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Are you happy?

How many times a day do you suddenly think to yourself "I'm happy"
A - never
B - very rarely
C - once a blue moon
D - occasionally
E - fairly often



E: But I like my grumpy persona

Rugglesby Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

fairly often, I think that is because I live in a pretty much no hassle housing scheme; 26 flats, we pretty much are all getting on , so we are "all 'getting on!" I also have a wonderful partner who lives above me and is sweet and kind and we share chores and look after each other - Yes I may moan at times but life is good.

jacpod Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

That sounds WONDERFUL, Jacpod.


I suffer depression but nothing can change that but I'm fairly happy.

Being in nature helps

I agree as do other things. I was so much worse before

@LeighShelton and the color green. Is green soothing because nature is green? Or is nature green because it is so soothing? IDK. IDC. It just is.

I too suffer from depression. I've been really good for several years thanks to a wonderful psychiatrist! Praise the universe. Overall I'm a bubbly person. I hate that term but it fits me pretty well. Hope you have a good support system!

my fish and dogs and my art help a lot and I stopped drinking, smoking and weed under a very good psychiatrist like you @Marcie. as for green yes your right @EllenDale as winter in a temperate zone just makes everything worse. I come alive in spring with the fresh growth, birds and insects.

@LeighShelton three weeks after Dec. 21, to the day, I feel as if the sun came out, I'm on uppers and I've had great sex. I didn't, but the days are longer and I feel GREAT! Come fall, I feel it in August. I heard Britain is geay a lot . I'd hate that. Such a nothing color! Having an all-season light might help. Hope this helps or come here. Girls would LOvE you!


@LeighShelton shar peis! Gorgeous dogs! What kind of fish is that? I used to have Siamese fighting fish, blue

@LeighShelton your art is great. I admire people who can do things I can't

yes, its very grey and everything seems dead here @EllenDale. id love to come over there but my life is here sadly and my dogs which I'm not locking in prison/kennels. the fish is a giant gourami. thanks about the art x x

@LeighShelton Grey is depressing, and the rain I see on TV shows (not necessarily accurate) would make my arthritis painful. Yes, we can't lock our family in prisons or kennels! Although I have a few family members I wouldn't mind locking up somewhere far away, lol.


well you can't choose your family @EllenDale


I don't think about being happy but I am. I don't do a systems check to confirm it but it is always there in the background.

Crimson67 Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

Oh, you make it easy: E
When my blood sugar is where it is supposed to be (how did that happen?)
When I realize I did not take any painkillers for the last three days
When I see a fellow gardener and she says :come on over in May and I'll give as many Dahlia tubers as you want."
When I have dreams about the past.
When I listen to the blues..

Spinliesel Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

I wish I had your neighbor!!! Love Dahlias!

@BlueWave Her name is Audrey. She and I share our passion for English roses. She lives on "Snob Hill"( not the real address) and is very well to do. I am the poor but cheerful one. Her Dahlias are magnificent. She provides individual blooms for the teller stations at our Credit Union, so I know her collection. Can't wait to pick up the tubers.


E. Some folks say that I am too happy. I have all that I need for my happiness and enjoy life on my own terms.

Dwight Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

This and I would add, all things considered, life could not be much better.


I'm not unhappy. I like homeostasis, being on an even keel. I'm not in the heights, but not down in the dumps. Its a comfy place. I know for every height of happiness I will descend below the line, so lets just avoid the drama and be comfy.

Thank you for this, seems honest and healthy.


I'm not really sure. I, like @LeighShelton - also suffer from Depression. I also have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This does not mean I categorize myself as "A". I spent Saturday with my daughter and was fairly happy. Came home Sunday to find my son had been in a very bad highway crash. Was not happy about that, at all, until I saw how bad the truck was (totaled) and how relatively unscathed my son and his friends (and the passengers in the other car) were. I'm not happy that I lost work time, yesterday. But I am happy the company I work for gives me the time off when things like this happen. When am I truly happy? I am not sure. I don't even know how to recognize it any more.

MrLizard Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

I get anxiety/panic but I deal with them much better now partly by living with the restrictions these things bring.

@LeighShelton Yes. That and those wonderful little pills. (Though I haven't needed one in months!)

I'm on a few things for life but hey ho lol


E. To my surprise.
I thought about it. Yes, E is my answer. In this dismal age of DJT and "religious liberty laws" and an avowed Nazi running for office, I can say that I have more moments when I'm happy than not. Hmmmm, perhaps this is still a lingering fever talking? I can't believe that I'm typing this!

BookDeath Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

@DJT supports his parents in law, one of which is a card-carrying communist. Russian ideologies are closer than we know!


Yes, I read about Melania's parents in the WaPo. Idk what to think about THAT. On the one hand I think his hypocrisy is stunning; on the other, I feel some sympathy for anyone who has to LIVE with DJT and if her parents can provide her and Barron (can you imagine what that child will grow up to be, given Eric and Donald, Jr?) some support, then if they are here by some LEGAL means, then let them stay. But then I think Melania CHOSE to marry a monster; then she chose to STAY with that same monster through his many scandals, so I'm not sure just how much sympathy I do have for her. Marriages, like humans, are often enigmas.


I'm not sure I know what happiness is anymore. All work, no play. I only know when I'm accomplishing something.

Lysistrata Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

Perhaps you will find happiness in your accomplishments. In my professional career I worked around the clock. I was very happy in the doing and in a sense my work ceased to be work at all. I am retired now and don't know how I did it, but it has paid off quite well. Hopefully, your efforts will result in good things too.

@Dwight Thanks, Dwight! I hope I'm as successful as you've been. I'm happy with my work. I love what I do. It only hurts when I stop. smile001.gif


A, never.

But I have reasons to keep on. Beautiful and tragic reasons. Simple and smart reasons.

AMGT Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

The reasons are understandable. But we still want you to find some happiness. Even if we can just bring you up to a "C".


Occasionally! The only 2 things that get me down sometimes is the bourdon of taking care of an elderly parent, and being single. I am fortunate for my career and the prosperity it brings.

twshield Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

Very often.

jonds56 Level 6 Feb 13, 2018

B. But I honestly never really think about it. I'm a kind of person who is neutral I guess. It's weird.

freespaz Level 4 Feb 13, 2018

Not happy, not sad, but I am drunk! That counts for something!

VanValin Level 4 Feb 13, 2018

I don’t feel all that happy. But if you tell me to go to church to find happiness, I’m gonna get even more unhappy.

ChrisJones Level 6 Feb 13, 2018

E. The blues get me from time to time but I'm accused of being a relentless optimist often enough that I suspect I'm happier than most.

Blindbird Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

E-fairly often



Kelkat Level 5 Feb 13, 2018

Pretty much any time I am not listening to the news!

AnneWimsey Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

Both of my parents died last year which is not a happy thing but overall I have a happy life. My family, my work and my leisure activities all combine to give me a happy life.

david7wk Level 6 Feb 13, 2018


Kelkat Level 5 Feb 13, 2018

B. Happiness is fleeting and momentary. Dostoevsky wrote, I think in The Brothers Karamazov, that people are only unhappy because we don't know we are happy until later. Looking back we can see items when we were happy. At the time, though, we were mired in the million little things that annoy and distract and cause discomfort or stress and we cannot see the happiness. He goes on to say that if we could just see that we are happy, we would be happy. So maybe I am happy and I'll look back on today, probably from some even darker place, and think that I actually was happy right now. Dang it.


C. I feel at times like I want to move into another dimension.

GeorgeChud Level 3 Feb 18, 2018

Yeah, I get that sometimes to.


Does content with bouts of happy count?
I think I wabble between D and E depending on what's going on. I'm generally one of those that believes stuff is going to happen so no use being unhappy about it. Learn to deal with it rather than curse it when it happens. However I do get terribly unhappy with certain people in my life who don't seem to be happy unless they are in the middle of making things more difficult than they have to be. Every once in a while I go through a little spell of unhappy for that reason. It tends not to last that long though.

AmyLF Level 6 Feb 14, 2018
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