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Am I the only person on this site who doesn't have a pet?

Living in rural Ireland we tend to keep our animals outside ( as god intended as it were) I see a lot of this sites users with their pets. Now I like animals ok, in fact I haven't eaten one in nearly 40 years but where in the house do you let them roam? Are there boundaries?

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diabhal 7 Jan 30

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I've had my girl longer than any man. Came close to another relationship, but he wouldn't accept that she and I are a package deal. That was the end of that. I could never be with someone who doesn't respect her importance to me. His loss, not mine. I've still got my girl.

What kind of pet?

@BlueWave Her Royal Cuteness is a pitbull/German shepherd mix.

@KKGator That's cute -- her royal cuteness. My friend -- the one who I mentioned fed her do people food basically at the dinner table -- said about her dog: "He's not a dog, he's a real boy." And, she meant it. LOL!

@Stevil Nah. If she liked you, and you showed her attention, I wouldn't be pissed at all. If she's happy, I'm happy.


110 lb dog in house mostly...access to run the fenced half acre several/many times a day in all weather...and walk the town on a leash at times. And a 12 lb pterodactyl cat indoors. ...that's

Love polydactyls! My first kitty was a tuxie with the biggest front paws.


I do not have any pets of any kind. I do not want ANYTHING I have to feed, cleanup after or take care of.


Elvira hogging my lap. She left my neighbor to come and live with me on her own accord. I think it was because I treat her like a person.

Tiger-tiger was abused and neglected. After his owners moved and left him behind he started sitting at the edge of my woods watching me and meowing. He was in pathetic shape, but he was too fearful for me to approach. I gradually convinced him I was ok and would not hurt him. He is now a big Tom who loves to hang with me around a campfire and has a place on the bed.


I don't let the fish on the bed, the dog has a bed in every room and a bean bag by the pool, the Kat has the run of the house, she is a tart and sleeps where she likes on the night, also has her own entrance to her own enclosed jungle.


I don't have any pets, I prefer animals to stay free and outside. Mostly because without any pets at home, if I want to go away for the weekend on a moment's notice, I can, just grab my bags and go. If I had pets, I would have to either stay home, or plan my time away with someone who can care for the animal while I am away.

My sentiments exactly. To each their own.


my dog is spoiled rotten. She even has a car seat in my car!

That's awesome!

I’d once designed a custom seat for our dog in the van, everyone loved it!

@Varn there is a pic of the one i have. she sits on it and her leash attaches to it so she stays in place

@twshield ...I had the hardest time disassembling it.. After dog gone, van too ..and grown kids. Sure was magnificent though - everyone riding high 😀

@Varn o ic. i leave it in place as its only me


working dogs outside. corgis inside and outside. One does get in my bed. Cats in and outside. I have to confess I have had an alpaca mom and her newborn inside when it was born outside in 14 degree weather at night.Once warmed and nursing it was back outside.


My wife and I have up to 150 or more animals out side and 40 inside. Our house is only 1000 square feet. We are known appropriately as ladeauzoo.

Okay, would you mind elaborating a bit? What kinds of animals inside? What kind outside? Why so many? Are you rescuers? Do you keep all of them for life?

@BlueWave My wife is an occupational therapist. Long story short we do free petting zoos for nursing homes, schools, fundraisers such as orchard of hope,etc, We have farm animals of all sorts, alpacas, llamas, horses, miniature horses, burros, goats sheep pigs, chickens geese, ducks, rabbits outside. In side are sob story dogs 6, cats 6, a miniature pig, chinchilla,and conure parrot. Many are rescues, most are service animals of some sort or another.

The best story I have is I met a woman whom told me she worked for hospice and a lady brought a kid goat in. The patient said that was the best day there, she was literally there to die. After a few questions I realized that was my goat and my wife!

@Irishathiest No, but my wife middle name is "animal hoarder"!!!!


My buddy Jake


I don't have any pets at the moment, though I used to have cats, and they were free to roam in and out when the choose to. I had never heard of anyone having inside only cats until I watched Animal planet with that cat guy can't remember his name. I could never keep cats inside all the time. Though when thinking about it, it may depend on where you live I guess.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

I have mine inside because too many predators and birds of prey around my house.


Cat and ferrets live in the house, dogs guard the backyard, rabbits tend the front, chickens and ducks guard the coop sometimes the rooster tries to guard the coop from me I tell him, the big dummy I bring the food.


I used to have a dog, but domesticated pets require more time than a single person is able to give. I won't have another pet unless I eventually have a family, and at the age of 51 that is highly unlikely.

I grew up around dogs, and the amount which they enrich a family is immeasurable.


You’re not alone least for the time being... I’m currently free of children, pets and a significant other ..and wondering if there was any significance to that order? I prefer clean; cluttered works, but clean should win.. Seems every family member short of my daughters is buried in cat hair … counter-walking cats searching for unprotected food..

Having had two dogs (one at a time), not battling fleas, ticks, dog hair, skunk spray, vomit, spilled bowls, muddy tracks, slobber, carpet stains, porcupine quills, scratched floors and the occasional ‘inside accident’ sometimes leaves me feeling as though I’ve died and got to.. 😉 Do miss my fish, though ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 30, 2018

I have a fish tank with 1 bully ???? so am only able to have 2 ???? . I wish I could have a small dog, but no yip-yip dogs. Had a great dog but moved to Florida a while back and gave him back to my ex. Was sad.


I couldn't live without something to "take care of". I am a nurturer at heart.

NZVee Level 4 Feb 5, 2018

Unless a purpose bred animal suited for outdoor living domesticated pets belong close at hand, with at the minimum proper shelter.
This isn't negotiable in my world.
Spent the summit of my being dogless due to finances but as soon as that fog cleared we now have 2 and they sleep with us.
Life is too ***ing short not to have a companion animal. I'll do so as long as I'm able and can afford them. The only things I won't miss are the vet bills and dremeling nails.

Below hogging the bed but he's good at knowing when to scoot over.


Had two dogs and a cat until my ex moved out and took them with her. I'd like to have a pet now but I like to travel a bit so not easy.


I spent most of my life thinking I was allergic to cats and always had dogs in my younger days. Then I discovered I was allergic to grass and trees, not cats. All the cats I'd been around were outdoor cats. Then this guy came into my life. A friend found him as a tiny kitten near a storm drain after a storm. I give you Hitch (after Hitchens) the lord of all pussydom.


No pets at the moment, but had plenty all my life otherwise.

I grew up in Haiti and rode my little Haitian mustang stallion, Lightning, constantly. I treated him as a person, as did everyone else, apparently.
Once, someone came to tell me that our mission Bible school's (outdoor, roof-only, raised cement foundation) cafeteria was selling homemade ice cream.

I was riding Lightning at the time (without a saddle or bridle, as usual), so rode straight over there, and up the steep steps onto the cafeteria floor, slid off and started pushing to the front of the crowd to buy a cup of ice cream.

I noticed Lightning's pricked ears nearby..he was also politely pushing through the crowd to the front of the counter, where someone bought him his own cup of ice cream.
When I returned to eat at the long wooden picnic tables with my Haitian friends, someone dumped Lightning's ice cream on the table, where he joined us, delicately licking his off the table top.
Nobody objected, or seemed to notice, or care, that one of the crowd of friends at the table was a horse, LOL!

When we were done, I slipped up on his back again, we rode down the steps and took off again.


I have no pets but every ones place i go they do! But would love fish as first pet i may and will get soon!!


I feel like I live in a petting zoo. 5 cats, 1 dog, and a guinea pig. Do kids count as pets? 🙂


I don't have one but I borrow from my loved ones. And pets know that I am trainable.


I have two smaller-sized dogs and three cats (one spends most of its time outside per its choice) and a bird (that has its own room). My living room couch and counter tops are off limits. Other than that, my house is their house. My outdoor pets are chickens.


No pets for me, allergic to most. Started allergy shots therapy this past fall. Likely never will own, but in the last year a friend got a kitten and I was encouraged to play with it. It's the first time since childhood I've enjoyed an animal (iirc). The cat never goes outdoors and is never exposed to other animals. I still dislike the claws and finding fur on my clothing, but both are respectively mitigated by trimming and washing. If I ever lived with a cat it would be declawed, and even then I'd fear damage to my possessions.

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