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What small pleasures delight you?

In my profile, I wrote:

"I find the wonder and joy in life. The infinite pleasure in the touch of a hand, the joy of tasting a juicy, ripe peach. Intense, playful, passionate and determined, I have fun every day."

"We all need more low-level ecstasy in our lives."

Living in a triplex, I prune and fertilize rose bushes around the building. I'm the only person who cuts flowers.

Fragrant roses on the table delight me. Reading a beautifully-written passage. My daughter's laugh. Birdsong. Shimmering water. Hummingbirds. Small pleasures.

Barbara Kingsolver wrote the world's shortest sex scene :

"I took his head in my hands and gave him the kiss I'd been thinking about for the last two hours. It lasted a good long while...Just being held felt unbelievably good, the long drink I'd been dying for.

"Something inside his buttoned shirt pocket made a crackling cellophane sound. I raised up a little and poked it with my finger. "If you've got a condom in your pocket, Loyd Peregrina, this is my lucky day."

"He did. It was."

From "Animal Dreams" by Barbara Kingsolver.

LiterateHiker 9 May 23

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A joint. I just want to smoke a joint.


---the smell of fresh ground coffee waiting to be brewed

---my little black cat running down the path to catch up with me and get a bit of love

---an unexpected phone call from a friend I haven't heard from for a while

---no bills, no junk, nothing

---finding my keys right where I last left them...

---being able to see and touch my toes from a standing position

---the arms of a man reaching around me from behind, whispering that my scent drives him wild

---crisp, white sheets

---a smile from a stranger for no reason

---blocking people that do not add to my life experience (ha)

yeah...thanks for the reminder that the little things make a big difference...


Love your sense of humor!

@LiterateHiker ---people who appreciate me...

@LiterateHiker She is skilled at making people smile.

@Unity That is very sweet of you...thank you...


Watching my small grand children laughing and playing.

balou Level 8 May 23, 2019

Summer rain
Crystal clear mountain lakes
Cloudless summer nights

JimG Level 8 May 23, 2019


The last pic shows a Dolly Varden trout in Merritt Lake, WA.


I love hiking to high alpine lakes with jagged mountain peaks and white glaciers.

@LiterateHiker Those are amazing pics. I never got a chance hike in Washington, but I hit the Rockies in Colorado a few times and went on long patrols in California.


Thank you. I took all of the photos except, obviously, the one of me at Lake Colchuck. Washington State.

@LiterateHiker They are all amazing pictures. I'm sorry to see that you have to sit out some prime hiking weather.

The dolly varden looks a lot like our brook trout which is not actually a trout, by the way.


A) Cracking off exactly three squares of the dark chocolate candy bar from Aldi to eat after dinner. B) Fresh sheets and pillowcases on a bed. C) When my kitty honors me by sitting on my lap. D) Biking on a wooded trail and hearing birdsong along the way. E) The scent of the peony and the lilac bush. F) Watching over my little garden in the spring as the days get warmer.


Ahhh, birdsong! In the mountains, Western Meadowlarks singing are a sign of Spring.



My 3 cats. Every day they spend time loving me. They are great spirits in small packages.


I must go down to the woods again, to the lonely trees and the sky,
And all I ask is the tall trees and the moon to see paths by;
And the saplings whip and the wind’s song and the broad leaves shaking,
And a grey mist across a grassy knoll, and a grey dawn breaking.

I must go down to the woods again, for the call of the running hind
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a breezy day with the white clouds flying,
And the foxes play and the badgers hide, and the owl eerily crying.

I must go down to the woods again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the buzzards way and the doves way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when this long trick’s over.


Root beer floats
Assembling a jigsaw puzzle
Water moving over rocks in a stream
Nuzzling my puppies
Wind blowing through the trees
Hearing a song from ages past and remembering all the words as if it were yesterday
Watching old episodes of the Carol Burnett Show, seeing Tim Conway bust everyone up laughing as they try to stay in character
Hearing my dog dreaming
Telling bad pins to my daughter
Bowling a strike
The smoothness of freshly shaved legs
Cary Grant movies

Oops, bad puns... not pins...


The touch and loves I give and get from my animals. The warmth of sunlight. The new leaves from my pine trees. The love people share online.


Finding a highly religious person reveling to them that I am agnostic. Then I watch them and let them think that they are morally superior then slowly watch them devolve into the scourge that they really are. More of a hobby than a past time.


My dog, a Sapphire on the rocks after a hard day, a good pot of jambalaya, a nice day driving my Ram with the windows down and the stereo on. There's alot of small things that makes my life worth living. Not many big things so it's the small stuff that keeps me going.


craft beer, good whiskey; which i have in front of me right now. and pizza which we'll be having shortly.


Looking out the back patio door. No patio but a small wooden deck with stairs. Finch feeders 10 ft away, have lots of different birds. Rabbits, bigger birds, and squirrels feed off the ground below and birds sit on the deck, cat watches through the window, drives him crazy. Have a trellis off to the side with clematis, see a hummingbird now and then feeding there.


Taking a walk on the beach at sunset.


Standing at the coast when a winter storm is approaching.

Being anywhere in Yosemite.

Cuddling with a loved one.


Coffee and cats


Watching the sunrise over the mountains with a cup of coffee, playing my guitar in an empty room.
Leaving North Dakota in the early morning darkness for my days off.


The decadent sensory overload that is gently swinging in my hammock, with a light breeze, reading a book, and a cold drink nearby.


Growing up, I LOVED reading while swinging gently in the hammock on the lakeside of our house.

A delicious, soothing sensation.

Eventually, my nemesis younger brother dumped me out, laughing. With four kids, everyone wanted the hammock.

@LiterateHiker My neighbor has a little pond is his backyard and when it gets warmer, the frogs croak from their hiding spots. Makes for an indulgent experience.


I fell asleep to the symphony of frogs croaking, crickets clicking, katydids ticking, and cicadas whirring during hot, throbbing summers.




Lily's sugar-free chocolate. Mmmmmmm.... 😛


I love all of your replies! Heartwarming.


Being greeted by my dogs.
When my bluenose gives a full-throated howl.
The smell of my fingers after pinching a bud.
Sunset clouds lighting the scene pink and purple.
Unloading new photographs that are sharply focused.
Whenever my lady gives me a hug from behind.

Hands in the dirt.  Knitting an afghan or sweater. Quilting. Getting an email from a grad student who thanked me for being a "rock star teacher" and another telling me that I was the "most engaged" instructor he has had. 

It's not a small pleasure, but it's a rare and simple thing: Whenever a feeling of calm washes over me.

twill Level 7 May 23, 2019

Being outside. Smelling the ocean & watching the waves roll in. Having one of my pups on my lap. Giving my pony a hug and inhaling that wonderful horse perfume. Talking to my dad. And all of the things you wrote - but I do have a problem remembering to cut my roses, I like to walk by & smell the roses....

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