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Well that's typical.

The truth is a travesty, to believers.
Intelligent women are a travesty, to believers.
Boys being told they are NOT superior is a travesty, to believers.

What besides religion can break the mind of a women to the point she thinks progress for women will actually destroy society?


Misogyny is when a man treats women as inferior. Misandry is when women treat men as inferior. What's the word for when women treat women as inferior? Because that woman is an -ist of whatever that word is.

EDIT: Fixed typos
UPDATE: The answer is Misogynist. She's a misogynist. Hatred of women, regardless of the gender of the hater.

I think the term for that is brainwashing. Hitchens called it "servility" among other things; the wish to be a slave.

I am just going to go with fuckwit.


On my last Amtrak travels, there was a train crew change and I saw a black woman, probably 30ish, climb aboard the engine and she was our new engineer. It made me feel good and proud to see that. You go girl.


many moms: "don't argue with him. don't let him know how smart you are. men don't like smart girls."

my mom: "you can be whatever you want to be."



People like her serve no useful purpose.
I would dearly love to tell her that to her face.


Personally I think children of any gender should have equal options and while I disagree with her logic I do agree with the idea that we need men and woman who if they have children put them first. Children need structure and safety to grow. Why can't men be equal in the eyes of society as caregivers? Of course the larger issue is that we need a society were single parents or joint parents have the access to services and jobs that support there vitally important roles as parent(s). Without judgment or assumption. My Aunt had nine children and knowing her it was her passion as much as others might find passion in a career. Too me that is as valid a contribution to society as any job in the world. And all of her children are good people who contribute in a positive way to society.

Quarm Level 6 May 12, 2019

Don't get this homeschooling thing. Children need to mix with others, not be kept at home and indoctrinated with the beliefs of the parents.

Sometimes home schooling , is the result of poor public schooling , or unhealthy situations at school , or on the school buses.

I am still on the fence.

But I can only reference the sampling from my own life. In my small town of less than 3500 people there were some families (most religious) who kept their children out of community engagement.

Not only were the children academically stunted, but also socially inept as well. Some, not all were emotionally stunted as well. The children were allowed to participate in sporting groups in high school. They acted like as mature as a grade schooler to the cut throat social scene of highschool.

of the eleven males and females who somehow graduated and went to college. All four females got pregnant in the first term of the first year. And males, jail, death, and or flunked out returning home.

So my sample size complete failures in society.

@Cast1es I'm sure those matters can be addressed. I'm sure there is some home schooling the UK but it is not so common. In the upper classes the reverse is true . they send their children to boarding schools at a ridiculously early age.

You would be surprised how much children that are homes schooled mix with other children. Where I live there are groups of parents that get together for outings and other things with their home schooled kids.

@Doraz Well I suppose they \are less likely to be shot.

@Doraz, @Jolanta Like private boarding schools they should save the tax payer some money so we should grateful to them I suppose. Schools are inspected regularly to maintain standards. Are home schooling facilities and curriculum inspected also ?.

There are instances where the puclic schools are just really bad, but the vast majority of parents who want to home school their kids are actually afraid of their kids becoming smarter than they are themselves. It is mor eout of their own insecurities than wantign to do right by theri kids.

@Doraz You didn't answer my question. Are home school facilities and curriculum inspected as public schools are ?

@Doraz thanks

@Moravian Yes they are and they have to follow a certain criteria too


I think it is great that females are now given the opportunity to expand their potential in all aspects of life.

We women have not been given equality. We fought like hell to get what was rightfully ours to begin with.

@Katsarecool Agreed.


If a woman is better at being a doctor than a man, I am very comfortable with that. Regardless, as the author of the article states, no stats to back up Alexander’s assertions.

All the stats a theist needs is contained in their books and spoken by their unquestionable authority figures.

@jlynn37 all hail Satan! 😎 (it’s a new IRS approved religion, and better than the other one)


Certain people shouldn't be aloud to reproduce . And that's all I am gonna say about that .


I have all girls. I think it’s great. I used to watch my youngest tear up boys on the tennis court. Now she is tearing it up academically. You go girls.


Read some of her blog. It is going to be one of the most appalling things you've ever read. If I remember correctly she also doesn't believe consent is needed in a marriage. She's just all around a horrible human being.


If her boys are as smart as she says they are they'll be ditching her and her dumbass culture as soon as they get the chance. Except there's a lot of benefit to be a right wing christian male if you get women to play along.


Personally I'd like to see everyone perform at their potential. Not everyone has the aptitude to become a rocket scientist or nuclear physicist; and not everyone can be a Picasso, or Georgia O'Keeffe, or Mark Spitz. Gender should not be part of the equation, we all have different abilities.


Great for the girls but if you are a boy and it bothers you just try a little harder.


Now now folks. Christianity is, after all, a patriarchal religion. If you believe the myth then you believe men are more privileged than women who were just created to be mans help mate. So what else could she say.
Of course we know that women are the equal of men in academic settings as well as many other settings. But as long as we have a patriarchal society that accepts patriarchal religious myths we will have a society in which male privilege prevails and women are little less than property to be dictated to by men. The anti-abortion "pro-birth" movement dominated by men telling women what they can and can not do with their bodies is a clear example.
So don't give Ms. Alexander a hard time. Just prove her right.

I agree. My mother used to say that god created man to be "better" than women: not only physically stronger but also smarter, more creative etc. And, that no matter how good a woman might be at something, or how smart she is, there is a man who can do it better or who is smarter. The fact that smart girls are proving this line of thinking wrong is an affront to their religious beliefs.

@Joanne Man was not created better but both sexes have different abilities. There are many things women do better than men. We are just different. Asking women to be equal to men and vice versa is silly to me. Why can we not just optimize each others strengths and see how two people can complement each other in a relationship? Not one sex should be unfair to the other. That is a fair asking.

@St-Sinner I agree that we are not "equal" when it comes to physical strength and we often differ in what appeals to us (career wise). And, there is nothing at all wrong with recognizing differences. But, women are every bit as smart as men, they have just been historically denied the opportunity to succeed. And, in many ways society is still afraid of smart women.

The problem lies when women do the exact same work but get less pay or are denied opportunities because they are women or when it is assumed that woman cannot, or should not, do something because she is a woman.

We are not talking about intelligence, skills etc. We are talking about different abilities. I agree that women should be given all equal rights in the modern society and they must have equal responsibilities. It is not a la carte choice. No one would have an argument with it.

@St-Sinner : Yes, I think there are different physical abilities between men and women. But, saying that women and men should be considered as equals does not deny this fact.

@Joanne We so think alike. Contact me any time 🙂


This is really nothing new. When I finished in elementary school, over half a century ago, I was one of three students from my class chosen for the Honors program in junior high. The other two were girls; there were no boys competing with me for smartest in class.


I'm actually not surprised that, as a group, girls are performing better than boys academically. It makes perfect sense from an evolutionary/biological perspective.


And she is raising 2 boys who will grow up to believe the exact same.


This is not sexist. I am not sexist. These are just facts. We are not there yet in equality and we will never be. It is not an apples and apples comparison. Don't pretend women can do anything because they cannot and they don't. Boys are busy with doing many other things in the wold. There is no doubt that boys do a much larger variety of things in the world like:

  1. wood cutting
  2. polishing glass windows of sky scarpers
  3. wheelbarrowing
  4. handling Most Sticky, Smelly, Toxic Things
  5. mining
  6. American football
  7. Catholic priests in most countries
  8. Dalai Lama
  9. cremation and grave digging in most countries
  10. washing of dead Muslim men
  11. sewage cleaning
  12. get picked in most dangerous navy seal missions - like kill Osama Bin laden

Also don't forget.....
Pegging men in most countries
produce multiple children in the same year

Half of your list is either male only religiousness or male only clublike crap

My Aunt worked in the mines near Tucson, my other Aunt is a Marine. I, myself, have been a farmer, cabinet installer and woodworker, I apprenticed with a plumber for a summer, and probably done loads of stuff men won't do. I know I have done things men CAN'T do and even pass out when they see it.

Wheelbarrowing? The list looks like you really ran out of things to list.

@LilaQ I think his post was meant sarcastically.


If we want this to change, we have to take the reins. We are the mothers who raise boys. It will take a few generations, but the change will come. Let's just hope, this woman's sons don't blow up the world in the meantime. But we still have to persevere.


I totally agree with this assessment but I don't think criticizing women who think like this is a beneficial solution to the problem. Any woman who is defending these types of ideas is suffering from the effects of some sort of abuse. When people are put in positions where they are being oppressed, they instinctively tend to learn to defend their oppressor in order to earn "points" so that less abuse is directed toward them. Convince that woman that she is a valuable part of her community and has a lot of good to offer the world and the problem will be solved.

There comes a point where you have to hold an adult accountable for not rejecting bad ideas. She is a failure as a human being, end of story.

@OpposingOpposum If that were the end of story, I would still be spewing the same nonsense. Fortunately, I have been supported in my efforts to overcome my issues and part of the journey has been identifying these toxic ideas. If this woman is responding to lifelong abuse, you are simply adding to it by continuing to discredit her worth as a human being. She deserves kindness so that she can safely let go of the coping behaviors that have allowed her to stay safe up to this point. Of course, that does not mean tolerating toxic ideas but it does allow her space to be human.

@UpsideDownAgain and I will continue to. Abuse or not this person has gone on to ruin the lives of others. Likely with great glee. She can rot in hell(if there were one) . Some things can't be forgiven.

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