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LINK Chinese authorities blow up Christian megachurch with dynamite | The Independent

Three cheers for China . . . . If only we could do this to the hucksters here in the USA.

THHA 7 Apr 29

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I don't agree with that kind of tyranny. Anyone can practice and believe in whatever they want to believe in, as long as they are not forcing anyone to participate. No one can force enlightenment onto another. No one turned me into an atheist. If one does not have the intellectual capacity to process facts and logic, than they can never figure anything out. I don't think churches should be exempt from paying taxes. No one should force any beliefs or non beliefs onto another.

Got to agree and this is going to sound trite I know but this is my reality. I am shit at DIY, and no matter how much i have tried, I just don't get it! I don't have the whatever capacity it is to understand how to do it. I will never be a fixer up'er. And I am reconciled to that, and also I don't want to be. I am happy in my ignorance!


What a hideous building. Insult to architecture would be reason enough to have it demolished.


We could, but it's frowned upon by law enforcement.


I just wish it was sold and the proceeds use to help the poor


This is like my dream come true.


Sadly this is just the sort of thing that the churches love, it is great publicity for them as victims. China may have knocked down a church, but across the world every preacher will now be saying. "You see, this is what happens when you don't attend and put more money in the collecting box." This will help to build a hundred more churches world wide.


Chinese demolishing human rights again. I believe they have Muslims in conc - I mean re-education centres.

@brentan, @irascible That International HR law includes religion as a right was I suspect only included in order to keep the Catholic, Hindu, Muslim and Budhist countries on side.
IMO religions and believing in them is not a human right it is contrary to the right to not be enslaved.

@irascible As in "we are 1 billion citizens undivisible under Communism which is our only right!"

During the Peterson V Zizek debate recently, Zizek surprised me by saying he thought the Chinese government didn't really see itself as communist but more in the sense of the guardian of Buddhism where its job is to keep the people together as a homogenous spiritual entity. If true, so much for atheism as the national default. I must admit I don't know enough about the country or Buddhism to really understand his point.

@brentan I don't think China has ever been Buddhist.Confucianism which used to be quite popular fits quite nicely into communism because it is keen on order and authoriy, but my impression is that most Chinese who go in for 'native' religion are animists and ancestor worshippers, as is also the case in Vietnam.

@CeliaVL It looks like Zizek is correct nonetheless, at least going by Wikipedia:



I believe that Christians are stupid for believing in such fantasy but at the same time they should be free to live and do what they want as long as they are not hurting others. If they want to worship Harry Potter, then go ahead for all I care. Just don't expect me to believe.


Regardless of my feelings on religion, the state should not be allowed to dictate what people think or believe in. Supporting this state action allows for the imposition of further thought control.

@seekingtruth your first question seems rather odd, making it difficult for me to answer. As to the second question, the article was about the state destroying “speech” that the state did not agree with. Regardless of how you or I think about the control religion exerts on an individual or group, it is a freedom issue. Freedom to think, to speak, and to associate.


at least there was no one in it.


Nice effort China BUT now we will all suffer with the Faithfools screaming religious persecution even louder than before.

True! That’s always true with most Christians!


When we were in Viet Nam we noticed a lot of Catholic churches. Under the French rule Christianity was brought in to the country. When the communists took over they allowed to church to stay but under strict control. This might send a message to any other religions trying to take some control over people. The fact it was a mega church says even more. Our Constitution was supposed to allow religion and the government to cohabitate. Now we see clearly where that is headed.

When the US were in Vietnam they backed a Catholic tyrant which was the cause of riots and much unhappiness and persecution of the Buddhists.

@chazwin Originally the US was helping the French. A large part of the problems was the inability of the south to form a stable government. Actually, the problems started after WWI. Ho Chi Minh went to Paris in 1919 to try and get a settlement from the French on his country. His request was not met as the winning countries only wanted to maintain their holdings and punish the Germans. []

@JackPedigo The USA was a victim of its own propaganda. Ho Chi Minh was educated in the USA and was inspired by the American Revolution. When he declared independence from France he fully expected the USA to support his cause against his imperialist oppressors. As a moderate left the USA could have immediately built good relations with Vietnam and other countries that suffered from US aggression. But rather than trading with Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, the US military lobby saw an opportunity to fill their pockets with US tax dollars whilst condemning an entire generation of young American boys to death, dismemberment and psychological trauma.
As soon as American bombs and bullets fell on Vietnam Ho was forced my more extreme elements in his cabinet to pursue independence at great cost.

@chazwin While in Viet Nam I heard a lot of propaganda and stories about the 'American War'. (my sister-in-law is Vietnamese and escaped in 75 after having endured bombing in her home of Saigon). It, like so many other wars is a complicated story and we always seem to go after countries with short-sighted goals. My late partner was Iranian and I continually heard of the US helping to topple the elected shah in the years just after WWII. []
Right now, here in our idyllic part of the country we are battling the Navy over their practices preparing for some nebulous future enemy. []

@JackPedigo about Iran, you have it wrong.The Shah was not elected.He was imposed to replace the elected government that wanted to take back their oil from B British\American Oil. The US and UK conspired to overthrow the left wing elected government. That was in The 1950s. The Shah was a western backed despot. His tyrrany radicalized the people which led to the Islamic revolution in 1978/9. This was another missed opportunity since we could have backed the moderates then, but the US thought that they were too left. There are few places the USA has not interferred with,usually leading from an elected left leaning government in favour of despotism. Chill is another example where, Allende was overthrown and the murdering despot Pinochet became the president with no further elections till he died.

@chazwin The elected shah is the one I was referring to not the western puppet. However, even he was much better than what replaced him, Khomeni. Iran has been the loser since the revolution.

@JackPedigo A Shah is Persian for monarch. Monarchs are not elected.What you might be talking about is the 1953 coup in which president Moseddegh was overthrown by Shah Rezi Pahlavi the unelected leader.

@chazwin This seems to be splitting hairs. No, I did not know that but my late partner and all her family always referred to him as the legitimate Shah.

@JackPedigo Do you call the POTUS King of America? Or the legitimate King.


We live in times where it is dangerous to go outside. Maybe dangerous to do anything. Now it it getting dangerous to go to church. The religious will think it was prophesied in their Buybull.


They should have done it ten years ago.
Imagine what that $2 million would have realistically done for their people who felt obligated to give it to the blood suckers.


I think otherwise. I think that persecution of religion is a Bad Thing. Communists ought to let people have their opium.


It doesn't matter how many religious buildings are blown up. Religious people can meet anywhere, as can political people, insurgent people, idealistic people. During the Reformation Catholics met in secret. That didn't go away. Its a shame that many institutions and ideologies haven't realised that you don't destroy ideas of the mind by blowing things up.


Oh well


They must be wanting to nip that ‘mega-church,’ thing in the bud! How can these mega-churches support the individual member’s needs? That kind of church is mainly there to collect the ‘offerings,’ when people pack into the place! That is how I look at it!


Y’all would cry your eyes out if they did the same thing to a mosque.

That is something to think about! My idea there is, they just go into the mosque to pray. But there may be preaching too...and that may have been where some people were radicalized?

Only idiots who carry water for Saudi Arabia care about the Muslims.

Blowing up Mosques? I'd cheer that too. Indeed, China is reeducating and deprogramming Muslims. Some denounce this but Islam is so utterly without merit. Sadly, the Communist ideology is its own screwball cult relying on Marx's ignorant and simplistic rants. Really, our species has not got a clue.


Dear China, please take over the world. We have done some very bad things with uncontrolled limitless freedom

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