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Trump Outcomes

What are some positives that you think can come from Trump's presidency? No matter how much of an asshat many of us think he is, is there anything to be gained by his being president?

Crimson67 8 Feb 7

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Sure. The death of the Republican Party.

While perhaps optimistic, I like the way you think.

now thats a good point

Too many in this country that embrace what the GOP has deteriorated too I'm afraid. He has actually enabled many who stayed in the background. I hope Trump will enable the Liberal progressives to do the same.


Maybe, just maybe, it'll wake up some of the more complacent among us. Those who didn't feel like they 'needed' to vote, or take an more active participatory role as citizens.
Maybe more people will start paying closer attention to who they cast their votes for.
Oh hell. Who am I trying to kid? There's isn't anything remotely positive about that miserable piece of shit. We're going to be paying for his ineptitude, and cleaning up his mess, for generations. We're fucked. Totally, and irrevocably, fucked.

Hopefully the damage can be mostly reversed and will soon.

@TerriCity It's likely going to take at least a generation to rectify much of the damage he's causing. The longer he's in office, the longer it's going to take. The environmental damage alone is going to be catastrophic.


I hope his total assholishness will get millions of people who usually don't vote to get out and do it.

@witchymom You betcha. πŸ˜‰


Now, anyone, no matter how ill-suited for the job, can dream of being President. . . as long as they have a couple hundred million bucks and a reality TV show.

I don't see that as a positive.


I can not as his every decision is to dismantle the government he was elected to lead and disregard the average person. Even those that voted for him


The positive outcome is clear and there for all to see. It exposes the truth about the political system. It lays bare the obvious. The United States is a democracy only in show. The truth is that we are a Plutocracy.

Trump shows us the bare truth. Most will still remain blind to it even though they can see clearly that this emperor has no clothes.

Unfortunately, the Trump presidency is only a symptom of a much deeper sickness.

Yeah. We are definitely leaning into a plutocracy. Ugh.

Or a theocratic plutocracy/oligarchy.

@Paul628 That truly scares the living shit out of me.


if it can wake people up as a reaction against this kind of politics, his kind of America. that's all I see.


Renewed paying attention to OUR government!


My utter loathing for him clouds my ability to think rationally about anything positive he might bring to the office of the president. Any positive that could come will be buried under so much damage that its value will be without meaning.


Well his election to the presidency brought all the Nazis,racists and sexists out in force and now they're easily identifiable. Used to be they hid their vile philosophies.

Yes, but is this a positive outcome? Now they are empowered, their vile movement, like a noxious week is not mowed down by public discourse.


In trying to ponder a polite response to this question, I can not help but compare it to asking a person who has lost his feet in a horrific traffic accident "What are some of the positives that you think can come from " loosing your feet? One answer could be, "Well, I won't have to cut my toenails any more. Sorry. I honestly can't think of any positive outcomes from this Republican president.


He helped lay bare the depths of hopelessness of the country; that if someone like him can become president, it uncovers the pathetic shape of the populace. He has helped pull back the veil on the lack of common sense, adequate education, lack of morality and scruples, and utter short-sightedness of the people who voted for him. There's too many of them, and it's a problem that won't go away soon. Watch him get in for a second term. To me, it marks the decline of the American empire.

And, like someone said, helped me figure out who to unfriend on Facebook...

Good point( even if deeply depressing)


If si, it will be by sheer accident. The man lacks the intelligence, the vision, ability or moral backbone to do anything good.

Yeah, he became a billionaire by being stupid.

@gater Trump has never really done a damned thing of value in his whole life. He hired an army of vicious and unethical lawyers and unethical deal makers and let them do all of the work, most of it crooked. Trump, himself, is a lazy, stupid egomaniac.


My hope is that the resurgence of racism is shocking enough to most Americans so that finally America may choose to bury and smother that particular kind of evilness.


I think the one major improvement is the increase in awareness and engagement in the political process and fighting for social justice. I have seen a lot more engagement and passion among my peers than I had previously. Three people I know are running for office in my community, one for family court judge, one for state Senate, and one for state representative (AND, I babysat him when he was a kid so I am taking partial credit for that one ????). A graduate of my all-girls high school is running for US Congress and is an incredibly strong candidate - and an Air Force vet - who is likely to unseat a Republican incumbent. Anger can be destructive, but when it's channeled appropriately, anger gets shit done, and I think it's going to get a lot done over the next couple years.


Can't think of one !
It's going to take a really long time to fix what he's done to our country, and our standing in the world if ever it can be done..


haha! I was just having this conversation. We are learning what a president can do if he has no respect for the office. He is actually breaking laws and nothing is being done. I think most of us thought that once you broke the laws as a president, you were gonna get Nixoned. Turns out, this isn't so. And that is dangerous. We need to fix this problem. The trumpling is unplugging the holes in the boat.


I don't think this is specific to DJT, but having a Republican (even if in name only) seems to instill confidence by businesses β€”Β or maybe it's a calculated effort on their part to support the Republican agenda β€” and we see more investment, more expansion, faith in the stock market, etc. So, There may be a financial benefit in that respect. Unfortunately, I'm unconvinced that the skew of policies toward corporations and the very wealthy doesn't undermine those gains for the rest of us.

Yeah, that whole 'trickle down theory' just winds up having them telling us it is raining, when it smells suspiciously like urine.


There's a reason those of us from the middle class on down are called "peons."


A lot of no goods that came out of the woodwork is being highlighted by the media , by the droves . That , & when we finally get a decent president , we will appreciate them a lot more !

Dougy Level 7 Feb 8, 2018

YES. For one thing, many liberal women and LGBTQ people woke up and started running for political office.
He's such a jerk that even the hard core GOP have felt embarrassed by him.

Also, the hate memes mocking minorities that proliferated on my Facebook page from "Haiti missionary kid" childhood friends inspired me to dump religion for good.


Positive, huh? Hmmm...uuuhhhh, hmmm. Well, I guess for me, personally, it would have to be that the whole Trumpus assholis maximus (my pet name for him) phenomenon has prompted me to want to explore living in another country. I've not traveled a whole lot in my life, only speak/understand one language, and I have something of an affinity for learning about different cultures. Also, my suspicion that a relatively large part of the population of the USA is, unfortunately, not all that bright, seems to have been confirmed with the election of DJT. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm "smarter than all those folks" that voted for him; but I do think I'm more discerning.

In general, on a cultural level, I am hoping that the vile, self-serving, anti-social, de-humanizing agenda of the Republican Party will become evident to those who have a shred of intelligence and open-mindedness, and can finally recognize the grotesque nature of this entire administration for the shitstorm it is.


Learning to be civil to someone who is diametrically opposed to every single belief I hold dear. But only if I should be. (Civil that is).


Yes, most definitely, If he can get elected president, then I can be anything I want to be.


Landslide victories for Democrats and Libertarians in both Senate and House races during his term.
(at least I hope so)


I have to say that my memory fails me, on whatever good trump has done! As hard as I try going over his family, professional and political life...I am at a complete loss! I guess I can't get pass the people he disparages on a daily basis!

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