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LINK Ex-Pope Benedict XVI blames 1960s revolution for sex abuse - BBC News

FTA: The first part presents the "wider social context of the question", lamenting the 1960s as a time when "previously normative standards regarding sexuality collapsed entirely".

He blames sexual films, images of nudity and "the clothing of that time" leading to "mental collapse" and "violence".

At the time of the sexual revolution, "Catholic moral theology suffered a collapse that rendered the Church defenseless against these changes in society", he said.

The sexual revolution led to pedophilia being "diagnosed as allowed and appropriate".

zblaze 7 Apr 15

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Oh yes. Sure. What a wonderful, manipulative scumbag!

zesty Level 7 Apr 15, 2019

As if sexual abuse didn't exist before the 60's....


Guess he "didn't know " the abuses were taking place LONG before the 60s.

My thoughts also.

Would say since the beginning? What was that, 2pm on the 8th day?


Always looking for excuses. In 2015 Cardinal Raymond Burke blamed it on feminism.


A lot easier to blame than to take responsibility...blathering idiot...


Typical of all "conservatives" from the Pope to Roseanne Barr. They are great at passing judgment and telling others about personal responsibility and how they must be accountable for their own choices. Until they are called out about their own behavior and then it is always someone else's fault.

As pope Benedict/Ratzinger did do one good thing. He stepped down.


This practice goes back a lot farther than the 1960's. Notice that the church hasn't done anything about this except to give it lip service.


He is an idiot. That crap has been going on for Centuries, and he knows it.


Why not demand castration as one of the conditions of becoming a priest?

Peace will not reign on this earth until the last King, is strangled with the intestines of the last Priest.

I think they should be allowed to have a normal sex life.

I think the celibacy requirement attracts people who already know they may have a problem.

@BufftonBeotch Celibacy, castration - all the same unnatural conditions that have more to do with obidience than anything else.

Not possible as it states somewhere in the bible. "A man without testicles or member cannot enter the kingdom of heaven". Sort of a "clockwork orange" kind of thing.

@273kelvin Oh goodness, I missed that.


Doesn't matter whether you win or lose whether you're right or wrong it's how you place the blame 😜


Question ; Whats more powerful, "sexual films, images of nudity and "the clothing of that time" leading to "mental collapse" and "violence"" or god?
If the later then why the fuck didnt Mr big sky whisper "Stop it you little pervert" in their shell like?


I have a strong suspicion that the reason that he resigned was because there were sex abuse allegations in his past that were covered up by the Catholic church. Just my opinion. He is full of it.


What a cop out for a dude who claimed to be infallible in matters pertaining to religion until a few years ago. Exit Satan. Enter The Sexual Revolution. Who needs religion?


Another statement that insults our intelligence and highlights their lack of it.


Right cause little kids weren't clothed head to foot just as much as ever. Fuck that noise.


I thought the Catholic Church was the embodiment of Christ. Fucks the theology a little I would suggest!


I was very much a participant in the 60's "revolution. However I never even thought of sexual violence, no less did it.


Really so those priest were so influenced by the 60 sexual revolution, what a lot of rubbish.


Poor, poor baby. It must be hard to have all your power taken away from you and being so helpless the only satisfaction you get out of life is to molest children. Quit blaming others or the times for things you were supposed to control. This sexual abuse has been going on for ages and maybe present revelations going back to the 60's is because of documentations going back that far.

My question is that did he really retire or was RATzinger pushed out because he was so useless.


He Gave Up his throne.... He Needs to Shut The Fuck Up!!!!!!!

He needs to shuck the fuck up whether he gave up his throne or not.


I read that over the week-end...insanity has certainly taken center stage in this day and age! He must be into senility, why report such mutterings of people over the hill! I sure wouldn’t want anyone to report my ignorant ideas at the end of my life!

In my lifetime he is the only one to quit his job. All others regardless of senility or anything else died with the boots on.

@GipsyOfNewSpain that is true in my lifetime as well! We must consider the source...the problem is that far too many people think his musings, are coming straight from god!

@Freedompath Word.


Abuse that went on for centuries.

The 60's started to wake people up that they had a right to not being molested, violated and raped by the powerful.

People started speaking up.

I think maybe that is what he meant?

Nope, I don't think that is what he meant.

I don't get how he can dismiss centuries of child molestation, rape of all types, and general assholery. How can he think people will focus on a decade when his institution has been wipping out inappropriately since 33 CE.




I think it predates the 60s even if that was a problem. But .. how does that exactly excuse your lack of action ? Why did the church cover up these actions and enable them to continue ?


I can only assume he has never been taught any history. Popes and the upper heirarchy of the catholic church were noted for sexual liaisons, including incest along with a predilection for torture - sexual and pire pain.... long bfore our recent incursions into sexual and psychological abuse of children.
As to sexual activity and deviancy across society - he should read a little more social history. Every century has its stories.


I wonder who he thinks - other than his clergy - decided that sex with non-consenting people became ‘allowed and appropriate’? I think it was a section of his clergy and the rest of the paedophile community. I don’t know who else would have agreed with that.

It’s a very strange admission. And his proposed causal relationship is also odd and I suggest unevidenced

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