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How mobile are you?

I like to travel, see new places and cultures, try new foods, experience something other than what my hometown has to offer. I’ve been racking up airplane miles over the last year. I love it. What about y’all? Do you like to get out into the world or do you like to stick around where you know every street and back alley? Finances aside, are you a homebody or an explorer?

NothinnXpreVails 8 Feb 3

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I am a little bit of both, a homebody and a traveler. I enjoy traveling by car and train and take several trips a year just for the enjoyment of traveling. I am also an outdoors in nature person, have a small camping trailer and enjoy camping adventures when the weather is good to do so. I am also retired, have no restrictions on time and am financially secure to do just about anything I enjoy doing.

That’s great!


I'd love to travel, took a solo trip to Corpus Christie last February. I'd rather travel with a partner, but I am tried of waiting. I still work the 9-5ish grind, so I'm mostly at home, If I can afford it in retirement I will travel some and then come home and spoil grand-babies.


If finances would permit, I'd never be at home other than to do my laundry.

what about laundromats?

@btroje I'm sure I'd utilize them as well. Just used 'laundry' as a euphemism for checking in on the fam.

@Stevil Yeah, I'm way too much of a control freak, with OCD, to let anyone else do my laundry.


I was in the Navy for twenty. I travelled more than you can imagine. Now I’m a homebody.


I definitely like to travel but never to the same place twice. The world has too many interesting places to visit .I am lucky in that my 29 year old daughter always asks me to go on trips with her

I went to Scotland with my (now) 34 yr old daughter a couple years ago, we had a wonderful time. It's so gratifying when they still want to do things with you at these ages.

My daughter has been more places than I have..she's lived in Austria, Mexico, and Japan long enough to become somewhat fluent in the local languages, and backpacked all over Europe, as well as spending two months with me in Thailand in 2016, and went with me to Haiti in 2000.


We love to travel. In 2017 we took at 5 week trip to Scotland, Wales, Northern England, and the Scottish Isles. This year we are looking at traveling to Berlin, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest, probably for 4 weeks. We missed traveling in 2016 as wife had hip-replacement surgery. We like the planning part of travel, where do you want to go, and what do you want to see. Book all lodging and transportation. Part of the last trip was based on when the site would be open for excavation of the Ness of Brodgar (Orkneys). Like neolithic sites, live music, scenery and wildlife, boat rides, museums, great pubs, and anything else that is cool. We used mostly and Air B&B for rooms. We can travel for about half of what it would cost to take tours. Hope to travel as long as we can.

That sounds fabulous! I hope you have a wonderful time!


It's always Adventure Time.


Since I had lived in 3 european countries and did port visits all over Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, moving into the IO... the whole atlantic and caribbean from Colombia to Maine. From Somalia to Norway. I can dedicate my time now to explore and enjoy "The Viceroy Provinces of The New Spain" Thus the handler of gipsy of the new spain. I will consider Australia and New Zealand as places to visit for being far away and with natural beauty. I am a Gipsy after all. I am from here and from there.


I love to travel, a friend gave me the bug. He moved to Malaysia and invited me to visit.

So far I have been to Penang,Malaysia; London, England; and Oslo, Norway. Penang was a week, London was 3 days and Oslo was less than a day. I though I was going to freeze in Norway, and did not have nearly enough time in any of them.

I am planning on taking my parents to Israel for a week sometime this year.

I love Penang Island..sort of one of my "stomping grounds" and I still keep in touch with friends I met at the guesthouse I usually use.
The pic is me posing next to a wall mural in Penang, holding a tourist notebook featuring the same mural.

@birdingnut I have a picture of that mural too. I loved my time in Penang and want to go back, someday.


Both...I love to travel, but coming back home after a trip can be my favorite part. I miss my home, cat and routine.


Waxes and wanes. Currently my feet are getting ready to wander, looking for things to do with the kid this spring.


I'd say I'm an explorer, LOL! The pic is of me at the bottom of Sail Rock, at Mu Ko Similan National Marine Park, Thailand, where I was camping for a few days over New Years.


Love traveling!


I am right by nyc so at any moment I can enjoy any culture I want. With that said I fly monthly so I get to see quite a few places. Mostly in the US but sometimes abroad.


Not so much now as I once was. Have been in every state except Alaska and Washington and traveled to roughly 25 countries. Had seen you are in Conroe I have a great friend from my Navy days lives there.


I used to travel a lot for work. It was great pre-911. Now it's such a pain in the a$$, if it's less than 10 hours I drive. Also, I'm still waiting for my luggage from 1998. You know who you are American Airlines. Give me back my bottle of Obsession and my Nike Pippin IIs. The clothing won't fit me anymore so keep it.


I don't travel, have never seen the point of it, being into nature rather than the man made world, there is so much to see closer to home. There is awesome stuff all over the world I know. My kids seem to go overseas each year, but it just is of no interest to me,


Both, but if I'm going to travel, I want to do it in comfort. Non-stressful. I do not want to be crammed into a tin can like sardines and I don't like airports for the simple fact that you're a terrorist until proven otherwise; 9 times out of 10 they go through my luggage; I don't like getting felt up, and delays causing missed connecting flights are so common. Flying used to be fun.

It's the shoes thing that gets to me.

I usually get through airport security quickly. I travel light and enjoy the social leveling. It is irritating to have people slowly complying while constantly complaining. They stand around in the way trying to reload their pockets while the tub is still on the conveyor. I astonishes me that people can not recognize and solve little puzzles that confront us daily.

@NothinnXpreVails Lol

@NothinnXpreVails it is a bit like being stuck in a construction zone on a freeway waiting for people to figure our if the "merge left" sign meant them.

Lol I was just complaining about drivers @EricTrommater


camper van for me traveling to festivals in the summer or just going to visit friends that live miles away


I used to travel a lot, for work and for pleasure. I averaged 100K+ flight miles a year for 10+ years. Post 9/11 flying is more hassle and less fun. Also, seats have gotten smaller and I've gotten bigger. It's not so fun anymore. I prefer my nice comfy home a few blocks from the Puget Sound.


Globe Trotter when I can.


I'm a homebody

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