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What's the best live performance you've ever seen?

What were some of the best live shows you've ever seen?

I think my favorites have been comedians. Though, I've never seen any of the super famous ones.

silvereyes 8 Mar 13

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Foo Fighters several years back. Dave Grohl is an amazing performer and he did several encores for us. Every time he stepped off stage, a camera cut to the back area where he was drinking a beer and chilling with his bandmates and when the audience called for an encore, he came running. It was magnificent and I never wanted that night to end.


Stomp, in Chicago, about 10 years ago. Loved, loved, loved their show.

Oh I've always wanted to catch them.


John Mellencamp, Willy Nelson & Bob Dylan 2010, Austin, Tx


Believe it or not, Alice Cooper.

He has a certain "magic" as a performer that is very rare.


Lady Gaga


As far as just pure talent it would have to be the Eagles for me. I should add that they would probably be tied with Eric Clapton except the Eagles seem like they were enjoying themselves more than he did.


Marilyn Manson. He just gave it all and it was amazing.


1992, The Bottom Line, NYC: They created a non-smoking section for me in front of the stage. We'd gone to see Leslie West and mountain, but soon they were joined by Clapton, who came onto the stage wearing the glasses/moustache/Big nose disguise - which didn't fool us one bit; THEN Ginger Baker and Keith Richards. They jammed all night. NOTHING like New York City! Oo oo and I forgot Dizzy Gillespie at Carnegie Hall...wait wait there was Billy Joel and Elton John, OYES and Tom Petty at Jones Beach...I can't say just one : (


Glastonbury one of the years it was a mud bath waiting for the main act to come - to the main stage, very cold and Michale Eavis who owns the land and puts on the whole show got his five year old daughter to play 'Twinkle Twinkle Little star on her violin' the crowd went wild shouted encore so many times, it was very sweet


Prince. Amazing show. Incredible artist. His guitar playing was SO good that I have yet to see anyone even close to his skills.

I saw Prince at Man Utd football ground he was amazing and the crowd were really loving each other and him - I wasnt sure I wanted to go at first but my daughter wanted me to - I am so pleased the crowd were equally as good as Prince.

When Clapton was asked how it felt to be the World's best guitarist he replied "I don't know, you'll have to ask Prince.."


Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden all always put on an amazing live show


I was staunchly against "new" Green Day until I saw them tour for 21st Century Breakdown. They play a 3 hour show and still have so much energy on stage. Since they are a bigger band, they can afford to incorperate over-the-top visuals to add to their performance. After that amazing show, I learned to like post-2004 Green Day.

AFI is also amazing live. The singer almost always crowd walks during some of the songs and still manages to continue singing. I saw them 5 times during their most recent tour!


The best live performance I ever saw on as Paul McCartney in Pittsburgh. He did 22 Beatles songs. It was awesome!


AC/DC 2001 in Charlotte NC. Badass show!


Uriah Heep for $5 just a couple years ago - open seating. They came down into the crowd after the show and partied with people for a while. Second place Spirit - I worked security keeping people out until the promoters broke even - then we opened the doors to everyone. After the show, we went out to eat at the L&K Resturant (Now Bob's Big Boy I think) and sat next to the band for a late snack. Mr. Skin was very cool, both in song and in person

jeffy Level 7 Mar 13, 2018

Every time my ex said "I love you". lying hag.


During Desert Storm we were along side the aircraft carrier the Indepence doing highline transfer. 5 Tom Cats one after the other took off the Independence flight deck. After that 3 Harrier lifted off and jetted away. The intense emotion that rushes through you is indescribable.


Peter Gabriel. Houston, November, 1982. What a superb showman!

Audio only from the tour:

balou Level 8 Mar 14, 2018

Good lord he's beautiful in stage makeup ❤


I saw the Old Crow Medicine Show open for John Prine a few years back, and they tore it the hell up. Then Prine was Prine.

The medicine show came back the next year as headliners. The first time I saw them, though, was the best.


Ironically Faust


Tori Amos is always awesome!


I'm going to see the "Red Hot Chilli Pipers" at the Hershey Theater this Saturday. Looks like it my be a pretty good show. You can go wrong with bagpipes. 😀

@silvereyes did you notice it's "Pipers" not "Peppers? Everyone I tell about it they think I mean peppers. Lol

  • 1990 Meat Beat Manifesto, 99% tour
  • Test Dept -Totality Tour '96
  • DeadMau5 2017
  • Young Gods - 1992

/couldn't choose


I was lucky enough to see a lot of concerts.
My top 5
The Orb with full band Hollywood Ameican legion hall 1991
My Bloody Valentine The roxy and the Palace 1991
Kyuss ( Queens of the stone age right after high school) Ethyl Meatplow Maxwax at the Whiskey in 1991
Massive Attack The Wiltern 2010
Stone Temple Pilots back when they were called Mighty Joe Young Rage Against the Machine and Sugartooth in the Shamrock which is now Cheetah's a strip club on Hollywood Blvd. I actually promoted that show myself before any of those bands had gotten signed.


Probably "Phentom of the Opera" or "Miss Saigon", but in both cases I have to wonder if spectable influenced my deision.

The best show I saw live with no spectacle, was "A Chorus Line" at the Grand Hotel Dinner Theater in Anaheim, around 1984. (I have been told the hotel was torn down for a Disney expansion.)

I did see Ellen Degenerous in San Francisco way back before she became famous. She only had a just OK night. I also saw Bill Cosby in Las Vegas. He was just OK live. I think I prefer to see comedians on recordings, as you usually get to se them on a better night that way.

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