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Are snakes with apples always up to no good?

TamNov 4 Mar 6

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A fruit eating snake, think it would choose a banana would be easier to ingest.


Only if he was acting like an asp.


It depends if they are on a plane or not

LOL. I knew that was coming from some one.


Snakes with fruit are's the snakes with WEAPONS you've gotta worry about! πŸ˜‰

Some snakes are weapons!

True that!


id be fucking rich with a talking snake

Would you? Do you remember the old "Mr Ed" TV show, or the WB cartoon "One Froggy Evening?"

The rule with talking/singing animals is this: once you bring someone else in, they clam up. As soon as the other person leaves, they won't shut up.

well that's the rub lol


Almost as bad as clowns with toupees.

godef Level 7 Mar 6, 2018

I love snakes and fruit is tasty.


Apples are great, snakes...I don't trust em! Especially if they have hands!


I dunno, I'll roast them together and see what they taste like with vegies and gravey.

I have not eaten snakes, but have eaten snakes eggs. not deliberately, and with mandarins not apples. Think 14 year old city boy on a survival trek in the mountains knowing little more than the very basics.


As evidenced by some fairy tales, apples are dangerous, especially when wielded by witches. A snake with an apple? That, my friends is a recipe for disaster! yawn


How can a snake have an apple? He don't have any arms?

JK666 Level 7 Mar 6, 2018

Carn't really blame a snake for trying to eat healthy ya know. Its the talking snakes that freak me the fuk out.


Only the talking snakes with apples are up to no good, the non talking snakes are ok....


Oddly enough, snakes are hypercarnivores. Chances of them eating apples are pretty small. The only thing that they’d do with an apple is slither by it.


Actually, this is another one of those fairy tales designed to make you buy somehting. Clever design, great propaganda, because you all know it.

It worked how many people do you know that don't eat apples ?

@SimonMorgan1 I doubt that that was the objective.


Actually, the snake was a serpent and the apple may not have been an appleI at all. I am not sure of all the differences between snakes and serpents. However, the serpent in the story talked and associated with the human. I consider both of these behaviors very un-snake like. The fruit is only described as forbidden, the actual kind of fruit is not mentioned. This is a good example of aI myth taking on its own mythological character. In any event, it seems very short sighted of a supposedly all knowing deity to place the tree in that garden and allow the fruit to grow within such easy reach. It's not the only misstep for this mischievous spirit, butI certainly a pace setter for this bumbling nabob


  1. literary
    a large snake.
  2. a sly or treacherous person, especially one who exploits a position of trust in order to betray it.

I think the first definition is the only one to consider, since the earth's population was 2, right? πŸ˜€

@JimG Right. I think that the second definition is another artifact of the Eden Eve Ejection bit.


If the snake works for a fruit company then there shouldn't be any problems.


You gotta commend the fruit company for hiring the differently abled!


I suppose so. but I ain't asking 'em.

Snakes usually stay out of my yard. If I see one I follow it and say "I know you can talk and you are not fooling me." For some reason they slither off as quickly as possible and they don't say a word.


The metaphor is fairly clear. But most snakes are harmless.

If you consider that there are about 3,000 species of snakes in the world, only about 375 species are actually dangerous to humans. Then there are snakes like Garter Snakes. They like to hang out in your garden and tend to eat small reptiles, insects and earthworms.

@ErichZannIII My guess is most of the 375 live in Australia. I think the talking snakes there also have poison apples @ Hellbent

@ErichZannIII Here in Arizona, the best snakes to have are California Kings and Gopher snakes. If you have a California King snake in your yard, the chance of having a Rattlesnake is slim to none. I've had the California Kings come in my back slider twice. It does freak me out if they are in the house. I scream and cry and get up on a table. I'm careful about the slider now. Our local firemen love coming over to remove snakes from the homes of people who let those snakes slither in.

@mefinder47 Can't snakes climb the legs of a table pretty easily?

@ErichZannIII I hadn't thought of that.

Sorry to scare you. But most snakes are pretty harmless to humans. I don't know anything about these California Kings, though.

@Hellbent did it speak in tongues?

@Hellbent I had heard of the eastern brown snake and just went with the assumption that everything else in Australia just wants to kill you. I know its not AUStralian but the Gaboon Viper has always impressed me since I saw a picture of it at an early age.

@Hellbent that tiger snake was kinda hot

@Hellbent I noticed they mentioned a lot of variation with most of them. Not fair


Most snakes are ok. I make it a rule not to mess with the ones who talk though.


Only snakes that intice women to eat apples seem to be a problem.


Some postulate the apple is a metaphor for knowlege. And in religion knowledge is evil because it forces the bearer of it to think for themselves and not be subjugated. The snake tempts with knowledge. I think the snake is a teacher who offers a different view when learning is taboo. In some places learning is still believed to be evil, when in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Gohan Level 7 Mar 6, 2018

If a snake started talking to me, the last thing on my mind would be apples.



Stuffed with apple or on the side?

@EricTrommater stuffed of course..


Evangelicals get upset when you call the snake a snake. Since it had legs (later to be lost) they call it a "serpent." (Some people even call a snake a serpent.)Then they get into this rant about how a serpent is NOT a snake and they go on talking about this as though it was an actual event. Well, it has to be an actual event because if it was not there would be no reason for salvation from anything at all and no reason for Jesus. No reason for this Jesus to be killed except that all this nonsense when put together explains it in a dramatic way. Blood, guts, and remission. Set this aside and you have a man with an earthly genealogy whom a few thought might be the long prophesied leader and earthly Messiah. Sorry. If that was so, then you killed him.


Don't know never met one, although when I stop to think about it I have never met a herbivourous or even an omnovorous one.

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