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Do you feel mentally exhausted by analysis of Robert Mueller's Report?

Already I feel tired of analysis of the Mueller report. Perhaps it's because two years of endless speculation wore my patience thin.

So far, nothing has happened to Trump, Don. Jr., Ivanka or Kushner. I'm horrified and sick of Trump's endless cruelty, stupidity and lies.

Where did my resilience go? Come on, 2020 elections!

What's next for the 14 other investigations into Trump? My hope is Trump is convicted of obstruction of justice, tax evasion and other criminal actions.

From and HuffPost:

The Mueller Report is an Irrefutable Case of Obstruction of Justice

Attempted Obstruction of Justice is Still a Crime

Analysis paralysis.

Your thoughts?

LiterateHiker 9 Apr 19

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"No obstruction" heh, yeah right, no obstruction only because of numerous aides and officials who refused to do what Trump wanted. He's like a chimp playing with matches in the middle of a fuel dump.


I'm sick of it too. I was a child when Nixon went down and I didn't seem like it took this long, although I'm given to understand it actually took longer. And even then it had the help of a smoking gun (the tapes).

Mueller, it must be remembered, is a Republican -- an old-fashioned law-and-order Republican, but a Republican just the same. That he chose to take such a narrow view of the scope of his investigation, or to not push back against the silly Justice Department policy that a sitting President must never be indicted, that he never tried very hard to get Trump to sit for an interview or make an issue of his refusal, that (to our knowledge at least) he did not take down the Trump children and in-laws -- all of these things baffle me and appear to baffle the most expert commentators I've been able to find.

Maybe it will turn out that he was so stymied by forces in the Trump administration that it would have been a waste of time to go further, but punting to our dysfunctional Congress for impeachment strikes me as very uncomforting indeed. I don't think they have any stomach for the needed fight, and if they dither much longer the proximity to the election will become problematic politically.

The thing they don't seem to get is that this is, compared even to Watergate, a five-alarm fire. Our house is burning down, and people are sitting around waiting for the wind to blow the right way -- or just living in total denial.

So yeah, increasingly I tune it out. It's a bigger problem than me. And we kind of deserve it, with our abysmal voter turnouts and rampant gerrymandering and corruption and devotion to bullshit and so on.

I was 8 months old when Nixon resigned. Over the years, I often wondered what it would have been like to be aware of those years. Now I wish I didn't know what the Trump years were like.


No. Im amazed by the brilliance of Mueller's work. Trump is headed to jail in 2021.


Something I find bizarre... Do we remember when the anonymous op-ed came out in the NY Times that said there were people around Trump that were acting as a check on his worst impulses, and that they had things in control, didn't do what he said until he forgot about it, yada yada yada? And the main reaction was that that was a good thing, but NOT the way a democracy is supposed to work. The president was elected to lead, not be handled by people with better judgment because his happens to be absolutely terrible.

Now that it is revealed that Trump has been saved from himself by such people dozens of times...everyone seems to be relieved. And I guess I'm relieve too, but...

This isn't how this is supposed to work. We either impeach him because he's incompetent, or we let him do his incompetent/illegal/immoral shit until he's impeached. But we're not supposed to have a group of unelected people around him continually stopping him from doing stupid shit. Why is no one putting this in that context anymore? If the only thing keeping his train on the tracks is the sheer will of everyone around him, how long until he replaces enough of those people that he finally gets to plainly do more illegal/immoral/stupid/crazy shit? And can we really afford to risk this?


Let’s just hope this moron gets voted out of office in 2020.........


I did at first and then I read and heard a few people that I respect and I feel more hopeful now... this is not finished. And trump is not in a good position at all and Barr make a ‘jackass,’ out of himself! And he apparently had a little respect before he became trump’s lap-dog! So I am more hopeful than I was at the beginning!

Yeah me too.


Obstruction of justice was what took Nixon down. The difference is, there are no decent republicans that will stand up and go against Trump.

If Republicans in congress begin to feel they will definitely lose with Trump on the ticket, and have a very good chance with someone else...they will turn on him in a hot minute.

Mueller testimony might do that. Or it might not. Depending on how the next few weeks go, impeachment may turn out to be a real possibility. (And given his volatility, who knows what crazy thing he may do next that may be a bridge too far even for Republicans.)

I may be wrong, but in the senate I think Republican seats are fairly secure due to the way they have gerrymandered their districts. Trump has been a useful idiot to the obscenely wealthy, and now that they own the Supreme Court, the presidency is far less important.


Yes. and I think many of us are just burned out from all the outrage and chaos of this administration and the constant negative news. I worked my tail off campaigning for McGovern in 1972 because I paid attention to politics then and still do. I wanted a truly good man in the White House and believed he would do great things for our Country. When Nixon won again I was crushed. When he was impeached I had hope we would be OK. The past 50 years our politicians have gotten worse and worse leading us to a man like trump. Seeing what he has gotten away with tells me we Americans are closer than ever to losing our Democratic Republic. I am frightened about where we are heading as a Country, but know I can't stop trying to do whatever I can to work for and help elect better people to represent us. Time will tell how it all turns out.


I'm sick of all of it.


This country is losing its democracy more and more as long as this con man continues to inhabit the White House. But then again, it's been on a losing slope for a long time now. 2020 seems too far off for me, even though it's only next year. I keep hoping that something will tear this POS down, but so far, nothing. What's it going to take? It seems there is nothing that can be done because we have a bunch of craven Republicans who won't stand up and do their jobs. Either they are that scared shitless of him, or they also have been compromised in some way.


Very tiring


To be honest, I've been avoiding the news since yesterday.
Just been watching movies and keeping track of the weather.

Once the weather cleared, I was outside, dragging debris out of the yard.

I've heard enough to know I don't want to hear anymore.
I'm done.


I hear you.

Come on, 2020 elections!

@LiterateHiker Honestly, I'm hoping to hit the lottery and move.
I've had it with this fucking sideshow.


Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

@LiterateHiker You're welcome, sweetie.


I just read the report for myself and stopped following the analysis...I am smart enough to form my own opinions and come to my own conclusions without influence or bias...bottomline, he is scum and if anyone I knew acted or did what he did, they would not be in my circle, but of course, I have high is called being a decent human being.


Truth is like water: it eventually seeps through. The truth about is seeping through, slowly but now with momentum. I'm tired of Trump, not tired of seeing him exposed. Wary that he might still get away with it.


I'm tired of inaction concerning the situation.
We didn't need the report, we see the news clips and hear Trump's words ourselves. We read his tweets. There's no one lying about what he says or means. Republican opinion pieces and spin doctors can't suck the venom out of the blatant corruption and incompetence revealed by Trump's own words and actions.
We can't listen to establishment Dems like Nancy Pelosi that want to continue to leave him in office.
We can't be afraid of what will happen when his idiot VP Mike Pence is in office because his hands aren't clean either and when he tries to turn us into a theocracy we have to spank him or potentially remove him when the time comes.

I'm tired of everyone knowing the score and no one lifting a finger to stop the game.

Completely sympathize with your anger. Just don’t let it bring you down. There are things we can control and some things we can’t...

I looked up an article yesterday to try to understand the Trump supporter because I still don't get it. The article said that Trump supporters don't see "corruption" as lying, cheating, self-dealing, etc. They see corruption as the corruption of our society--ie, social change, economic change, immigration, etc. (Moving away from religion and toward gay marriage, away from coal jobs and toward a Green New Deal, moving away from blue collar middle class to an educated middle class, moving away from a white majority toward a much more diverse country.) They don't care about Trump's lying/cheating/stealing as long as he's fighting that OTHER corruption of "our" culture/society. (And the idea of that OTHER corruption feeds perfectly into believing in the Deep State, Obama's a Kenyan, Obama's the antichrist, Hillary had a child sex ring in the basement of a pizza parlor, Qanon, Mexicans are raping/killing our white girls, etc.)

In that context I think I do "get it", and I do think it's 95% deplorable and not sustainable as a political movement, probably not even in 2020. But what I do I know.

(And this makes sense in terms of the hypocrisy also. They continually say "what about so-and-so Democrat" not because that Democrat did something similar to Trump, but because that Democrat already isn't fighting that OTHER corruption and, in their eyes, is in fact aiding it with immigration, support of gays, minorities, atheists, yada yada yada. The only reason they keep saying "what about so-and-so" is because they perceive we value honesty, fair play, equality, etc., NOT because they do.)


To use an old analogy here, Mueller found so much smoke it's amazing the republicans have been able to hide the burning building they're trying to keep him out of....


The House needs an unredacted copy and should get behind Warren’s call for discussion and debate.


Mueller reported that some of Trump’s aides disobeyed his orders intended to further obstruction. This will conflict with his fragile ego. The fact that this is public knowledge will eat at him even more. My spidey sense is saying some interesting twitter rants will be coming.

I cannot wait.


It’s easy to be worn down. I suspect the Dems are considering costs in time and energy for impeachment. If they can tie him up to keep him politically impotent until 2020...perhaps this is their strategy to win. There is also the concern of what happens if he refuses to leave office. There are a lot of nuts out there who might follow his call to arms, what happens then? An overwhelming electoral victory might be a safer way to remove him from office...


I've listened to only a couple Muller Report news stories. I've formed my own opinion, and think Muller believes Trump is guilty, but was sly in the way he wrote the report.

He left it up to Congress to do the charging. But, Schiff, said they would never have had the means to investigate trump to this they will proceed from here! Good news!



He is the symptom of what is wrong with this country and maybe even this species.


I was mentally exhausted long before then.

Carin Level 8 Apr 20, 2019

Let's nip in the bud and impeach him now. I'm tired of all bs he does .


I'm letting Rachel and MSNBC do the analysis. I have my opinions and they have not changed.

The only actually question is how do we get rid of the hopelessly unfit orange thing who now inhabits the White House.


I'm tired of Idiotrump. he must have a lake full of red herrings because any time he feels attacked he throws out a red herring and generally attacks his attacker. Listen to what he is saying (and apparently tweeting - how can you have any respect for a man who tweets for breakfast) about Mueller, Mueller's team, the FBI and fake news. I am not tired of Mueller's report. No one but Idiotrump's people have seen it yet, so I'll wait until decent and diligent people read it and wait for their analysis. Not an AG who pledged allegiance to the president instead of us.

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