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Is everyone feeling sad about not having a romantic partner on Valentines Day?

Lionne 3 Feb 10

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I have no interest in providing extra money to retailers. Vday is a made up holiday that has no meaning to me. When I was in a relationship I did not need to be told that a certain date had certain obligations. As a single person I am not diminished in any way not having a partner. My worth as a person is not measured by bling on my finger or relationship status. However, I will go out the day after and stock up on half price chocolate to keep in my office to share with my fellow minions.


Nope, but I feel like everyone thinks I'm just putting up a brave front when I say that I am perfectly fine being alone!

dkp93 Level 8 Feb 10, 2018

@ScienceBiker Thank you! My girl is the absolute best, IMHO. And she loves peanut butter and PB treats. She just finished a bag of PB snacks yesterday so feel free to send her some more! haha


Nope. I didn't even like it when I was in a relationship.

Ditto. Always considered it a stupid, made-up "holiday," or whatever it's supposed to be. Maybe that's why I'm single.


I'm just sad about not having a partner in general


It's a big fat "meh" for me. It's just another day on my calendar, just go about my business as usual.


MAN!! And I thought I was a skeptic!! I ain't got nothin' on you guys.
I guess I'll have to be the odd man out again and say yes, I am a little sad.
This is the first year of the last 17 I will spent it w/o my wife, and I did enjoy getting her little things for Valentines Day. There was a time when I would bring her little gifts or cards home at any time just to see her face light up. The gift itself didn't matter so much, it was the thought she enjoyed most... that someone was paying attention to her and loved her.

I agree......I think some doth protest too much! I enjoy my own company, and would rather be alone than with someone who makes me miserable/crazy . That being said, it would be nice to have someone in my life. I'm not SAD about not having someone, though.

In that context and perspective, I get your meaning.


I'm not. I think I would be sad if I was with the wrong person. I'm great by myself and would be great with the right man. Either way, I'm living life


I am not feeling sad, lonely, rejected, ignored or anything. It is just another day that someone put a title on and it is for commercial reasons that it even exists. In My Humble Opinion

Skyscrapers are full of people that all they do is think these things up in order to keep the money flowing. In My Humble Opinion

@jlynn37 agreed, and I think this one has run its course.


Nope. Not even a little bit.


nope. not interested in my instincts to breed


I just focus on my grand babies. They make me smile.


No. Being single this Valentine's Day is a huge relief.


Even when I had a partner Valentines day was every day. So no I don't miss it.


I propose we make Sadie Hawkins Day the official humanist/agnostic/atheist sweetheart day. It's SAINT Valentine, isn't it?


I'm just waiting for chocolate to be half off on the 15th.


Yup. It's a bummer.

@witchymom That is how my ex treated it, and my birthday and our anniversary. None of these were important to him.


Nah, I have only been single a short time and I am getting used to enjoying my house being clean my way, and the only ones that pig it up are me and my dog.


Not really.


I admit it would be nice to have someone special to share that and other holidays with but I am so busy at the moment that I don't even care.


I think the people that are sad are the ones in bad relationships.


Not any more. At this point in life, I am my own valentine. Hope today goes well for me, I am having a spat with myself.

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 14, 2018

Until your question, I didn't even realize that THIS coming Wednesday was Feb 14th! I'm not sad = but sure, we'd all like a romantic partner by then. Damn your question! 😉

Sorry my question distressed you. I try not to think about it. I'm spending Wednesday with a group of my girlfriends.


Just feeling sad in general these days. Becoming a skeptic has opened my eyes about a lot of reality. Some good but a lot not so good reality.

What are you doing to make it better? And it's not "diety", it's "deity" in which we do not believe.

@Lionne spelled it that way on purpose. I'm just trying to stay positive and do the right things


I wasn't talking about shopping; I was talking about lack of romance on a day set aside for love.

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