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I need 6,649 more points to hit LEVEL 7.Should I offer sex or continue posting amazing questions?
Thought and opinions please fellow angsters!

Charlene 9 Feb 1

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Ask amazing questions about sex. That is the key. And a sandwich. A sandwich and warm cookies always helps.

Mmm you said "Sandwich" and "Warm Cookies" in a complete sentence..yowzah!!!

"Sandwich" and "warm cookies" are two of my favorite positions!


hahaha! I didn't see the point value of 'sexual favors'...haha!

@Stevil that's a neat way of saying the burgeoning belly is obscuring sight of the point!

@FrayedBear mirrors


I think that you should calm down and decide as I did...we are not here to obtain points...we are here for the ride! The points are lIke...when you travel across country and rack-up the miles! Lol lol lol

I can't "calm" down..sometimes, when I think of all the unknown pleasures of LEVEL 7..I start hyperventilating..

@Charlene Strewth! do you hyperventilate during sex as well?

@FrayedBear no..

@Charlene that could be a habit that you have acquired...seeking the unknown!? Don't go over the cliff, the bottom is...i believe final, in this

Hun I've fallen down that well before it only hurts if you

@Charlene I think someone expects that reaching level 7 is arousing. Well, who knows, I'm just two levels behind. Just patient. A million might be closer than you think.

@Charlene Shucks and darn - I appreciate feedback. πŸ˜€


Turning tricks on Agnostic street?! lol. πŸ˜‰ Come give me a back massage and I will give you 100points. hehe

Sacha Level 7 Feb 1, 2018

Lol..don't start in on sex workers bub..


How about questions about sex?? It's one of my favorite topics, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I feel like I'd be able to have frank discussions here without some slimy dudes taking that as their cue to send dick pics to my inbox.

Wait. You didn't want the peepee pics? You woman are so confusing. The Donald assured me you did!

I want to personally apologize for all the males of the species who still think and act like women are there property. It is wrong, women are nobody's property. I have never sent a dick pic, nor would I ever, it's disrespectful. I am kind of old school, I was raised by a single mom and three older sisters. I was taught from a very early age that women and men should be treated with dignity and respect. We are all human beings. It's just that not all of us act like it.

You'd Thinked sooo...but I wouldn't count on it!

But they are so proud of them! Frankly words are far more arousing than random pics; and far fewer are capable with them.

That made me laugh! πŸ™‚

Here you go


I can't give it away and no one will pay for it. Just left with winking not as much fun

Well, I wouldn't Really be "giving it" away..I'd be gainig points, right?

@Charlene that would be an exchange of 2 values...isn't that called prostitution, if it is sex and another value for exchange? Just asking?

@Freedompath I just know I need those seemingly unattanable points..and the ocassional roll in the hay..ok frequent rolls in the hay..

@Charlene I get hard rolls at Walmart by the 10. They are not so bad and you get them without hay.

@Gert LOL... there are some up to date people on this site...surprise!

@Gert do they have hard cinnamon buns too?

@Charlene No not really. It's the hardest roll I can find. They are still soft compared by the hard rolls in the Netherlands. They really have a bite. Soooo good.

Hopefully you would enjoy it too. Isn't that really why we try to get points

@Freedompath yeah, but at least its legal that way, and fun hopefully.

@Alynscott i always try to enjoy it if not then I fake it..or try


Both, of course.


You make it sound as if they were mutually excluding. Offer sex and keep posting amazing questions.


I don't understand the benefits of gaining points, but it seems to motivate new people to post, so I'll keep that in mind for my own future websites, LOL!

I think the goal is to curtail spam by requiring a base level of activity before people can privately contact other members and to trust higher-level members with more advanced features. I'm not paying much attention to the points anymore, but for the first few levels I got that dopamine rush from leveling up, sort of like earning achievements in a video game. πŸ™‚

Is it a witches& warlocks only dating wesite?

I haven't found any good reason to garner points. It is still like Whose Line. The points don't matter. Yet I'm obsessed. 5.7!

sometimes i wonder if the admin somehow gets reimbursed by clicks

I think the point system is just the Pavlovian way of this site to keep the conversation going and therefore, the thinking goes, interesting and attractive. I don’t know if it is necessary. I find some of the posts, questions, and comments interesting enough to answer and comment.


Offer sex. See what happens.

now you are just baiting her

@btroje I do what I can. πŸ˜‰



LOL Is that offer of sex in exchange for new members? Y'know sign up to Agnostics with me as the sponsor and we could have amazing sex. At 100 points per person signed up you would only need 66 tricks! If you are really serious for another 34 tricks you could get a good start to level 8.
Alternatively you could post an earwig that everyone will listen to and give likes to you will soon have your points. Perhaps this he said with a flourishing bow


I was not aware you could get points for sex... Do you know how many? That may make my trip from a seven to an eight that much quicker. πŸ˜‰

I have no idea..but it has oped me to lots of pornt8al FWBs..


Quiet clever putting the word "sex" on a post,that will ensure you get plenty response..... as the old adage goes "sex sells".


if you offer sex now for level 7 what will things come to as you move toward level 8?

That is a bridge to far...oooooh Woooooo is Meeeee...


Be amazing. At everything and offer sex whenever the mood (and opportunity) strikes. LOL

It ain't struck at all lately..dammit!!

@Charlene thought you said stuck instead oif struck. Haha

@arnies lol..





Post amazing questions about sex of course!

Can I do that? it "allowed" to combine two topics?


Just start a lot of threads with the word sex somewhere in the title sentence.

But won't I be "Banished" to the pit of "Undate-ables?

@Charlene The memory of the internet is short and nobody has the time to check distant history.

@marmot84 should I add pics?

@Charlene YES !


A little from column A and a little from column B. Here is a like and comment, each earns some points. hmmm allocate them how you wish.

I can't allocate, I'm always in 100%..


ROFL! Does sex with yourself count if you stay the night? πŸ˜‰

No overnighters..sorry.


Well, you could try both. Why do you desire a level 7 position? What are the real benefits? Does that pay some dividend? Maybe I'm weird because I actually don't care, I have fun here anyway.

Gert Level 7 Feb 1, 2018

I dunno. How good are you?


I am the Best..


Stick to the amazing questions. That will lead to better sex.


Do the work and continue posting. I got to level 8 without any short cuts.


Amazing questions.

Which one?

you asked if you should offer sex or ask amazing questions, i said amazing questions lol

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