for thought here. For the sci-fi, fantasy, tech toy nerd.


This site (Agnostic) has become my favorite website. Others I frequent are
Ted Talks
PBS for NOVA broadcasts
FFRF at least once a week (Andrew Seidel is my Atheist Hero)
CERN just to see if they really really have found the Higgs and gluons
Facebook for a couple of minutes only a day
YouTube a LOT (free movies, love the music videos)
Google News and BBC
and lastly xvideos - which I would gladly give up for the right woman

And I may or may not turn on my old CRT television this week or next..


The Onion, Cracked


Sailing la vagabonde


Besides here, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a few others. When I'm really bored I'll go on Sporcle.


Look up Tre Melvin on Youtube. That's the kind of shit I like. LOL


Of sites I currently contribute my thoughts to, it's currently this site, MobileRead, and Facebook, but FB ticks me off because every time you "like" a post, they immediately show you several more like it. Their "personalization" serves to encapsulate their members in their own bubbles and insulate them from opposing viewpoints.

There are, of course, tons of sites I go to for content.

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