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Does this app have real people or are you all bots?

Just made my profile and seeing if this is legit. Or maybe i'm looking for robots.

larrydotcom 4 Oct 31

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I'm a bot. I'm a dyslexic bot, so I don't believe in dog.


Happy knowing great day will cum too person fulfill dreams in times future hard working loyal. Long walks in park. Must like dogs.

Found the robot.


We're all bots.

What happens when you see this on a website?

@larrydotcom Bots don't have an issue with those. They're annoying and pointless.

@Paracosm I like the ones where you have to click each box that contains an image of a car or a storefront or a traffic light, or whatever. I'm screwed without my glasses.

@Paracosm everything I learned is a lie.

AI bots bent on world and word domination.

Only on the inside ?

@Beowulfsfriend I'm a bot created to corner thr market on tasty, tasty marshmallows...


1011001 101110 0110111 111111


We are the borg, I'm afraid. You're entirely welcome to try resisting, but as our old tourist brochures warned, it's kind of futile.

Was hoping for Geth but Borg will do.


What a silly question. I'm a real person, of course.

When you reach Level 8, you get a free T-shirt and a ballpoint pen.

To learn about levels:

  1. Hover your mouse above the word "About" at the top of this page.

  2. Click on FAQ (frequently asked questions).

  3. Page down to the question, "How are the levels determined?"

  4. In the middle of that page, click on the blue link, "Level page."


Do you really get a free t shirt? I have a new goal.


Yes, I'm wearing my free T-shirt in the photo.

No one told me about a pen! ?

@larrydotcom Yes. With the level 8 notification there is a link to ge a free T-shirt. I am told nto eveyone got a pen though. Consider that "iffy".


Neither. I'm a figment of everyone's imagination.


I am not programmed to answer that. Long live Vlad; long survive the great Mother Russia. Of course we aren't bots silly. Aren't you special. Keep you naivety and you might meet many more of us here.


OK. Here is the truth. Of all the accounts on here, yours is the only human. The rest of us are aliens. And, frankly, we are trying to find out how you found us.

By the way, we are having a sale on bridges. There is a very nice bridge in the Northeast we are selling at a very attractive price. Now, I know what you are thinking. It’s not the Brooklyn Bridge. We would never expect you to fall for that old scam. But, if you are interested in buying our bridge, let us know. We can provide links that will provide all pertinent details about a small bridge near Barnstable, Mass. We can sell it for $15k or other suitable offer.

And, we have some fabulous beach deals in Arizona...

Go on....

@larrydotcom OK, are you looking for a bridge, beach front property, or, perhaps, a fabulous resort condo on Reepta II, known as the planet Gliesa 581 to you earthlings....


Beep beep beep....I'm Mr. Roboto

Domo arigato!


Voltron is on the other channel.


I am real. But you'll have to take my word for it.

Carin Level 8 Oct 31, 2018

This is especially confusing because of your profile picture.

@larrydotcom dude, she's a literate goat: Whats not to get. Sheesh


I am pretty much a real person, but one of my friends daughters believes that I am a Unicorn ?

a unicorn? hmmm

Have you been wearing a horn and spreading glitter everywhere you go? Because that may explain it.


My name is Gort. I came to destroy your world but upon landing found Donald Trump had already started doing so. I am now just waiting for him to finish!



We are all botifull people...


Domo arigato!


Im a


why in the world would we be bots? have you never been on a social media site before? and if we were bots, would we admit it? or would we even answer appropriately? sorry, i just find this an awfully strange question.



What is bot ? Bot is not


I'm a bot.

Thanks for being honest bot

I knew it! Screwy programming on this one tho

@OpposingOpposum To be imperfect is to be human.


I’m one of the resident fembots.. ?
If you’re looking for bots and trolls,they get bored with the point system and it filters them out... most of the time.


Ebay has the best deals on Robots right now! Shop now and get in time for the holidays! []


I am the bottiest bot that ever botted on a bot screen.


Real folks all the time. ?

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