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Have you been successful in dating using this app/website?

There seems to be a very limited number of people in my area on here...

k8bobate 3 Feb 25

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I have not had a date from this website. However, I may have met my soulmates. There are many on this site, all genders. I'm loving it!

@IndySent yup, 99% postive experiences thus far!


Not yet, but... How you doing? 🙂

JeffB Level 6 Feb 25, 2018

LOL, when I read that I heard Joey's voice from Friends. I've been watching Friends on Netflix.


I have no illusions that I will meet anyone here. However, I am free and available but I am reasonably certain it is NOT for the same things you are looking for. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Nope. Then again I haven't been successful using any others either. The company here is much better though. 🙂



I have encountered a few sound-minded people I would like to meet but as I live, roughly in the middle of nowhere USA, I am not optimistic about experiencing a physical encounter so I strictly respond to posts and discussions and pursue no positive attempts to establish a personal relationship.


I came mostly for the conversation, after joining an MK (missionary kid) forum and constantly getting blasted by condemnation Scriptures every time I mentioned the LGBTQ community or anything scientific. I stopped going there after a friend gave me a link to, but today I went back there and waded into a tribute for Billy Graham by bringing up his intolerance, and son's association with Trump. Then I went on to blast Christianity in general, so we'll see what happens.


Not yet but have only been here a couple of weeks. The few that I chat to, if closer, may have lead to a coffee but I wouldn't be so presumptuous to say a date. I have found three very close by but they're not active, at least not this year so opportunities, thus far, are a bit slim.


I've met a ton if cool people. No dates yet. But a bunch of new friends from all over.


Not yet, but remaining hopefully!


Not so far


Nope! Not trying to date right now.


I can find dates outside my computer... here I am a Virgin and it does pleases me. I am here for other things but I won't turn down a lady... it is not in my nature. But I am losing friends faster I can make new ones. If that answer your question... but I truthfully hope a "group" from this site meet up at "Burning Man 2018". It is my hope even if just for dancing in the dark. This place could be the spark... it is up to us. We can produce enough Honest Heat to burn the desert down.

"Turn down a lady?" That seems to imply you are waiting for some masculine, aggressive woman to chase after YOU, a male!
I think I see the problem.

@birdingnut you missed the point. But is okay. Nothing to argue about. I will let you know when you fit my profile. At this moment you do not regardless of how masculine of a lady you claim to be. My Lady... My Choice... My Way.... brought me here so far without your help or assistance.

@Troy Which happen to be true, LOL! Chasing a normal, cis man is quickest way to make him take to his heels, since it signals his subconscious that the female has strong male traits, and will likely not be as interested in giving up her career, figure, and time, to reproducing him.

I'm only a partial transmale, but I used to be strongly gender fluid, swinging back and forth between female and male perspectives.
Back then, if a woman came on strong to me, even if I was attracted to her before, I suddenly wanted to get away.

One woman came to my door, asking to borrow something, wearing a negligee and making eyes at me, and I never hung with her again. But when a woman acted coy, smiled, allowing me to do the courting, I was even more attracted to her.

@Troy be careful, that is not a lady.

@GipsyOfNewSpain ?? I'm a partial transmale and the women were real women, allegedly straight. What's your point?

@birdingnut I have no point... I have no definition either for "partial transmale" whatever that is... it is you. Not My Type Of Lady... so stop it. What part of "NO" you don't understand... go troll and stalk somebody else. I will continue to "CHILL" here.

@Troy Exactly Brother. What I put out... was not for that person. I think I was Clear all along about my Preference of Humans to Mate with. So I Blocked the "partial transmale".


Generally I have been successful in connecting with people on dating apps and sites, but I've had an issue with people ghosting me after a while. I've yet to determine why, but I don't think it's due to faulty conversational skills on my part.


Enjoying the community a LOT.

Have one person I am chatting with offline, but realized how far away she was at the wrong moment (seems to happen too often with online dating).

Can't claim any dates, yet.


Not yet, but I'm patient.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 26, 2018

Dating and me are oil and boiling water. It doesn't matter the site. 🙂


Opportunity yes, success not so much.


No. There aren't a lot of people with pics in my area.


I'm learning a lot from all the different points of view. There's a lot of intelligent may I say wise input.when I do find someone to date I'll be better prepared for that than when I got here.


Subtract "using this app/website" and the answer's still the same. Nope 😟 .


Not that many eligible ladies in my area for some reason. But of the one I met, we had great times...

I was the coolest. lol

@SonderOpia showoff lol


I haven't been looking to date. Just someone to talk to. My wings are broken... I will fly someday soon though. I believe in myself. I am near you... JS.


Hey neighbor, I'm nearby 🙂


I've gone on dates with four people on here. They were fine dates, but no long term relationships from the dates.

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