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Where do you all work at? I work at USPS as a clerk.

snifflz 7 Mar 15

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where I work is a strange question for me. The job that pays the bils has me working as a computer tech for a medical software company; but I also work as an independent contractor for web design. I am also a novelist, with three published novels (and more on the way). I'm also a single father with a disabled son; so my work never ends (and that is OK).

So - where do I work? I guess - either "everywhere", or "in my life".

What would you say?

DerekD Level 7 Mar 16, 2018

I think you are very creative and gifted.

Renaissance man! =]

also was single parent of disabled daughter-she's 35 now


I'm a lifeguard. As soon as the water temperature hits 80 degrees. And not a degree before!


Community College Professor... it's a pretty awesome gig!


I am a land surveyor. We had a 5 year contract with the Johnson Space Center. That was cool.

I have to tell you a story. I had a boss I didn't like a lot. (That's not the story).

She came into work one day and said "I've foiled the hunters by taking down their tags!"... she had a pocketful of surveying tape.

I about died.

I also corrected her and told her how much work was involved and to never do that again.

Man she was dim.

@RavenCT that would drive me insane, I absolutely hate doing a job twice. Not multiple days, but repeating something that I already have completed. Not meaning that I made errors, but our office has lost data and field conditions have altered or been vandalized in the past.


I'm in a research lab at a University. I do lots of analytical chemistry, attempt writing it all up, and go to endless meetings


I work in an animal rescue.

Also my hero! All my animals are rescues!

did my volunteer time with that

I am loving my work there. 🙂


I'm an author.

Gohan Level 7 Mar 16, 2018

Gohan, cool. Curios question: do you have a daily schedule you follow for writing? You don't have to tell me what it is, of course, but if you would: are you disciplined about start time?

Everyday, I wake up and punch out 1000 words. Then I edit some chapters. But I have no specific start time.


I’m a software engineer. I work for a large networking company, and I get to do it from home

miffy Level 5 Mar 15, 2018

I am a high school math an orthodox Jewish school!

So no word problems involving cheese and meat then - right? 🙂

@shockwaverider only if the answer is zero


I work at Davis Aero Parts and I raise livestock on my farm.


I am an active duty Air Force clinical social worker. I oversee the domestic violence and the drug and alcohol abuse program at my base in South Dakota (relocating to Japan in September). I am also a trauma therapist.


Third grade teacher in a small rural school in Texas.

I'm not sure why, but it warms my heart to know there are free thinking educators of kiddos out there.




At the moment I'm trying to leave, but have been teaching in Thailand for over seven years.

In the US I taught English, ESL and writing at two universities, and taught English literature in Mexico for one semester in 2001.

I also had my own real estate investment business for about eight years while looking out for my parents, and did substitute teaching.


If I told you I'd have to kill you. 😉

Retired now , but I've used that phrase , as well .


I work at an alarm monitoring company, shift is all over the place, good work environment though. Been here for over 2 years now.


I'm currently working as a team member in one of the dining halls at the university I attend. Hoping to get into something more lab or clinical based here soon!

Mea Level 7 Mar 16, 2018

I am currently a full-time grad student.
Beside that I work at Bulgarian State Railways, currently in 23 months of unpaid leave in order to study abroad (in the US).

Congratulations on working on your degree. It is ashamed you have to see America at its worst.

Do not need to be that harsh on your country. The world in general is not at its best.
But this is why we are here - to make it a better place, after all.
As one Bulgarian revolutionary stated century and a half ago - "The vineyard does not need a prayer, but a hoe!"

And actually as per now I pretty much like my US experience - have devoted and bright colleagues, very positive and interesting professors, the university is great (in my opinion at least). So have little to complain.


I work in an immunogenetics lab in basement of a hospital. We run immunology and genetic tests to try to match organ/stem cell recipients and donors.

I just was recently hired so this is still new to me. Before this job, I worked in food microbiology, forensics, medical genetics and pharmaceutical microbiology.

I sometimes wish I had stayed in one job longer than 5 years but usually between 2-5 years I needed a change.

Very cool!!

I have heard from some managers, some jobs are so demanding, they suffer burnout by about 5 years.


I am a disability claims examiner for a large national insurance/finance company.

I worked in insurance once upon a time. With this kind of employment often comes a nice retirement package...rare these days. Do you enjoy the work, HippieChick?

@crazycurlz For the most part I enjoy it. I am dealing with people who have had close encounters with the medical profession, and I get to tell them they will be receiving much less weekly income than they are used to. And there is usually an elimination period (no benefits payable), and sometimes they don't have medical documentation to support the disability. Or pre-existing conditions. About 1/3 of the time people are not happy with me. I like the maternity claims best.


Working on a custom farm ..seasonal, and never boring. Fun co-workers, great boss/ owner, magnificent drives (I deliver our produce) … it’s kinda like getting paid and appreciated for stuff I’d done for free back home. In a new place here, and loving it ~

Varn Level 8 Mar 16, 2018

I was a Postmaster but retired a few years ago.

Retirement is nice. Sometimes your body is just ready too.


I work at enjoying life and becoming a better person.

I do a lot of that myself. It is hard but rewarding work.


Biker psychologist


I mostly work from home. Sometimes I need to go to a client site. I manage IT consultants but I'm ready to retire after my current gig ends... Probably. Or at least take a year off.

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