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What have you learned about yourself recently?

AmiSue 8 Mar 9

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That I really do like myself.

@AmiSue well there are things, but I like myself in spite of them

@AmiSue ahhhh. Thanks🙂

We like you too!

@Blindbird thanks!


My trip to visit fellow member reminded me its okay to have boundaries. And book a round-trip ticket.


That I have more strenght than I knew..


I'm a kind, compassionate, loving person.


That, even at 68 yrs old, I'm still a work in progress. I seem to relearn that almost daily.


I am discovering, to my delight, that all the work I've done to come into my own is sticking. I am embarking on a new relationship but I still feel completely comfortable with my life and my friends and my self. It's a whole new world.


After being a member of this site for a few months i realize i am not a typical atheist .

The feeling is mutual

I am curious to know in what way, if you care to share...


Great question! I learned a valuable lesson this week to trust my gut. Pretty sure I narrowly avoided what could have been a dangerous relationship


The ironic and annoying downside of me, an occasional winemaker and former aspiring mixologist, having shifted from daily wine or cocktails to once-every-couple-of-weeks social drinking is that I now have very little tolerance for alcohol.


That nice people always get used/taken advantage of.

@MrLizard Yes.


The arthritis in my lower back is worse than it used to be, and doing yard work knocks me on my ass for a good 48 hours. Nothing a bottle of vodka and a straight razor can't fix.

@Akfishlady Rolfing reminded me of being "pelfed", in the movie "Semi-Tough". I need to go to YouTube and watch some yoga tutorials.

@Akfishlady Yoga has helped my hip pain immensely

@KKGator there's a channel called yoga Vidya that I really like. The musics a tad grating but they do a good job of putting together routines.

@Blindbird Thanks!


That I am not invulnerable, my sight, possibly hearing are failing, now I have shot my shoulders in the past 6 weeks. I have rarely been sick and never seriously injured in my life. not being able to swim properly or to surf at the moment is really quite schocking to me.

@AmiSue hmmm, not at all fun, was doing so well. Hope things improve for you


I have learned to stop enabling my adult children to take advantage of me. I will hopefully be up and moving away and finally get a life of my own.


That I spend entirely too much time on this site, and I need to go in search of a life.


I am able to recognize bull crap a lot sooner than I used to when it comes to the opposite sex.

Awesome! I recently learned this about myself too and I am SO GLAD to have finally reached this point in my life. Genuinely happy for you!


I still don't trust -- easily or quickly although I have trusted completely and was not disappointed. 🙂


Once the anger is gone, so is my determination. I gotta stay pissed

twill Level 7 Mar 9, 2018

This is hard to admit because I am still coming to terms with it and I haven't quite figured out my way forward. I have learned recently that just because I rarely experience jealousy in friendships/relationships let alone intense jealousy, and just because I work hard to keep jealous thoughts and feelings in check, it doesn't mean intense, not dangerous but definitely mind-boggling and painful jealousy can't occur inside me. Been struggling with some serious jealousy issues with regards to an important relationship in my life and keeping it in because I am really embarrassed about both the jealousy itself and the fact that I am a total NEWB at dealing with it. Ugh! It does feel a little better to get it out in view of others/out of my head. This particular emotional experience is throwing me for a massive loop.

@MrLizard: Thank you so much for saying that. I just moved Cities and dwellings, big transition, but now that I am a little more settled finding a new therapist or reconnecting with the therapist I was working with last year is a definite priority.


I had no "family lore" of Irish heritage (English and Scotch and more, but not Irish); and though I have a bunch of very prominent Haudenosaunee ancestors, I did not seem to have any European ancestors of note. Then I found that I am a descendant of the Irish King Naill of the Nine Hostages, and and Brit King Eochaid. (This us not so surprising because both dudes "really got around"!)


My female (gender mode) side seems stronger, probably because I recently doubled the amount of derris scandens herb I take. Evidence is that yesterday I suddenly bought a pair of loose Thai pants at the market, with bands of rainbow colors. Usually, I just wear black stretch pants I designed/made.


That traveling for the right woman.... it is worth the trouble.


I hate to be alone.


I learned to be more patient with myself and others as we heal our literal and metaphorical brokenness together


I have a great deal of self discipline. I've been training a coworker for several weeks now, and basically teaching the same procedures on a daily basis. I haven't lost my temper, sworn, or thrown anything yet. I have seriously considered updating my resume, just in case.

JimG Level 8 Mar 10, 2018

I am evolving even more rapidly than originally thought. Well that is what the super hero living in my brain needing to be put in print would say anyway.

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