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What are some things you wish you could blink out of existence?

I was talking to my husband earlier and he recounted a bit he heard from George Carlin which was a list of things/people he would blink from existence.

What should be on the list of things to blink from existence?

silvereyes 8 Feb 3

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Fascism, centipedes and avocados.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 3, 2018

I love guacamole!



Wait. It'll happen without the blink, damn it!

@EllenDale what link?

Who are you again?

@EricTrommater number one,

@magicwatch I will escape your island and never tell you why I quit Her Majesty's Secret Service! Who is number two? Not Leo McKern again, I hope.


Abuse (all encompassing)


Like other said and liked by many.... MONEY.


The Mango Mussolini and his henchmen must go... BLINK....and religion too...BLINK.....Dilly Dilly 😉




The very thought of wishing for all the good it has ever done.


Greed, liars, criminals, ( including the one in DC ) , painful deaths , ( except the one in DC ) LOL


taxes, poverty, disease, germs, racism, sexism, drugs, money


Trump, et al., Bush 1 and II, Cheney, The alt right, the tea party, all the Heritage type groups, all the lobbyists, all the conservative members of the court - Kennedy is OK though and the Federal Reserve, Health Insurance companies, the 1%, speed and stoplight cameras, for fee internet service providers (should be free, or a utility), and limited data plans on phones.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 3, 2018

Death and taxes😉

Hmm, that sounds like something the religious people also want.

@JackPedigo Well don't I am not religious.

@Leutrelle But still, death and taxes are things they are trying desperately to avoid.

@JackPedigo So i'm guilty for an attempt at humor?


Nothing! Everything exists for a reason. Wishing it wasn't so blinds one to reality and isn't useful. Imho.


@MrLizard Lol I can't help it. Eggplant doesn't sit on my taste buds too well. I also hate the texture.

Why eggplant! I think it's time for you to taste Limburger cheese and anchovies. And then see if eggplant is better 😉


All of my puberty years!


Al Sharpton. A racist lying ,homophobic,anti Semitic, trouble making POS

Good description for that idiot!


Was wondering if today was going to have any humor in it. Reading Bob and my antics seems like an old comedy routine.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

Human instincts

I like my human instincts a lot. I am not ashamed of being human.


The Universe, I have no use for it.

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