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Look what I got today! Sexy, huh?

"It takes six weeks for a fractured bone to heal," my doctor said today. My toe feels much better stabilized.

New foot x-rays today. Waiting for the radiologist report. Pending appointment with a podiatrist. Like most Americans, I hate waiting.

Doctor wants to do a bone density scan to make sure I don't have osteoporosis like my grandmother. I'm thin, another risk.

The last bone density scan I had was in 1998. My bones were strong from hiking and weightlifting since age 21.

"That was in the last century!" she said. Twenty years ago.

So much for hiking. I'm benched until July. That reminds me:

I can lift weights for the upper body from a seated position and lying on a bench. Also do abdominal exercises. With the machines: calf raises, calf crunches, one-leg presses, etc.

I'll stay strong.

To safely walk downstairs in this slippery boot, I sidestep holding the railing with both hands.

Just got my old REI soft knapsack with shoulder straps from storage. Will use it to carry things up and down.

The French conquered the Pyrenees carrying knapsacks with just a loaf of bread and salami.

LiterateHiker 9 May 8

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Looks like you’re grounded for a bit. Do as you’re instructed as to not impede your recovery. Six weeks will fly by. Xx


Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Do what you're told. Damn it.



No kidding. I always try to push it.

"Remember, this is not about your pain tolerance but about healing," my boyfriend Bill, a medical doctor, said.

He know me well.

@LiterateHiker Right. Don't push it. Unless, of course, you WANT to make
everything so much worse.




Oooo where can I get That? Zappos?


Hang in there, hon. If you try to rush it, you are your own worst enemy. Good chance to exercise your patience. I know it's tough.


that sure does seem like a lot of apparatus to keep a toe straight..... dancing lessons are on hold I guess.


I asked the same thing when I saw the boot height.

"If the boot was lower, your foot would flex and hurt your toe," the technician said.

@LiterateHiker perhaps.. and I'm sure they know better than i. I was thinking some brand new hiking boots are pretty stiff. maybe a piece that goes along the top of the foot under the laces and tongue and runs up the shin securely fastened could work but what do I know.


A hiking boot is not appropriate. I have been hiking for over 40 years.

On the medical boot, atop the toe area, there's a tightening strap to stabilize my broken toe.

All the way up the boot, there are straps to keep the boot from shifting and hurting my foot. Also an air pump in the calf area to tighten it.


Well, that's a pisser. You sound like you are on the right track with continuing to exercise and be as active as you can while you recover. Eat well even if you don't feel like eating much, you need the protein to heal.
Sexy boot, really hot πŸ˜‰.

@silverotter11, @Tiramisu

Thank you for telling me about needing protein to heal.

Heeding your advice, I just mixed chocolate whey protein powder with water for 27 grams of protein. Delicious.

@LiterateHiker Plus you get yoyr chocolate fix!!


Get virtual goggles. Go hiking. A little weed and / or wine and you'll be there. Of course, horizontal travels could be fun as well πŸ™‚


Ask your doctor about the best position for sex considerinf your injury. When I broke my leg, I did.

zesty Level 7 May 8, 2019

Very sexy! I wish you a good and soon recovery!


thats because only the French make bread hard enough to use has a weapon.

never trust a country where there main foods do not have an expiry date.

i know its true, the glass of Guinness told me so.


I made moist, delicious, sourdough, whole wheat baguettes. The key is a long, cool rise. This increases it's keeping quality.


I guess that means you won't be joining me for Rock climbing across from Icicle Creek this weekend.


Have fun and be safe.


My late wife had bunion surgery on each foot. Those boots are a pain in the ass....


Indeed, I nearly fell down the stairs the first time in this boot.

I decided to go sideways, holding the railing with both hands. That seems safest. Hence, the knapsack to carry things.

@LiterateHiker You have always seemed smart and resourceful here on the boards, so I'm sure you will manage well....


Keep pushing where able but relax plenty too! Hope you get better soon. My dads a farmer at 70, and in the last 4 or 5 years he’s broken both the tibia and fibia in one leg from being pulled down by a roped calf, then needed a hip replacement on the same leg, then fell and broke the femur around the hip replacement screw, spent several months in assisted living and now he’s back running around at the farm like nothing happened. Between medical advancement and an active lifestyle it’s hard to keep someone determined down for long these days.


At least the color matches... Lol drink plenty of milk!


Sometimes it seems like half my life has been spent recovering from something or other (including an open heart, quadruple bypass surgery). A great way to learn about your body! Just keep going, learn from your injuries, and β€” as you said β€” work on other areas and build up the area around the injury. Always works for me!


OH, baby cakes! πŸ˜‰


I was gonna ask you where your other ski boot went.


"It looks like a ski boot," I said. Great minds think alike.


I can lift weights for the upper body from a seated position. Also do abdominal exercises. With the machines: calf raises, calf crunches, one leg presses, etc.

I'll stay strong.


Hang in there. July isn't that far off. I'll add an additional mile to my next hike in honor of you!

Unity Level 7 May 8, 2019

Ni breaks but last summer /fall I was in the podiatrist office 1 or 2 times a week a foot ulcer yes I'm diabetic took about 10-12weeks to heal then about another 12 weeks ro get diabetic shoes. Hoping this summer will be able to hike some but now so far out of shape can only do a mile maybe 2, good luck heal quickly


We match lol

That was 2 years ago when I fractured my ankle.


Take good care of yourself and get well soon.


You should keep that boot, and attach fake toes to it. Then, you should get another one for your other foot. Now, you can stomp around, out in the woods, and make Bigfoot prints, to scare the tourists with!


The cyber look is so in this season, daaahlink.

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