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Weed yes or no?

Should weed be legalized throughout the nation?

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chelseachills 3 Feb 8

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It should have always been legal!

As long as its kept in moderation and away from people who are allergic to it.

They had to figure out how to make money on it first.

@MissKathleen that has been known all along. It was outlawed in the U.S. because of bigotry and misconceptions. It was thought to be more heavily used by Mexican farm laborers. It was, but not to the extent propagandized.

@Beowulfsfriend I never cared one way or the other and pay little attention to their lies. My generation was a liberal user...and I am pretty sure it has not changed over the years, based on my knowledge of who my age is still smoking it.


Not for me, but all y’all go ahead.


Due to meds I can’t smoke weed.
But it must be legalized and those jailed for it need to be freed and records cleared.


Yes because it would probably help with pain and keep some people off opioids. It would also mean we could get tax money and guaranteed quality of product while cutting down on drug cartel profits. Interesting. Point is I have never had any desire to use it. I did try it for the first time at the age of 72 in Amsterdam. I was not impressed especially since it made me cough for 2 days.

why would you lie and admit it? even if an interesting lie??

@JeffMesser lack of edit a voice text again. Please reread after I edit.

@JeffMesser thanks for alerting me to my error.

@Lorajay I knew what you meant. just giving you a hard time! namaste


of course yes. BUT ... a resounding NO for kids. as long as your brain is developing as a juvenile it's not a good idea.


It's legal nationwide in my country. Not that I use it or plan to use it.

Another reason to envy Canadians.

@Sydland Since I don't use it, it's pretty irrelevant to me. There are lots of rules and regulations regarding pot use so now more people are caught doing something against regulations because pot use is more common and out in the open. It's just a way for the government to make a profit.

@graceylou Well that’s not good.

@graceylou You mean it isn't just like alcohol use?

Because that's lousy. Here in the US in the legal states - that's pretty much how it is.
Now in the non-legal states? It's still crazy.

@RavenCT The regulations are determined by each province and each municipality. They get pretty confusing because they are not the same from city to city, town to town, province to province. You're responsible to find out what the exact regulations are where you are at and where you're going. It will normalize eventually but at the moment the public is a little confused.

@graceylou Aha. Much like here then. You can leave here go to Massachusetts and buy weed legally - but if Connecticut wants to they could search cars coming back in for weed. (So far - no - and not in Rhode Island either).

Right now most neighboring states are looking to legalize it themselves to get the income. So they don't want to look like idiots in the meantime. So only large drug busts. (Of illegal trafficking).

We're medically legal in CT already they just need to build more grows and dispensaries and we'll be set to join everyone else.

@RavenCT Except weed is legal nationwide in Canada. There are regulations that are nationwide also like no using weed and driving. But whether you can smoke in public areas or not, how far you have to be from a doorway to a store/restaurant, etc., all that is established by each province/municipality. For example, in Edmonton you can smoke in a public place but you have to be I think 10 m away from buildings' doors and windows (which might put you in the middle of the road). In my local town (40 minutes drive away), no public pot smoking is allowed at all.

@graceylou Yup that won't confuse folks at all.

Laws that are bizarre like that? Not good. They mess with people trying to be lawful and with law enforcement.

@graceylou I can understand how the laws regarding it could be very confusing. For instance, I asked my boss what would happen if we tested positive for marijuana during a routine drug test if it was legal. He told me it was the company policy that we would still be terminated from our jobs. Legally that may be dicey, but you are working under the influence of a drug. Marijuana stays in the system for much longer, so even if it were to become legal there's a lot of Kinks that have to be worked out.


Yes please.


It should be legal everywhere, like bindweed, mushrooms and lettuce.


I guess you aswered your own question... In the 5K+ years we have been smoking cannibis, not one death.


Of course it should be legal. Across the
board, 18 and over. No other restrictions. Just like alcohol and tobacco.


At least for medicinal purposes.

Indicas for pains and ailments of many kinds and they're just beginning to understand the therapeutic benefits of sativas.


Did you really need to ask this group?????? LOL


Not surprising with my RN background and fellow MDs around had observed
the positive uses with cancer for pain control over morphine, anxiety, depression,
seizures, AIDs patients..... I don't care if people it for recreational uses .... but rather
see them uses MJ in a difference form (smoking = cancer like cigarettes...on the other hand
if you are terminally ill...who cares if you smoke it and alcohol worse).


With appropriate restrictions on where you are allowed to smoke it. I find the smell to be almost as unpleasant as the smell of cigarettes.


Yes, I think it should be legal. I like to try it, due to it's not legal in my state yet. I haven't. It might be as helpful as meditation.


Canada is the first large nation to legalize it. It will serve as an example for what can go wrong and right in the way of testing and governance.
I’ve never tried it but the literature and studies are clear on the medical properties and benefits over opiates.
It’s effects on the developing brain are also known, minors should be kept away except under medical supervision.


Of course. We have had thousands and thousands of years of testing.


No absolutely not .it's illegal here and I'm drug tested on a rotating basis constantly at work


I'm from Canada. Weed is 100% legal here.


Yes but with some caveats


Weed: it's no longer just for pot-heads.

It's honestly the only thing that helps me sleep at night I wish it was legalized here


I don't smoke but who am I to deny people who like to smoke it? Alcohol is just as bad. I'm having a beer now...

Alcohol is much, much worse. It is like comparing a BB gun to a shotgun.


I use a special plant called Cannatonic which is a medical variety. It helps control both pain and anxiety from my PTSD. Bets all hell out of the crap they want to give me at the VA which often doesn't work...


I voted for it in Michigan last fall. I do not use it and don't like the smell of it. I know it helps people deal with pain,


Bill to legalize weed introduced U.S. Congress is numbered 420 - Story | WJBK

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