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How many places have you lived?

I'm thinking about distinctly different places, not moving down the street. I've lived in Maryland, South Florida, Central Florida (several cities within), and now... Okie Ville. I don't remember living in Texas, but I was born there.


silvereyes 8 Jan 31

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@silvereyes -- The list is way too long. Just some highlights here, assuming you mean longer than two months where one had time to unpack:

Salem and Portland, OR

Seattle and Kent, WA

Anchorage, Eagle River, Tok Junction, Fairbanks, and Jack Wade, AK

San Francisco, North Hollywood, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Victorville, Landers, and San Diego, CA

Hobbs, NM

Houston, Clearwater, League City, La Marque, and Galveston, TX

Miami, Miami Beach, Hollywood Hills, Coral Gables, and Fort Lauderdale, FL

Greenwich Village, NY

Hartford, CT

Madison, WI

Bremen, Germany

Taipei and Tainan City, Taiwan

Ulsan, South Korea

Hong Kong

Yokohama, Japan

Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico City, and Puebla, Mexico

@AMGT -- For just a bit over 28 years I was a Naval Architect and frequently worked as an on site troubleshooter at shipyards and on ships at sea. I was responsible for ship sciences in several places too. I was also called on for large yacht jobs from time to time. Shoreside work was on special contracts -- generic name, job shopping around the country. LOL ... my two months or less list is a lot bigger.

No favorites. Everywhere is different. The thing I like most is learning about the people wherever I go. I never live in the gringo enclaves, but always get some place out among the people. Occasionally I've had the opportunity to stay with a local family as a room and board thing. Lots of fun and big time educational.

In 2009 I lived in Apple Valley and worked out of Hesperia.

@Paul628 -- Know them both well. I forgot to put in Big Bear, bah. I ran the math lab at Victor Valley College for a couple of years.

@evidentialist I went tubing at Big Bear Lake once, very cool.

@silvereyes -- As I said in the comment, I don't have any favorites. They all have their positives and negatives, culture, language, history, and so forth. They were all fascinating. I'm into people and people watching.

Wow! Somebody who has moved more than I! πŸ™‚ Victorville threw me off. How did you end up in Victorville - Never mind -- just saw the rest of the comments.

@BlueWave -- And the list is truncated to only longer stays. You should see the short term list. 35 countries and all 50 states -- and now that I'm old and sick and tired and weak, if I were offered the opportunity to go somewhere new --- I wouldn't hesitate. It might kill me, but I'd go.

@BlueWave -- I'd very much like to go to Mars.


New Jersey (several cities), Florida (several cities), Georgia (several cities), Maine (several cities), Ohio (several cities), Illinois (several cities), Texas (several cities), and out of a suitcase for several years. I do believe I'm part gypsy.


US. FL. CA. and Virginia
Canada Alberta, BC and Ontario

Very cool! What was your favorite place?

Really hard to pick.
More often I enjoy the people from northern European, Canada, Australia and some Latino countries. Landscape wise New Zealand, Napel, BC, Belize and Bolivia.

Visit over a 100 countries and revisit most of them. Mostly through sports and proforming arts business.


Boston, MA/Suburban Boston area-lived till age 18
Dorchester, MA-inner city Boston
Rindge, New Ipswich and Jaffrey, NH-Monadnock Region
Keene, NH
Nashua, NH
Woburn, MA
Clifton Park/Cohoes, NY-NY State
Burlington/Essex Jct VT
Merrimack, NH-have lived for 30 years


Maryland, California, Colorado, Mississippi, Virgina, Washington, DC, Alabama, South Carolina


3 - New Jersey, Western Washington State, Eastern Washington


St. Bees and Preston, UK.

I'm only 19, there's time yet.


San Juan Puerto Rico... Orlando FL, San Diego CA, Virginia Beach, Norfolk VA, Puerto Rico, Andalucia Spain, Mayport Beach, Crete Greece, Mayport FL, Horzgerligen Germany, DC, Towson, Laurel Maryland, Jacksonville Florida, Las Vegas Nevada, Severn Maryland... Las Vegas or Florida Bound next month with probability of Detour or Change of Plans Eminent. Several Liberty Port visits from Colombia to Somalia, from Norway to Bulgaria and everything in between including owning the Mediterranean Sea as if it was mine. Yep... I crossed the Equatorial line and been into the Arctic Circle. 'Been Around a Bit.


Duluth, MN
St Simon's Island; Brunswick; Cuthbert, GA
Basalt; Boulder, CO
Billings, MT

Nowhere's "home" anymore--except wherever I hang my hat...


3....Rio de Janeiro...NYC....Miami


Michigan, Texas, Nevada and less than a year in South Carolina and Stockholm, Sweden.

Went to Pickens High School my junior year. Have a friend I met back them, he and I have stayed friends for over 30 years.


Colorado - Denver and North, Kansas - Oakley, Wallace, Sharon Springs, Manhattan (college) Nebraska- Lincoln, New Mexico - Albuquerque, Silver City, Las Cruces, Springer, Oregon - Aloha, Texas - El Paso. And a month in Asmara, Eritrea teaching engineering.


Virginia Beach, Virginia, Key West, Florida, Hays, Kansas, Greeley, Colorado, Denver, Colorado, Spring Hill, Florida

Gohan Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

Nevada, eastern Washington, northern Utah, central California


at least 6 months each in: berlin/germany, hamburg/germany, south germany, western australia, new south wales/australia, la gomera/canary islands, krabi/thailand, bali & java/indonesia.


I was born in Boston, but having itchy feet I've in several different cities...NYC, Brooklyn NY Marblehead & Brookline Mass, Houston Tx, Atlanta Ga, Gothenberg & Stockholm Sweden, and traveled extensively throughout Europe an the it was awesome!

That's what my Mom would say..followed by "you're my gypsy"


If you mean towns or cities, 11. If you mean states, 4. If you mean countries, 2.


Dallas, Tx., Sacramento, Ca., Boston, Ma., Sinop Turkey, Heidelberg Germany, Frederick, Md., Warrenton, Va, Lawton, Ok., Seattle, Wa., now Lopez Island, WA.

Heidelberg and Lopez Island are my favorite.

during a short stay i enjoyed heidelberg very much.


Ontario(Γ—3,) New Jersey(x2,) New York, Illinois, Iowa, Oregon, Washington, Texas, CA (Γ—4,) and Nevada. In terms of addresses, quadruple that. πŸ™‚


Albuquerque New Mexico (born)
Carmel California
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (4 townships)
Orlando Florida
Columbia South Carolina
New Orleans Louisiana
Winter Park Florida
Dhahran-Khobar Saudi Arabia (war)
Kissimmee Florida (present).


Eastern Kentucky; San Diego, California; Cincinnati, Ohio; Western Kentucky; Southeast, Texas..

balou Level 8 Jan 31, 2018

Just 1, Close enough to get to cities and close enough to get to the lake and relax.

Your whole life, Firelander?

Yes. Stayed close for school. And loved being by the lake. Definitely have traveled domestically, but have always landed at home. It’s an adventure still.


Mishawaka, IN - grew up there 0-18yo
Terre Haute, IN, Indiana State University
Kingsport, TN, internship
Metamora, IL, teaching high school
East Peopia, IL first home
Charleston, IL, Asst. Prof, Eastern Illinois Univ.
Statesboro, GA, Georgia Southern Univ. - now retired


Born: Pennsylvania. Toddler: Kansas City, MO. Raised: Santa Barbara, CA. College: E. Lansing, MI. Returned to CA and lived in Laguna Beach, Palm Springs, Sausalito, Beverly Hills. Washington, D.C. Lived & worked 8 years in Honolulu, HI. Returned to CA and lived & worked 20+ years in Lompoc, CA. Currently in Albany, OR where I retired (more or less) 10 years ago.


Only Louisiana and Texas.

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