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LINK How much should you sleep? Napping, fatigue, and oversleeping

Study: Sleeping too much is more dangerous than not sleeping enough. I struggle with sleep so this was good news to me.

HippieChick58 9 Dec 8

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Is the study based on European humans ? Bcz I ll tell u this , not relevant w life here ! Life sooo different over there . Not comparison at all ! Absolutely nothing moves until 8 am , including schools , federal , buisness . Dinner time is 8 pm or even 9 if u ask me ! Nothing moves from noon to 5 pm pretty much too !
I remember my first days in USA , when people were saying " I have to wake up at 0400 " for this and that . I thought , wow , a lot of milkman or news paper delivery people in USA ? ! First time I seen dinner served at 5 and 6 pm , I thought , " oh , a snack b4 real dinner ! Lovely , where is the Campari and the martinis !"?

When we were in Spain, we saw first hand just how different their sleep cycles were - I'm sure we could have gotten used to that very easily - but in this country we try convince ourselves that we're not productive humans unless we are up before the chickens and burning the candle at both ends. No wonder our healthcare outcome shows us way down on the list in spite of having the highest cost.

@Lavergne I agree 110% . ??? good morning sweetie ☕️☕️☕️

@Pralina1 Good morning to you too! I'm watching the snow come down and hoping it doesn't stick so I can get into town later this morning to "stock up". Might not have enough cat food if it gets as cold and icy as they are predicting for this area. Little Tess would eat my face off and not feel one bit guilty...hahahahaha

@Lavergne do u realize ?? U look like your baby ! Or , she looks like u !!! ♥️♥️♥️ I feel the love and trust too ! Pretty psipsina ??? and the cat is cool too ?
Can u go and get some now from a store like welgreens or such? If not , can she eat some milk / bread ? I don't know how u do it w snow and all . I hate that white thing . Can't drive on it either .

@Pralina1 seems to be melting on the sidewalks so everything should be fine. 🙂🙂 That little kitty eats a dozen meals a day - a couple of spoonfuls at a time - soooooo spoiled. Got to have all the "juicy" stuff - but hey she's almost 21. So she gets what she wants, right? And, BTW, she's the expert at "naps".... hahahahahaa

@Lavergne ms Tess should get whatever she wants . I agree 100%. That hug she giving u on this pic , yes , whatever she wants . ♥️?


Sleep as much as you need. Another dear soul at your side can help..


Next study will say the opposite...

Carin Level 8 Dec 8, 2018

I love sleeping! Oh well I guess I'm going to die young! Lol

Remember that in all studies there are always the outliers that defy the average

@Science-guy that's true, we also have to listen to our own bodies. When we are completely exhausted our bodies will rest until it's good to go again

@MichelleGar1 and here we are at 2 am eastern time. Lol

@Science-guy here it's 12am mountain standard time, so it's still early for me! Lol

@MichelleGar1 sorry. I passed out ? got a good 6 hours for a change. ?


My wife is a chronic insomniac and she represents the other end of the spectrum; her memory and attention are increasingly eluding her. I think she seldom gets more than 4 hours of generally poor-quality sleep. In fact I just sat her down and told her this is not sustainable and I want her to do something she's always resisted for various reasons: see a doctor and get some meds for her chronic anxiety, which is the wellspring of her insomnia. I think I have convinced her ... wish us luck!


I think I'm finally getting the right amount of sleep. Most of my life, I've gotten too little sleep, always an alarm or somebody waking me up earlier than I'd like. I can't imagine getting too much sleep, but I appreciate the warning. I usually have a hard time getting to sleep each night, but now I can sleep uninterrupted until I naturally wake up each morning. Life is good!


my bladder will not let me sleep long. i also have a cat who pulls my hair when she's hungry, and she has good access while i'm lying down.


I tend not to Drink anything after 8 pm which gets me about 6 hours of sleep ?. I do not own a cat. ?

@Science-guy it doesn't matter whether i drink anything or not; my bladder is old and weakened by a childhood illness. meanwhile, i have diabetes so i cannot go very long with hydrating, and the diabetes itself makes me have to pee a lot.


@genessa wow. That sucks. I hear napping ? is in again. ?

@Science-guy i love naps!



I sleep too much and I know it's not good for me, since I already have heart issues, but it's from a combination of boredom and depression. I am trying to gradually cut down and at the same time begin exercising everyday like I used to.


Meh. I sleep when my narcoleptic brain tells me to.


Much of my working life, I got 4 hours sleep a night. About every 6 weeks, I would get 8+ hours a night over a weekend to catch up. Now, I need at least 7-9 hours a night but, at my age, that’s not surprising. (Caveat: now, if I’m sick or depressed, I need 10-12 hours or more a day until I recover.)


I need 8 hours of sleep per night.


I would love to sleep too much just to see what it's like. I could certainly do it years ago, but no longer.


I was in the medical field and representing a group that did sleep studies. It was told to me that when you wake up you should get up. The body is signaling it is ready to rise. If the body suggest a nap later you should take it if you can. For my entire life I always rise when I find my mind is no longer in sleep mode and really does not wisht to return to it. Listen to your body

EMC2 Level 8 Dec 9, 2018

The minimum possible within reasonable margin to stay rested and happy. We well sleep more than plenty when we die.


Getting an afternoon nap is one of the best things about being retired.


I "suffer" from hypersomnolence on many weekends.


I have been awake and sometimes aware too much. I need down time so I do not suffer computational overload. I love being in the world, but sometimes it becomes too.much. a good long nap does the trick.


I can honestly answer that I have had impossible sleep habits longer than I can rember. The latest pattern is to to sleep around 11:00 pm wake up around 2:00 am


I wish that I had that problem. I get naps 3-5 hr be up for 8 do it again ?


Still gonna sleep when I want to....


Ok. I sleep way too much. My house is cold. My bed is warm. I read books, snuggle with the cats, eat fruit, and yes, sleep. But my dogs get me out of bed 2-3x a night and some times I have to read before I get back to sleep. I have a more than full time job, so all in all I might be sleeping 8-10 hours in total, but its like three 3 hour naps. My heart has tried to quit before, so I would hate to do anything to screw it up inadvertently.

Get a doggie door, I have one now and am on my third dog. It is a wonderful thing. At night I hear the flap as she goes our to pee and sniff around. Never do I have to let her out. I do have land though.


Just tried tylenol pm for a couple of nights.. seems to help....

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