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Worst qualities

I've asked this once before and absolutely no one responded. How can we we work on our worst qualities without acknowledging them? My worst qualities are being too judgemental, too emotional (depression, anxiety), and I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. What are yours?

Levi_Hinton 7 Feb 9

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I am perfect in every way. I do not understand these "flaws" of which you speak.


I procrastinate. I would have responded sooner, but, well, you know...

I see what you did there!
Clever heathen you!


You can't.

I am very sarcastic, struggle with patience, and I sometimes go over the fine line between confidence and arrogance. I am extremely sharp which is both good and bad, one of the bad parts is depression and anxiety. While I have worked hard at developing a better filter, I sometimes disregard it. I keep working on becoming a better human.

We're all imperfect.

@shockwaverider -- Speak for yourself, dude.

Best wishes,


@evidentialist LOL, oh perfect one... πŸ™‚

@Stevil Sarcasm is awesome. If you use it to be an asshole most of the time, then you're an asshole.

@Stevil I thought that was my strength


I have a slight problem with patience. It goes from slight to extreme fire-breathing furious when dealing with stupid. Now, I do mean stupid. Ignorance, as long as it's not willful (equates with extreme stupidity), is fine. It can be fixed. Stupid, at least as I interpret and experience it, is a condition, perhaps terminal in nature. So, when confronted with stupid, I go into super Berserker mode, and I do mean the original source of the word. The first thoughts that enter my mind in such situations are, "Must save world. KILL the stupid," and, "Quick, where can hide bodies?" Fortunately, I have enough presence of mind to not carry my battle axe into public and have an efficient cooling system.

So you drink the urine of a highly intoxicated viking in order to become a killing machine?

@jayneonacobb -- Absolutely, and I take it straight with a wolf's blood chaser.


I have no filter, can be very sarcastic and have no patience. I generally am fine with the way I am, except I would like a better brain to mouth filter. Sometimes it will be hours later before it occurs to me "I probably shouldn't have said that."


I'm American.


Why would we work on our worst attributes? I'd guess my greatest weakness is basketball. If I really focused and spent 6 months getting ready for tryouts, I still would not make a grade school team. So why waste time on the bad stuff? Work on the good stuff; make yourself really good at the stuff you're already good at. As to attributes like judgemental and emotional? They'll come along as you get really happy being good at the stuff you enjoy.

@Stevil That is counter to my experience. What I see are coaches who demand that athletes build on their strengths and ignore their weaknesses. Baseball pitchers never take batting practice except as a humorous distraction..

@Stevil I guess I am confused. Being one of several fielders is not like being a pitcher. In swimming, divers don't spend time or energy on relay team races. Car salesmen go to sales seminars, not transmission rebuilding school, and electricians focus on electrical, not on plumbing.

@Levi_Hinton OK, I understand what you are saying. I'd add this: If your concern is your emotional well-being and your being judgemental, the best cure for both, in my book, is to become recognized for your excellence at some specific skill or subject. The glow from that will shrink those other concerns.

@Stevil I understand the concept. I do believe in working on your strengths, which for a tennis player better be tennis. Working on his backhand is working on his tennis; way different than him working on his ballet because he has a weakness in dance.


My hygiene isn't the greatest admittedly. Also I ruminate on the haters and negativity in general when I could just be focusing on my friends who get me and positive things.


I tend to jump without looking,am impatient and don't suffer fools gladly. I've also got a hell of a time commiting to anything or anyone.


not a neat freak
too trusting

Working on all 3.


I don't know.

I suppose my worst quality is putting things off. Manana....


Mine would be impatience, people frustrate the crap out of me, I thrive on change and am always pushing, pulling, cajoling to get people up to speed.


I don't suffer fools gladly

Uuummm, no, the question is, "why are these fools making me suffer?"


I have no patience with myself. I can be patient with others, but I'm smart and when l can't fix things fast enough, l get frustrated.

As I get older, I find I also have trouble sleeping, which may not be a character problem, but I'm even less patient when I'm tired, which is all the time.

I also have a bad habit of thinking faster than most folks, so I'll often finish their sentences.


I have a terrible memory and I am far from the brightest person on this planet.


I can sometimes have a bad temper


Mine is my bi-polar and personality disorder.


I have a temper. And it ain't pretty.


Lack of self discipline. Slothful and messy. I run away from problems.

Are you describing yourself? I'm confused


You can’t work on them without acknowledgment. As for my worst qualities, I have no idea. I’m on my phone too much? Idk, you’d really have to ask someone else lol



MikeJ Level 4 Feb 9, 2018

After 11 intermittent years of counseling I no longer have any worst qualities.I am the best. I am absolutely perfect although I used to have a problem with thinking too highly of myself.


I have a sharp tongue. Sarcasm is dished out free of charge, so a real bitch of a woman. But I am also smart, can hold my own in conversation and love people, men in particular. I am not working on changing anything. It's an attitude thing.


I'm a party animal and oggle girls too much. I drive like a maniac and dance like a fool. I consider these qualities among my best ! that's my problem !


I sometimes am a little condescending and I don't really mean to be. It's mostly when dealing with politics and religion. I am trying to work on that though.

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