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How do you feel about the way the American government disregarded every treaty ever made with Native Americans?

How do you feel about history repeating itself by the US trying to back out of the promise they made to DACA recipients?

Tecolote 7 Feb 10

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Yet....the American government is blazing around the world, "trying" to help other regions' "peace" processes.....I got to think that those participants see right through their bullshit. They seem willing enough to accept the USA Taxpayers' money and weaponry though

twill Level 7 Feb 10, 2018

I hope that's sarcasm. Being we're not promoting peace anywhere.

@William_Mary ; Truly was sarcasm...note the quotation marks. Twas'n't I that created that mis-label (misnomer ?) (peace process) in the 1st place


it's fucking disgraceful. where is there American dream? and like many countries with horrible pasts its all accidentally left out of the history books etc.


Embarrassment and shame. I didn't do it, but it was done in my name. I support reparations and apologies.


Add Puerto Rico to the list of abused souls.


Treatment of indigenous peoples is an embarrassing thing to free thinking humans


About the same way i feel about drumpy and DACA....sad & mad!

Anne, and everyone else reading this. 'It', the theft of life and land, didn't just happen in the US; it happened in Canada, Australia, the African Continent, etc. Anyone accepting a Rhodes Scholarship is accepting one that was purchased with the lives of many blacks in the former Rhodesia. Cecil Rhodes was exceptionally evil, from what I have read.


Depressed and aggravated, yet again, for my nation's arrogance and selfishness.


It's infuriating and embarrassing. One of my best friends has a fairly large percentage of native american blood in his ancestry. He rose through the ranks of the company he worked for and got more conservative as he did. He's nearing retirement and is now embracing his heritage and it's causing him some cognitive dissonance with his corporate side. He suggested I read
"An Indigenous People's History of the United States: Revisioning American History" and it was painful. It just made me angry. I'd recommend it if you want to find out what was left out in your American history books.

I think it was Rosie Sorels who coined the phrase "people's long memory". Utah Phillips frequently used it in his concerts, recordings and broadcasts, explaining it as "the part of history that the ruling classes didn't want remembered". There are many "long memories" safeguarded by people around the world. It worries me that many youngsters and their elders now shrug their shoulders and say "whatever". Like the dodo when it is gone it cannot be retrieved.

I learned a lot when I worked on the Navajo Reservation

@btroje Sounds like heritage knowledge to pass on through the "Passions"


I am not sure I make a direct connect between these two issues beyond not fulfilling promises. I am still appalled about what happened with the pipeline issue last year especially with the recent leak


Totally, disgusted...I have felt that way for years! And, I feel the same way about DACA!


We've pretty much gone back on every promise since the beginning of this country. The Original Americans continue to be lied to, disregarded, and screwed over. America has been a country of the rich white males, by the rich white males, and for the rich white males since the first boat landed. My ancestors should have put up a wall.


embarrassed and is still happening


While I don't really have a proverbial dog in this fight, it still ticks me off. If we as individuals are held to the standards of honoring our promises and debts, what does it say about us when we ignore them while we're in a group?


Just the European diseases wiped out millions.
The Native American tribes waged constant war on each other, but it was for horses, status, hunting ground access, to acquire children to adopt to replace ones that were killed, etc.

The Native Americans were unable to grasp the concept of genocide, ownership of land, that someone would promote the destruction of trees, wildlife, pollution of rivers, etc., so made treaties with white men to acquire guns, metal weapons and tools, and, they thought, help with subduing their enemies.

The US government killed many of my distant relatives outright in the Trail of Tears, treaty violations, etc, since I have Native American on both sides of my family, three and six generations back.

I still look Cherokee enough to be regularly invited to pow-wows.


I think everything our government has done over the last year is disgraceful.


It's sad and pathetic how many of the citizens of this country are so blindly proud and patriotic of a nation that rarely upholds ANY of the treaties we enter into. We only uphold them hen it's in our best interest, then break them on a drop of a dime. No wonder we are laughed at and thought of as arrogant clueless bullies to the international community. Our lack of remembering history is disturbing and I honestly don't understand how any nation could possibly trust our government to keep their word.


I completely agree with the sentiment of your post, but the government is not an entity that can break or even make promises, it is the people that americans elect into the government who make these decisions.

DACA would not even be a discussion if americans voted for the only sane person(woman) running in 2016

I don't agree. It's not just sentiment because it's the government that breaks treaties that a previous government made. Technically it is the government that concludes a treaty that it breaks many years later. It does not matter that there are other politicians that for that government. A government is a government in spite of who mans the chairs. When a government makes a treaty, it is obliged to stand for that, and not, because they have the physical power to abuse the counter-party, break that treaty that they made with the original inhabitants of this country. Breaking that, makes a government not-trustworthy. The Indians had the treaty on their side but still got run over.

My point though is that the government is not an entity - it is a group of people elected into office.

If you want to hate something hate the specific people that broke treaties not the government as a whole as that just invites anarchy which would be a hell of a lot worse!

If hillary clinton had been elected in 2016 we would be in far worse shape then we are now. she is one of the most corrupt person on the planet.

Since she is "the most corrupt person on the planet" I assume you can cite evidence to prove said corruption... right?

I agree we would be better off without rump but hill didn't win the primary and the DNC has admitted fraud so place the blame where it belongs on the DNC. And it will happen again if they don't change.


I was always very confused learning about this kind of stuff growing up. They told us what happened, but they never said how horrible it was, or how wrong, people shouldn't be treated that way...they didn't say much about how it affected people, beyond hitting the highlights from the history texts... and they never breathed a word about how today's descendants are coping with the injustices done to their ancestors. It freaked me out that we were taught that these awful, tragically unjust things were perpetrated by "our" government, but we had zero discussion about the morality and emotional impact of them. Like if the teacher told us one morning that our classmate's entire family had been brutally murdered last night, and then moved on with the lesson. It bothered me at first. With time and successive lessons over the years, I learned that that's just what history lessons are like, and I got used to it. But I'll never forget the feeling I had, as a little kid, learning about how the Native Americans were summarily destroyed. I still don't get it. I don't know how you can hear about such suffering, such injustice, and not weep in your soul. I might be the oddball.


In reminds me that American Exceptionalism is a big fat lie.


Men in politics = hypocrisy
Let's get some more women in the govt and you may see some things change.

While having more women in government would be a good thing i must mention some exceptions: hillary clinton, barbra boxer, diana feinstein, shelia jackson lee, maxine waters, nancy pelosi, michelle obama.


My late partner was gluten free and we went this route while she was alive. Afterward I thought this was not me and stopped. We had a new bag of an expensive gluten-free flour and I gave it to a friend, who is part Native-American. Later I discovered I did have a problem with gluten and went to him and said "I hate to be an Indian..." then I stopped. Oops, he just looked at me. He returned the bag and I noticed he had written on the back "white-man giver"!!


Very very angry. I'm not a native American but they were so mistreated by the government and white people, I have an especially deep hatred for Andrew Jackson and what he did to the native Americans.
P.S. I am of Irish and Slovak descent.

Had not my Great-great Choctaw Grandmother been forcibly marched west ..she’d never have ever met & married my Great-great Dutch Grandfather along the way… Treaties were broken, but Native Americans live on..


Much the way I feel about every war they have fomented or used for their monetary gain...what goes around comes around.


I suspect that we are not near as good as we are we have aged, the historical truths have emerged. Not so good truths.


Very angry. And now even more with the push against DACA. I know it's all about greed which to me is the most disgusting part. Why do people feel the need to have more money or power than anyone else. Why do you need more than you could ever spend. The worse part is we are the invasive ones here.

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