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How do you deal with disappointment in life?

EmeraldJewel 7 Feb 20

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Disappointment is a part of life, I pick myself up, dust myself off, and learn from them. I also try not to have expectations, there's where disappointments are born.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 20, 2018

Low expectations!

That was exactly what I was thinking.


I use low expectation too , Though I was slow to catch myself on' but just when I think I have got as low as I could possible get someone produces 'even lower' out of the magic hat


Wipe my tears, take my thumb out of my mouth, spank my own arse and move along. Onwards and upwards. Or something similar 😉

Sacha Level 7 Feb 20, 2018

I know this is so off topic, but is Arse a common thing to say in New Zealand? If so is it said in anger?

@Vaughn Arse/ass I don't know how to spell it in American lol. Not said out of anger, you have a sexy ass. Unless you say you are an asshole lol.

@Sacha you spelt Arse correctly..

@Sacha I just assumed that arse was one of those things that people didn't say except in movies.

Lol I like your personality. This is a good way to be. Tough love is the key.

@Vaughn I live in CT in the US and I say arse? lol I'm older though. It's the politer form. "Move your arse!" - see? 😉

@RavenCT well in MO it is mostly used in an ironic way.

I had a friend from England that would say "naughty" unironically in a thick assent, it was the highlight of my day when she was mad at someone, I love accents and local colloquialisms, expect from where I live, double standard I know but still.

@Vaughn All my family apart from me are cockneys I was born in the South of London nowhere near Bow bellsMy family were really hard to understand by outsiders not just the rhyming slang but just the accent. My Mother asked my brother to cut 'the edge' and he took the shears out but came back after puzzling a while and asked -"Did you mean the Edge or the Hedge?"


Expectation is the core of disappointment. Public Enemy put it well when they advised us not to believe the hype.


Just keep swimming!


Same way I deal with everything else, drink.......heavily.

You and I would get along lmfao!!! I need a shot of Sex On The Beach right about now!!!


Be happy for what I DO have, and move on with living.


denial :^)


Try to learn from them and move on. 🙂

Betty Level 8 Feb 20, 2018

Deal with them as necessary and move on.


Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again I guess.

Leon Level 5 Feb 20, 2018

try and see them as having a silver lining
Breath deep and move on


I deal with disappointment alot better as an older person than I did as a younger person. I don't expect too much from people anymore, and I know that outcomes can be random in any situation.
Also, I focus on solutions, instead of the problem. "Yep, this disappointment sucks, so how do we navigate through it?"


Move on!


Try and keep smileing and think , if it is an ending that it is also a new beginning.


I am quite good at crying and think it really helps me stay sane when bad stuff is happening or it just isn't my turn for something good to come along. I can sort of cry to order and the aftermath is comforting. I think hormones might get released or something like that, that helps. also am up for taking a nap my partner lives upstairs to me and I ask him to wake me by knocking on the ceiling when its a certain time.


I avoid it. The easiest way to do it, is to manage expectations, or better to have no expectations.


Try to learn something from it if I can. That makes it easier for me to go forward with more confidence that either it is less likely to happen agai, or that I'll be better prepared if there is a next time.


I don't know it has been disappointing trying to deal with it

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 20, 2018

I roll with it. Disappointment only seems possible with anticipation, or expecting things in advance, to go a certain way.
I found if I simply leave my mind open, and don't fill in the unknown , life goes far easier.

For example : everything cycles. Homes, vehicles, relationships, jobs, our bodies, weather, all aspects of life. They hum along fine - sometimes for so long we take them for granted - until such a time as they don't. Maintaining, and being as prepared as possible for the inevitable, also makes life easier.

Expect the unexpected , and know that all sorts of things can change in mid-flight - whether you want them to, or not ! Eh !


No at all easily..though it depends on who/ what it is a huge disappointment for me..and I don't react well to it at All..actually happened this can truly suck..


I guess that would depend on what disappointment it is ?


I examine the pieces and look for what I can use, and firmly make a decision to do better next time, or change direction to a more positive place. It is all about seeking the positive, for me. If I didn't look for the good I would spiral downward focusing on the bad.


I turn it into sadness or frustration then occasionally deeper frustration.
Disappointment is people related with me, either disappointment in myself or others. Perhaps from unrealistic expectations on my part. These days my disappointments are very minor, I have sadness in my life, friends, rellies, pets that are dying so disappointment is not a major concern.


I try to look at it objectively. Could I have avoided the problem if I'd done things differently, or is there something I can do now to make sure it doesn't happen again?

Do I need to make some changes, such as defriending or blocking someone, moving on from a relationship, changing jobs, changing website hang outs, etc.?
If it's not worth the effort, I just go for a walk, or watch Netflix.


I get over disappointment in a snap. I don't take things to heart. I don't carry a grudge. I start each day like it is a clean slate with new opportunities, yesterday is gone. Grief is the only disappointment that I have a hard time dealing with. When people I love die. That always take a toll on me. It is the source of my depression.

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