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Do you bring lunch to work or eat out?

I brought lunch when I was raising kids, but later I started to eat out. It cost me about 40$ per week to eat out. I went back to bringing my lunch especially with the invention of the micro wave.

Leutrelle 7 Mar 4

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I consume only coffee at work. Generally around six gallons a day. I'd cut down but they won't let me drink wine.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 4, 2018

I live close enough to work I can come home. I don't always actually eat lunch but I appreciate the 30 minutes of silence at home.

You are so lucky and so wise.

You are a smart galπŸ™‚

Nice!! Except when I go out to lunch with a friend, I almost always eat in my car for that exact reason -- to be alone. I cannot relate to the people who eat in the lunch room every day -- or ever.


Always bring my own, bit of a wierd eater me - cup of tea when I arrive at work , then between
8 and 12 I'll eat a couple of carrots and a beetroot, at twelve I'll drink lemon and ginger and have a roll, betwwen 1 and 4 probably an apple, banana, pear or orange at 4 I'll have another tea

That sounds like "healthy" rather than "weird"!

@Jnei ah, that's probably because they don't quite get it at work - and i like the way you pointed out my usual error i and e - thanks


It does sound healthy -- and I would positively, without a doubt, faint from low blood sugar and die of starvation.

Between 7 and 11 most days, I've had a half slice of peanut butter toast, oatmeal with raisins, 6 almonds, 3 prunes, and a piece of fruit. Today was a Sumo mandarin. (Short season -- get them while you can. You'll be glad for it!)

@BlueWave no, you see if i had the oatmeal i wouldn't want the toast - How do you have tour oatmeal?

@wotsthat tour oatmeal?

@BlueWave sorry i'm from the UK of a Scottish ma and an Irish da - prey tell What is "Tour Oatmeal"

@wotsthat LOL!!! Exactly what I was wondering! I think I figured it out, however. I think what you meant to write was how do you have YOUR oatmeal? Is that what you meant to write?

@BlueWave Ah yes, Tis true - i see where i went wrong now , it's all begin ing to make sense, there you have it - it is as you say yours - your oatmeal - how do you have your oatmeal? - see i really can put separate words together and make a complete sentence

@wotsthat LOL! It's low sugar Quaker instant, and I add raisins.


I usually make a casserole on weekend and take it to work during the week. I like to eat cheap and healty. During the summers I make a salad, lots of fresh tomatoes right out of my garden. I

A casserole for a whole week? That would be tough for meπŸ™‚

@Leutrelle I divide the casserole up to single servings and then freeze them. I usually have three or 4 different casseroles going at a time. So I'm never sure which one is going to be lunch which day. Lunch can be an adventure.

@HippieChick58 Now that is using your brainπŸ™‚

@HippieChick58 I do that, too. My main goal is to stay away from sandwiches (only because of the calorie density of bread). I have individual servings in the freezer right now of my curry chicken, chili Colorado, 7-bean chili and bbq pork ribs. I try to keep salad stuff at work too. We have a toaster oven, so I can bring a chicken breast and bake it before lunch to add to my salad.

@BlueWave That sounds delish! Yes, I avoid the bread, but I also tend to stay away from meat, at least most of the time. I am not a militant vegetarian, I just choose less, it's cheaper. I also want quick to reheat. I do eat some meat, when my kids come to dinner I cook something with meat. The will be here for dinner on March 15th, and we're having corned beef and cabbage. That will be some yummy leftovers!

@HippieChick58 You are right about that! I picked one up at Costco a couple weeks ago too. In the freezer. Don't know when I'll make it.


I always brought lunch more than I ever ate out. I couldn't justify the expense.
I'd rather have a tuna sandwich, that I made myself, than pay $8-10 to eat out.

I would rather eat my peanut butter and banana sandwich than spend that kind of money:


I carried my lunch all through school and my working life . I don't think people realize how much of their future is going down the tubes in lunch money . Makes a BIG difference .


The major item on my Visa every month is eating out...I am retired, live alone, and meeting for lunch or dinner is a social thing Plus sick of cooking for almost 50 years! . Any time I feel strapped, I just cut back and eat at home.

Don't blame youπŸ™‚


I precook lots of lunches and freeze then, then run home for lunch.

Zster Level 8 Mar 4, 2018

It's my hunch that you are very organized.

Not really, but I like to eat healthy and cheap. (;


I pack lunch because 1) I work downtown & its awfully expensive to eat out & 2) I have some food sensitivity/allergies so it's safer to bring from home.

So smartπŸ™‚


Eating out, due to working on the road.

MrOhm Level 4 Mar 4, 2018

Choose wisely my friendπŸ˜‰


It depends. If I’m home, I usually bring my lunch. Every once in a while I’ll go out with coworkers. If I’m living out of a hotel, well I’m forced to eat out.

CS60 Level 7 Mar 4, 2018

I eat out every meal. It's my only option. It's hard to believe I'm not big as a house. I can eat salad or pizza, no difference it's expensive but I do get to try a lot of different things so I'm not complaining


I pack lunch, saves a fortune also helps keep me in better shape.

I am pleased with how many pack their own lunchπŸ™‚


A lot of ready-made lunch stuff is surprisingly unhealthy too. I used to often buy a falafel and salad wrap from the supermarket, then realised it had almost 50% of the recommended daily allowance of fat.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 4, 2018

I usually bring a lunch. If I don't feel like putting something together, I can eat in the cafeteria at the school I work at. It is pretty reasonable. The teachers only have to pay $1.50 for lunch. There's usually a good variety of food to choose from.


I generally only eat once per day, and usually after 10pm...I will pick at things during the day, but there is only one actual meal. I live alone, so this is just the habit my schedule has dropped me into over the years....


I solved that issue! I don’t eat at work at all! Saves that after meal coma state from taking over me. πŸ™‚


I bring my lunch when I can


Eat at home 2 work days and take lunch 2 days. The days at home I have a 2.5 and 3 hour break in the middle of the day. The days I eat at work I only have my 1 hour lunch break.


Go out and grab a sandwich or a pasta salad from a shop. If I'm feeling lazy, a couple of Mayo Chicken Sandwiches off the McDonalds drive-thru saver menu (99p each.)

I typically spend around Β£2 per day on my lunches when I'm in the office. That doesn't include drinks (I normally have plenty of those in the car.)

What is ?2 $? And how much is that in USA dollars?

About $2.80 (including taxes) at current exchange rates.


I do both. When I was a double income, I ate out more often. Now that I'm not, I try to limit it to one day per week.

I try to save my money for my Harley trips. A beer and a sandwich tastes really good after a few hours on the road.


I tend to bring lunch. Vendors show up at lunch time, and I occasionally buy their offerings, but it's infrequent.


I don't eat lunch at work or at home.

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