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Do you have any dietary restriction or are there any foods you can't or won't eat?

For the most part I try to stay away from sugar, lactose, gluten, and anything processed. But sometimes all the health advice and recommendations out there, even from reputable sources, can be so bewildering.

bleurowz 8 Mar 10

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I won't eat catfish.


All self imposed ... I don't eat anything with a face.


I don't like Chinese food or seafood


I have very few food refusals.

Beets is one.

Also Liver and Onions.

That would make me run upstairs to my room - block the vents and shove a towel under the door.



No, I pretty much eat whatever I like; always been that way.

The only restriction I know of is that I cannot eat grapefruit or pomegranates because of some medications I take. I don't care about the pomegranates too much, but I love grapefruit. 😟

marga Level 7 Mar 12, 2018

I eat everything in MODERATION and don't think diets do us any justice. It's all about common sense which seems to be lacking in our society. Less is more.


I steer away from foods that have been prayed over. Leaves a bad aftertaste.


Don't eat red meat. No soda, MSG, sugar. Limited fried, and fast foods.


Ugh, I have GI restrictions and have to keep my triglycerides down all while minimizing caffeine and avoiding alcohol. I basically can have unlimited veggies, lean white meats and seafood, some whole grains, nuts, and seeds. I will risk dairy and beef, but only when at/very close to home.

Zster Level 8 Mar 10, 2018

I cannot do curry, even the mildest.
I am slowly training my system for chilli


a few allergies/aversions.

celery, brussel lsprouts, lima beans, Brazil nuts, walnuts and pecans


Liver. So gross!


Gluten, dairy, and meat: none
Sugar, acid: little


Oh if you're going to send me food, I love chocolate covered strawberries, but I'm alergic to shellfish (wouldn't eat them, anyway) and arugula-type cheeses.


Been a vegetarian 18 years, and a diabetic for 32.


High cornsyrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and any franken food dyes. Brown & white food other than real potatos,. The kind that are from the ground other than Idaho which all are GMO & corporate. So that should leave only real food. The kind with many colors & that I have to cook myself or eat raw. As a near vegetarian I do not stalk carrion in the market place with the other scavengers. My health is great & people say I look 20 years younger than my counter parts. Then they order a big Mac with 2 large fries & a large Coke, as they wait for their monthly doctor's appointment to handle their obesity, high blood pressure, high colesteral. The whining about all of their health problems cause me to avoid most gluttonous Americans.


They call it the unholy trio: Alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. I love all those things. Still, I keep my drinking to a minimum, I try to avoid processed foods, and don’t really add sugar to anything. But coffee... that’s the one crutch that I cannot live without. And don’t say ‘decaffeinated.’


I don't eat bread, limit sugar and don't drink pop all self-imposed because I feel better physically and mentally when I avoid.


Yes, food that doesn't taste good. I hate that stuff.


I chew my own peanuts refusing to eat machine chewed peanut butter. ...I hate canned fish and coffee. ....Sharing food choices is up to "us"


Sea eggs, sheeps brains, offal, oysters, frogs legs,dog meat, insects,Chinese dumplings, birds nest soup. stinky cheeze.mutton birds, eels,animal balls. [ Eurtopean New Zealand by birth ]

This is a New Zealand and Australian cliff nesting bird Captnron59, It has a revolting greasy
texture which smells like mutton being cooked. I have never been tempted to eat them, but they appear to be quite popular with some fat loving folk. Yuk !!


When I was diagnosed as diabetic , no sugar , of course . So I loaded my grocery cart with fruits , to help me get off sugars . My tri glycerides went up , so had to cut fruits . SInce then , the diabetis has affected my kidney , so I was told no salt , no organ meat (heart , liver, kidneys , etc. ) . I was also told I had too much phsophorus , so no nuts , no grains , no dairey , and cut back on red meats . I hate fish ! Then , of course , the water is contaminated , the vegetables are poisoned due to GMOs , and pesticides . I gave some thought to collecting the grass after the mowers came through , but realized the HOA had required that I put weed killer and fertilizer on the lawn .

@Cast1es Good grief! What can you eat?

I also have diabetes, but I have not been put on a special diet; like I said, except for grapefruit, I eat whatever I want. I guess I'm lucky. I take Metformin, and my blood sugar is almost always below 100 -- in the "normal" range.

I'm surprised you stocked up on fruit to cut down on sugar, since a lot of fruits are high in fructose and glucose, which are sugars.

@marga I was much younger and that bit was a learning experience .

@Captnron59 My brother has been on dialysis for several years , now . I tried to follow the kidney doctor's rules , and so far , I'm not on that . I was on the most common insulin for over 20 years , but eventually developed a reaction to it . I am currently on Humalog 75/25 , the largest portion of which is from human made insulin .


Candy. I have not had candy since August. Those were 4 Jelly Beans too. No fast food as well. Once in a while a soda.


Seafood and Lima beans because I'm allergic, grains, sugar and starchy veggies because I'm doing keto.


I won't eat most seafood. Not because I can't but becasue I don't like it.

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