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Has your disbelief ever stained your reputation?

The A words-- Atheist, Agnostic, A-hole. Okay, just kidding. Only the first two... has being non-religious ever "stained your reputation?" Or, otherwise ruined how people view you?

silvereyes 8 Jan 29

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Many people assume I’m christian and become startled when I tell them otherwise. Saying, “ but you’re so nice,” or “how can you be so happy?”
Like my being an athiest makes me a depressed grouch by default.

Wow! Imagine that... a nice Atheist! Who would have thunk it??

It just breaks some peoples reality. @SKDeitch

I go through similar experiences....but for my last name (is extremely religious); people can't understand that a person whose last name starts with "saint" is an Atheist. Everybody in my family have had the same experience.

It sounds similar to a white person being surprised by a very articulate black person.


I have some siblings that pull out their cross when i come around lol
Its kinda funny to me! Makes me feel all supernatural and shit!!!

@silvereyes here's the one!

@silvereyes while unrelated, here is one I made myself (except the original pictcha)!

@silvereyes lol


you'd need to ask them i reckon. I didn't.


Nope! Everyone still thinks Im awesome and amazing 😉

Sacha Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

No. Not professionally or to anybody who matters to me.


I wouldn't say that, but I do have relatives that say "I know he was raised better than that", and church members that have said to my friends "I don't know how such a good young man got sucked up by the world".


on the contrary, it strengthened my reputation as a rebel.


If by stained my reputation you mean the loss of my marriage, loss of my social network, loss of friends and loss of 2 jobs, then I'd have to say yes.

Their loss, not yours

@jeffy 🙂


I live in a small town a little over 500 people in Missouri. All Christians here. They know I am a Atheist. We all get along and respect each other.


I don't see how it could. People who won't accept you for who you are in a religious sense are condemning themselves for passing judgement according to their own doctrine. Non-believers are free and there's peace in understanding that.

I agree with you.


I get what you’re asking, but these words partially describe me. They don’t strain my reputation, they are part of it.


From the day I could verbalize it...but I agree with Joan...


Nope !


Everyone knows I do not care about their religion, so they usually do not care about the lack of mine

I know the feeling.


Well, I'm not sure my reputation has been ruined so much as carefully cultivated in a negative direction. I don't mind the connotation and perceived association so much, because it kind of fits with my general misanthropy. Where I live, despite being a rural community, there doesn't seem to be a lot of backlash for being nonreligious — until we get to personal relationships, like relatives, who are convinced I'm the most extreme godless liberal they've ever encountered.

My family turned their backs on me.


Not yet... I'm really not out there yet..


It has never stained MY reputation but it possibly has stained another's perception of my reputation.


No, I'm in New York. Not a problem here, thank god! 😉

Nor here on the other side of the country.


On the contrary. It embellished it.


A couple of times with family and former friends.


Most of the people who really care about me don't mind that I'm an atheist. Once when dining out with a couple of family members, I remarked that I am not a Christian. They fell silent for a moment, but the conversation quickly resumed and didn't criticize or try to change me. On a number of occasions, I've encountered disapproval here and there, but it hasn't caused any serious harm in my life.

@Jello_vero Yes, it is. And perhaps I'm taking their apparent lack of disapproval a bit too much at face value. I guess it's a situation where we get along by just seldom bringing the subject up.


Only in the eyes and minds of the convoluted. Which equals I do not care what people think of such twisted morals as religion has to dictate. For they follow the path of lies mapped out in a book of such deception as the bible that not even Dante`s inferno can pareal in the depravity.


It might, but I don't practice atheistic evangelism. Politically though, I don't accept nonsense and it has better defined who my friends are.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

Not yet...that I know of.

After my involvement with a church, I'm sure certain heads would explode if they found out. Like, full-on crisis of confidence moral dilemma time.


Not that the other person showed on their face or mentioned verbally.

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