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It beggars belief that these people think they can be taken seriously.

The pity is that people will be walking away from the Catholic and joining mega churches which are even more sinister with their tithing, fund raising and sexual abuse of minors.


Really horrific ,for the victims that this minimizing is
occurring. To comprehend that for years this happened
with tacide ignoring by "leaders"-both civil & governmental
is beyond the pale. The victims need healing and closure
not an uphill battle to prove reality. Further in the article it
shows how the facts are turned by RATIONALIZATION to
blame a conspiracy of sorts. THE CURRUPTION of
power is evident ; the means is justified by the ends.
Thank you for the info.


Ah, yes. Penetration. Imagine the penis as a pistol and you are tied up and the perpetrator rubs that pistol all over your body. He even puts it in your mouth, but there is no crime unless you are penetrated.


That is some sick shit.


Reminds me of the Catholic girls I went to school with that didn't have sex because they didn't go all the way...sure....

There are always "loppholes" in church doctrines. Garfunkel and Oets srote a song aobut it.

@snytiger6 ha ha I have seen that...I really hated those was odd how they bragged they were virgins even though the guys bragged that they got some...ha ha ha

@snytiger6 Who doesn't love a good "loophole"? 🤣


He is essentially a paedophile by rationalizing in order to minimize the consequences.

Yes there appears to be that correlation. As bankers have
financial knowledge, you would think that this kind of side stepping the issue(moral) is a way of distancing from the
responsibility of oversight- the role as a social institution.


Parents of raped kids should cut off Donahue 's dick. Why not? No penetration!

zesty Level 7 May 1, 2019

Did anyone expect better from them?


The Church of Scotland has just paid £1 million to three people who were sexually abused as children in a care home run by the church. Others who were in the care home and were abused have been asked to come forward. The church is not nearly so wealthy as the Roman catholic church so this will really hurt them financially.

That’s a shame!


Oh, yes it is.


I'm glad to hear it's ok then.


Put the whole lot in prison, general population, and spread the word of what they did. Then just stand back and watch the fun.


they all need to be locked up and tortured daily.


Six of one. Half dozen of the other. Whether it's rape or sexual assault, It's still the same level of crime.


He needs to revisit the definition of rape.


unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person's will or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent because of mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception

It's almost like trying to argue with your spouse or significant other that a blowjob isn't cheating.


They are correct. Most legal definitions of rape requires penetration. Otherwise it is sexual assault.

I do not believe I know of anyone who cares about the difference though

@Switchcraft Plenty of lawyers and judges do. You can throw me into that lot too because I’d definitely take sexual assault over rape.


And my mother just can't figure out why Catholticism is dying.


I. Am. Speechless.

The fucking religious are a scourge.


That's just so much bullshit.
I hope every single one of their churches and cathedrals burns to the
fucking ground.

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