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What best describes Trump as a president?

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snytiger6 9 Mar 12

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'a trump' in england means a fart- (Its a kids word, they say pardon me I just trumped) so 'Trump' describes Trump.

jacpod Level 8 Mar 12, 2018

LOL... How appropriate!


He scares me. He is reckless and not a kind man.

Yeah, he scares me too. However, until we can get rid of him, we just make fun and laugh at him as much as we can.


The best word to describe Trump is Trumpery.

noun, plural trumperies.

  1. something without use or value; rubbish; trash; worthless stuff.
  2. nonsense; twaddle:
    His usual conversation is pure trumpery.

  3. Archaic. worthless finery.

Gohan Level 7 Mar 12, 2018

How Bout Turmpery-Trump

Trump's ancestral name was Drumpf. I believe it was his father who changed it to Trump. I wonder what hte original name meaning was....

@jacpod That's the spirit! It's better to laugh while we are forced to endure him.

Trump's ancestral name, Drumf, is of French origin and is derived from "Trompeor," which means Trumpeter, one who plays a trumpet.

@Gohan How appropriate! He's constantly blowing his own horn.


Donald Trump is an embarrassment in front of the world

Yeah. A lot of votes for Trump were done in protest of how bad politicians were messing stuff up, and now look what we ended up with.... it's just really sad.

@snytiger6 []


I've been keenly aware of him, and what he's done, for the last 40 years.
That he managed to get himself into Office is appalling to me. Unlike so many
of his followers, I've been paying attention to what he's been doing.
He cultivated a cult of personality, and fooled an awful lot of gullible people.
Not much unlike those who enrolled in Trump University.
Had he not been born into his daddy's money, he'd be just another loudmouthed,
con man from Queens.
And before anyone tries to label me a liberal or a democrat, I am neither.

true but at the same time the opponent he faced was just as horrible with just as many gullible ppl supporting her as he had. relying on someone being worse than u are to win an election instead of actually giving ppl a reason to vote FOR u shows alot about the narcissistic mentality of the democrats and the dem voters who told us working class middle americans that they didnt need us to win the election and instead of goin for what they claim to be the original base of the left, the working class and unions, the dems chose to go for the suburban moderate republicans after years of pushing right wing policy thru the house and oval office and u still have the same gullible ppl defending the dems and attacking Trump. its like tellin spoiled kids no for the first time ever, we are now in the temper tantrum phase for the left wing with no signs of self reflection and change. instead we are gonna ride the Trump is horrible thing all the way to his re-election it looks like. i am also neither, i Demexit as soon as they stole the primary cuz that was the straw that broke this camels back.

@jorj I can't defend Clinton, nor will I attempt to. However, I truly believe she was the lesser of two evils, and far more qualified than 45. I still believe that supporting 45 was done out of ignorance, and continuing to support him is done out of malice.

i understand but ppl need to focus on actual change now. the trump hate is way to over board and only serves his base to scream fake news cuz every other day another story is retracted and ppl lose jobs and on and on. the warrant, from the looks of it, was got illegally in the secret courts cause of drunken hear say and a made up dossier from a self proclaimed trump hater and would do anything to keep him from gettin elected and was funded by the DNC and Clinton. alot of ppl say move on past her but u can't cuz she is still a huge player in this game and she is still under investigation too. u think trump isnt lining up the hounds on her then i don't know what to tell u, he will strike back and it will be fierce cuz he is vengeful. she may end up getting indicted on money laundering in the foundation. ppl look over the actual hard facts of what we do know for sure and always wanna speculate. "we got him now" or "This looks like the one to get him" and blahblahblah with nothing happening is gettin old and it is harming our country.

Yeah, the first time i saw or heard of him was when he was promoting the book "The Art of the Deal", which evidently was produced by a ghost writer. Anyway, for me it was dislike at first sight. He seemed pompous, grandiose and condescending, but like you said if he weren't born into wealth, he'd be just another con man.

@jorj 45 is a lying fraud. HE is doing the most harm to this country. There is nothing about him that is worth respecting or supporting.

@SassyLady oh please, the way she has done the women that came out about Bill makes her just as bad as any sexist or misogynist. she is far from any victim at all with her millions of dollars and power she has. she lost cause of that kind of defense of her cuz even if she had been subjected to those things she still could have fought for good instead of being a corporate sell out and ppl that arent biased see that easily.

@KKGator agreed but there is a certain respect that comes with being the POTUS period that has always been acepted by the losing side until Trump came along and all rules out the window.

@jorj Not anymore. That's on him, too. Especially since he lost the popular vote, got help from Russia, gerrymandered districts, and the Electoral College, and is a malignant narcissist. He started disrespecting the office long before he ever got it. He's just being repaid in kind. As far as calling Clinton a "corporate sellout", that's nothing but hypocrisy. 45 is the definition of a corporate sellout. He's been dirty since the 70s, and buying politicians for just as long. That's a fact. He was filling the swamp even before he took charge of it.

@KKGator i agree with the trump assessment but our politicians all do it too. thats why im sayin its all over blown. russia influenced the election with nothing, it was the MSM that showed Trumps empty podium while Bernie spoke to thousands so if u want collusion look no further than CNN, MSNBC, and FOX. 13 russian trolls is a joke and hillary has just as many ties to putin as trump. thats why its all ridiculous.

@jorj It's been confirmed that Russia meddled in our elections. They're still doing it. I'm not talking about "collusion". Although, I bet 45 gets busted for money-laundering. He's dirty, he's always been dirty. His own son bragged about getting all their money from Russian banks. Kushner is it, too. I hope Mueller buries the ALL. The entire family is corrupt and should have been in prison a long time ago.

@KKGator Israel always meddles but no one says a word about that and on top of that we have the worst record ever for meddling to the point of killing democratically elected ppl we don't like so i could care less about what Russia did. Hillary was the WORST choice ever and that is why she lost. not cause of any meddling. might be more credible if the Clintons hadnt profited from Putin just as much as Trump. this whole Russia thing is to hide the fact of what the DNC did to Bernie.

You need to do some fact checking.

@StarvingArtist is that so... lol I'll go fact against fact with u all day anytime u want. I actually do my research and I don't stay in a media bias bubble like most Americans do. But since u say I need to fact check u should be able to show some sources for your claims and we can go from there.


Dismal. Hopeless. Destructive. Devisive. Ignorant. Asshole. Pompous. etc-etc-etc

And those are his best qualities!

@Sticks48 I have to agree... as he does tno really have any good qualities at all.


He is totally incompetent. He is in breech o his oath of office. He is profitting from the presidency.

name one since 1980 that hasnt profited from the presidency. just check out all the speeches Obama is cashing in on. writing a $500K les than an hour speech must be very exhausting

@jorj And so that excuses his blatant crapola? Oh, and Obama DONATED that $500,000 to it!

@jorj deflection to the past does nothing to eliminate the horrors of the present.

He’s not in office now. They all go on speaking tours after their term is over. @jorj

its not deflection to say it was no problem anytime over the last 40 years until Trump comes along. all of our public officials are padding their own pockets in the tune of millions while we suffer the highest childhood poverty in all the modern world and us the richest nation to ever exist. it may be uncomfortable for u to have to self reflect a little on your own sides problems but it certainly is not deflection.

u can't beat Trump by only talkin about how bad Trump is. u have to offer something for the ppl to vote FOR and so far none of that is even in ppls minds. its just constant Trump Russia hysteria or Stormy Daniels or any ole slam piece they can do while actual real information ppl need to know goes uncovered. the democrat party is divided hard and that should be the main focus. is it time for a third party or can ppl come back together is a very serious question at this point. they just lost to Donald Trump, do i need to say more?

@jorj I think you are making some valid points. Trump is definitely bad, and is probably the best example of how messed up things are.

Personally, I think we need to pay attention to the following.

  1. We need to reform the way political campaigns are financed, so that big money does nto decide the outcome of most elections.

  2. We need to outlaw Gerrymandering, so that politicians can't choose who gets to vote for them instead of voters deciding who to vote for. We have gotten to a point where politicans are no longer accountable to voters, but only to those who finance their campaigns.

  3. We need to end "Coporate Welfare". There are thousands of corporations which are highly profitable, yet receive subsidies frotm eh government which they don't need. Those subsides just inflate the salaries of CEOs and board members.

  4. We shoudl make it a law that golden parachute clauses in employment contracts are invalid unless a company increased profitability while the person was employed. No more rewards for bad performances. It shoudl also exclude "one time events" when figurign profits.

Anyway, that woudl be a good start, although there is a lto mroe that we need to do to make this a better country to live in.

However, I introduced this poll mostly fo rfun and to vige peopel an outlet to let off a little steam.

Although many presidents make a lot of money after they leave office, both George W. Bush and Trump, took actions while in office which directly increased their family fortunes. With Trump it has been very blatant, and that is what people here are objecting to, is that he is using the presidency for directly enriching himself while in office and neglecting the interests of those he is supposed (and pr9omised to) represent.

So, although we are having a few laughs and blowing off steam, many of us are aware of serious problems which need to be addressed and (hopefully) fixed. However, it is hard to remain serious about this all of the time and being serious all the time can make it so others don't care to be around someone who is a "Killjoy" and to look at all thsi seriously all the time is just depressing.

So, we are having some fun and blowing off some steam here so we will have the energy and capacity to deal with the serious stuff. At least, that is what I am doing....

@snytiger6 i can agree with that to a certain point but its out of control. the hysteria about Trump is stopping any real talks about policy issues. it allows the dems to serve their donors and never be called on it cuz they can just say Trump is wore and be done with it. Trump won cause of this same reason and he will win again if the democrats don't reform.


What is difference between sucks and blows?

Monica Lewinsky?

@DUCHESSA Stormy Daniels? There are 19 more but I can't remember all their names.



That's an skill all politicians manage very well.

@DUCHESSA Not all politicians are frauds.If so, then I'm guessing you don't vote, ever.

@VictoriaNotes Guess again....I do vote and I did for Trump.

@VictoriaNotes the ones who arent frauds are all "Putin Puppets" now days tho, so we can't trust them.

Then voted for the biggest fraud of them all. @DUCHESSA

@Donto101 I know is difficult to comprehend but the fact you despise DT doesn't make him a fraud nor bad persons those who voted for him.

I didn't like Obama but you won't find any post authored by me insulting him. I guess that's what makes people different.

@DUCHESSA you are the fact that I despise president piss Stain. Doesn’t make him a fraud. This among many other things make him a fraud.


@Donto101 Whatever floats your boat....dear.

@VictoriaNotes Having the capacity to both suck and blow at teh same time may be a skill all politicians have, but not all choose to do so. When voting we all tend to hope we are votign for those who don't use such "skills."


As in a blowhard!




Dammit... I didn't read the last option fully! I wanna change my vote! 🙂



JK666 Level 7 Mar 12, 2018

He sucks and blows at the same time


He is my favourite clown makes me laugh all the time, got to be tough to know that your country is becoming the laughing stock of the world because of this man.

Yes, it is tough. That is why I make and effort to try to laugh about it


I'm honestly shocked by the amount of people saying he's talented?!
Maybe they are being sarcastic? One can hope.

even tho he is not likable he did win the highest seat of power in the world in most ppls opinions. whether it is because he was the lesser of two evils or not i can't say but he defeated the democrat party so that would make him atleast better than they are at rallying ppl to get behind him in ALL areas of the country. i know ppl hate him and would rather see him get impeached than to bring about global peace or end world hunger but u got to give credit where it is due. he did win.

I actually fear Pence about as much if not more than tRump. God save me from your repressed true believers!

They are in essence sayigh he has talent at being an ass.

@jorj If Trump was interested in ending world hunger, or world peace, and not jus tusign his office to enrich himself, his friends and family members, I'd be givign hhim credit for it.

However, he won mostly due to "protest" votes, a lot of people who voted for him were sure he'd never win. Kind of like Brexit. Many Britain's cast their vote as a protest, never thinking it might actually pass. Same kind of phenomena. Like many British voters, many Americans are regretting how they voted.

@snytiger6 u have no proof that anyone voted for him as a protest vote to anything. he offered a populist agenda and focused on workers. that is what is proven by the way the votes fell. hillary ran to suburb republicans and coastal elite liberals and trump went to michigan and wisconsin.


So your poll doesnt have any positive choices - you arent interested in truth are you?

gater Level 7 Mar 12, 2018

And the liberal atheist criticize the religious? How are they better? I don't see anything that makes me think the liberal is any smarter than the religious. Mindless commentary.

what are you talking about? @Leutrelle

@Leutrelle Your opinion, I don't agree with it.

@gater Like you I didn't see a positive choice. Sucks, blows, or both is not a positive choice.

The economy is slowing??? lol wow @Michael64

@gater i thought the same thing when i seen the choices except for the "talent at both" option and had to ask what that one even meant to make sure if it meant he is talented at sucking and blowing. easy to see the bias on this site spewing all over the place and makes me wonder just how "intelligent" the atheist community really is cuz i used to think it took logic and reasoning to escape religion but im gettin proved wrong more and more every time i log in here cuz it looks like the majority are mostly just repeaters of talkin points. i expected so much more intellectual discussions in a community like this only to be let down really hard after signing up. operation mockingbird.....success

There is nothing positive about President Piss Stain.

@jorj Yeah, I was very disappointed too. If you're a Democrat, state your position clearly and logically, I'll listen. But what I see in this room is hate for Trump. Even if you don't like the man have respect for the office.

@Crimson67 You hate Trump? why? do you know him personally?

I meant the poll to be fun and a way to blow off a little steam for those of us who are very frustrated over our current political situation here in the U.S. I was pretty sure the thirs choice would let people know it was not entirely serious.

@Crimson67 I think the problems lies with your lack of understanding of who Trump is - if you knew Trump - you would not hate him - if you still hated him, the problem lies with you.


I don't see the option for drooling, bumbling, stumbling, under 30 IQ, illiterate, psychotic, ratfuck.... Where is that one?....


Trump is a piece of orange shit. The first of his kind.



Not because he is religious, not because he is conservative, because he is “stupid” and “mean”.

WAIT......he's religious!?!!!???????? Wow that was nasty even for this site! LOL!

lol @ Trump being stupid

@AnneWimsey LMAO... Yeah,


Capable of doin both what? suck and blow?

jorj Level 8 Mar 12, 2018



Well, I have never expected to find so much hatered in here. I knew before I joined that most Atheists are not really atheists at all. They just practice a different religion and hate all other religions. Bertrand Russell -a great Mathematician and Philosopher, counted socialismm among the world religions. He was right. Most of the people in this discussion are not intelligent enough to be agnostic. They are just followers of PC. Of course we have some true thinkers among us, but this discussion does not seem to have too many of them.

I disagree. You, however, are entitled to your opinion.

Were you serious when you wrote the lines below?

See, Atheism is not a religion.

""Atheists are not really atheists at all. They just practice a different religion and hate all other religions. """"

yeah, so much hate in here - I think its basically immature Democrats that are still bitter about Hillary losing.

You are technically correct, but this applies to true atheists. The Trump haters (and that actually applies to all haters) in this discussion are actually very devout.

@gater Not being a democrat, I can tell you that for me it has absolutely nothing to do with Clinton not winning, and everything to do with the fact that 45 is an abject failure. He inspires hate. What remains baffling is that there are people who still support him, despite his demonstrated hypocrisy, pathological lying, and clear lack of competence for the job. What I find "immature" is the complete inability for his followers to admit that they got conned. I don't know if it's just stubbornness, or stupidity.

Btw, one can be an atheist and not an anti-theist. Your "logic" is faulty.

@KKGator "What remains baffling is that there are people who still support him, despite his demonstrated hypocrisy, pathological lying, and clear lack of competence for the job."

ive said that same thing about Obama and his supporters. hope and change is what i heard and all we got was Bush on steroids. gay marriage is the only thing Obama can say happened under his admin that was actually liberal and it wasnt even him tht passed it, SCOTUS did it.

@Crimson67 i think if u look thru the threads that have Trump tagged on them on this sire it would very much look as tho atheist have a set agenda around hating Trump. anytime u want to get a few easy likes all u got to do is insult Trump and ppl click that thumbs up like

@KKGator A failure????? could you give me your definition of failure? I don't think you understand the term

@gater 45 has rescinded protections for citizens in a number of areas. The environment and consumer protection, for two. If you want to support 45, that's your business. If I point out the facts about him, and you choose to reject them, that renders you without credibility. Don't attack me when it comes to the truth. You don't have the facts on your side.

@jorj This isn't about Obama, Bush, or Clinton. This is ALL about 45. Trying to deflect away from the debacle that is 45's "administration" won't work.

Trump inspires hate. I voted for Hillary not because I liked her but because it was the lesser of to evils so to speak. I know plenty of Christians that hate trump as much as I do. The only thing I agree with him on is trade. But think he is even implementing that wrong.

@KKGator im not deflecting, im tryin to show the mistakes of the past so that Trump don't get re-elected. progressive policiy nor liberal policy is gonna be passed any time soon if the incumbents arent voted out in the midterms for clean new candidates that will actually push the policy instead of always having just enough democrats vote yes on horrible legislation cuz of corporate donors needs and wants. like i say, until they offer us something to vote for Trump will win the same 30 states and be re-elected in 2020 unless a populist agenda is offered from someone clean of corporate money and that will actually represent main st for a while. everything is just hate Trump and Russia and this is gonna keep the divide in the democrat base and Trump wins. if something comes out that actually is an indictment on Trump the dems need to be focused on real issues for a change. how many different investigtions can they keep on running with a collusion warrent. its not an open ended investigation, that is unconstitutional and if i was Trump i would fire Mueller. spending to much money to only get 13 russian trolls that will never be in trouble cuz russia won't extradite them and ppl still all hysteric about russia. russia is 45 mins of an hour show and the tax bill was like 3-5 mins on numerous televisions news channels. tiem to focus on winning cause even if u do get Trump its gonna be Pence then pardon the expression "god help us." lets just beat Trump with good midterm selections instead of only hating Trump and re-electing these same crooks over and over.

@Crimson67 i agree with u on all that but he is president and instead of destroying him in the media with actual policy horrors, they choose to Red Scare all the time so that the corporate donors cash can never be in jeopardy. we stuck in the same fight as always cuz everyone won't realize the only privilege is the wealth class and the left currently pushes a HUGE portion of ppl out of the way with their rhetoric. sorry but u can't keep tellin poor white working class men and women in middle america they are privileged and expect them to vote for u, call it racism if u want but its just the fact. just not gonna happen cuz trump atleast will come and lie to them and give them hope. another bomb like the hillary move and look where we will be. middle americans working arent quite as dumb as most ppl like to think and they apply the same principles across all ppl and that is why less than 25% is registered to either party any longer. and less than 50% even voted. they see thru BOTH sides.

This poll was meant to be just for a laugh and to blow off some steam of frustration. If I meant it to be a serious poll, I'd have put in answers for both sides....

Anyone who calls themself an atheist who votes for the Republican party is a fool.... Voting for the same people that would send you to a gas chamber is only fine if you are the only one they send.... Calling others haters doesn't make them so but to vote for your own demise shows a level of self hate and cowardice that is unimaginable to most atheists.... If you really want to die do us all a favor and kep us oput of it because suicide should be a personal choice you don't need to drag us all down with you...


Not that I agree with his practices. He did run a multi billion dollar company . Provided he did mature with a silver spoon in his hand. Think a lot of what he does is showmanship much as a comedian would have one liners. If he would just put some constructive thought into the words he utters.

He ran innumerable companies into Bankruptcy, publicly laughing because he Never risked his own money, just ruined everyone who trusted him! Just nasty!

@AnneWimsey So what makes him different from all predecessors?

He had participated in 3500 lawsuits, either filed by or against him, by 2016. This was unprecedented for a Presidential nominee. I haven't kept track of how many have been filed against him since he took office. Lots.


He cheats people out of money, the very people he claims to champion; dishwashers, carpenters, waiters, bartenders, etc... Even law firms that have worked for him. Is that good business?

@azzow2 ummmmmmm, Obama was a law professor? Truman worked in retail? Reagan wouldn't know a "deal" if it fell on him? Carter ran a peanut farm, retired from the Navy? Etc. You don't know much history, do you?

@AnneWimsey I going to do the gentlemanly thing and bow out of this debate. Just check your facts Carter on Wikipedia.


He is a scumbag magnet...


He is trash.

Monad Level 4 Apr 3, 2018
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