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Do you feel bad about eating meat and the slaughter of animals for meat?

EmeraldJewel 7 Sep 12

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I was born and raised in beef country. I definitely do not like the conditions and treatment of animals at confinement yards and within the packing industry.

That is why I try to use as much wild game as possible, because those animals live wild and healthy lives right up to the unsuspecting moment I end their worthy lives.

@rayfunrelax I don't know if you are trying to be funny or a smart ass. Do you know what an omnivore is?


Yes. I try to limit my consumption to less sentient life forms.

If there was a god and this slaughter was his master plan, he must be quite beastly and cruel.

Early on he was happy with watching an autotrophic aquarium, but it got boring. So he decided to make it more action packed

@LucasfromGR That makes sense! 😉

@dare2dream For me that is one more reason not to believe, Unless I believe that god is a child torturing Sadistic Demon that has created humans to torture, terrorize and butcher billions of innocent powerless animals-kids annually.

He is.


Yes I feel bad about it.
#1 the killing of the animal
#2 the environment may not be able to support the billions of animals we are consuming

That said, out of 90 meals per month, I may eat meat in 10-15 of them. Usually when I'm eating out,(Not a lot of choices) or at home when I have my kids.

When I am alone, cooking for one, maybe once per month. Usually salmon, or leftovers from the kids'. I never throw food away

twill Level 7 Sep 12, 2019

I’m happy to hear you never waste food.

@EmeraldJewel When I'm puttin' baked beans (Bush's vegeterian) into the grilled cheese sandwich (Yummy!) you know that's true!

It seems you eat meat mostly to impress your kids and friends (to not stand out or be labeled).

@rayfunrelax Hmmm. I'll consider that. I kind of thought that I do so to keep the kids happy (serves my laziness) and when eating out, which I usually do alone, or with my kids, it kind of serves my laziness, as I don't look real hard for alternative choices (Drive 40 miles... ..spend Big $'s.....then eat amongst strangers (FUN!) ) .

I'm probably the only guy in town who eats a veggie pizza in public. But since I am too busy impressing people, they never notice how much I am enjoying it. Nor me noticing them impressing me eating their dripping, greasy, meat pizza

I think your kids will be more impressed with you if you stand up from the crowd. I used to be cowardish too especially in family gatherings in front of my parents. But although they did make jokes about my diet, they respected my individual choice regarding my diet. It's a FREE country and Your diet is Your choice. Stand out for innocent powerless Animals/kids

@rayfunrelax We've had many conversations about this. They have many meatless meals at my house, so they know meat is not necessary all of the time. Then it goes on to the next battle: Vegetables! Then Sugar! So...I weave my way through this half assed, I guess. We manage. The best I can do is open their eyes. They may well see me as a flawed human instead of "Super Dad", and I treat them as regular kids, little people.

My older boy, 15, was watching the Amazon burn on TV a few weeks ago. He brought a question up about it.....I answered: " It's the Hamburgers Joe". Joe LOVES hamburgers. But it was a moment for him to understand the true cost of that burger. That cow.

I don't wanna lay a guilt trip on him. He's a good kid. No he's a GREAT Kid !. #1 thing he learns from me is cultural (religious) expectations are what rules most people's lives. We have some lively discussions.....And he gets it! Totally. I get on a rant, he laughs his ass off!

I believe that mostly what we eat is a cultural thing. Hopefully my children will tie eating in with all of the other expectations they are expected to live up to, see it for what it is and then make their own good choices. First they have to know that there are indeed choices!

Perhaps the easy thing is to call me a hypocrite. But I don't claim to be vegan or vegetarian, or any of the labels. I answered Emerald Jewel's question and stated that I don't eat a lot of meat. This is where I am diet wise at this moment


@twill Very Very Sad. My web site is Great for your kids to see (easy to understand).

@rayfunrelax Good site. Thanks for that and the work you did. I'll try to pass it on


I tried to be vegan. I did not last long. One time I went 6 weeks. Meat just taste so good, I just eat less of it and more vegetables. Lions, tigers wolves, eagles, eat other animals. I don't feel good or bad about it.

Hahaha it didn’t be go too good for me, either. I once had a vegan friend, which I ditched by the way, who always put down meat eaters.

@EmeraldJewel. It no different than a Christian putting down atheists. I don't put down vegans, but let me enjoy eating what I choose.

I am vegan for >15 years and feel the BEST. Will never ever eat meat, diary or eggs again. There is no need for that. Why waste money ? Why torture ? Why butcher a 3rd party when there is no need for it. My health is better than ever. I know that I am a Herbivore based on Physical Evidence (not opinion).


As I said in response to another post, human beings are omnivores. Animals eating animals is a part of nature, and a key to healthy ecosystems. There is nothing wrong with eating meat.


Nope. Like all humans I am an omnivore. My front teeth are for shredding meat and my molars are for grinding vegetables. An all molar animal is a herbivore -- cows, horses... All canine animals are carnivores -- dogs, cats... We (Earth's civilization) has the luxury of allowing people to choose what foods they eat. Imagine if civilization fell, we would quickly start eating more vegetables and less meat, but we would be hunters and gatherers.


I'm thinking about becoming more of a vegetarian for environmental reasons. But it's one hell of a complicated cultural change.


If you added a visit to an abbatoir to teenagers' education you would dramatically cut meat consumption ... works on adults too, but a lower response rate.
I eat very little meat from commercial growers .. too many antibiotics and hormones pumped into the animals ... but I have no problem with home reared, cared for animals that live a happy life and are humanely killed

Yes, I agree. If meat was healthy, essential food for humans we would eat it RAW. Instead we eat it BURNT/Cooked with plant-based condiments, spices to change the taste to plants. Meat health benefits have not yet been proven - except by opinion of hired scientists of meat industry and prejudiced meat eating doctors. It's $ales and culture and religion.


On one hand this is a question steeped in ignorance and myth. Human digestive systems evolved early in our evolution to be omnivorous, which incldes eating meat.

When humans learned to use fire, the process broke down the meat fiber so as to be digestible by humans. The human species evolution was accelerated by this discovery and evolution.

Now for the other side. When humans were not so populace, hunting provided food (not trophies), kept game populations down so that weak gene's were kept to a minimum in the gene pool.

BUT, today, in order to feed a our overpopulated species the cost to the environment is unjustifiable.
The resources needed to raise cattle for the human species is destroying the planet. Clear cutting in the Amazon, erosion of overgrazed land, and carbon releasing are just a few of the problems incurred by livestock husbandry. The cost of bringing a lb of beef to market is more than the benefit of the protein benefit we derived from it. Not to speak of the inhumane cruelty of the livestock industry, stockyards, and livestock processing industries (all livestock animals).

I eat meat, I enjoy eating meat, and I am not ignorant of the nature of the industry. I grew up in the west in cow country and have seen the industry firsthand. But, my worry and concern is the relationship between needed resources vs. available resources to an ever burgeoning human population.

which is why childfree people/couples should be celebrated and encouraged rather than stigmatized or manipulated in a different direction from our logical choice.



No... I feel bad about a post here the other day that suggested we wean ourselves off of animals and gain our protein by eating dead people.

Soylent Green..... Is PEOPLE!

People are....ANIMALS!

@1of5 Yes... But at the top of the food chain thankfully!

@RiverRick right, but weaning us off of eating animals by eating people is...well never mind.

@RiverRick Most places

@1of5 I'm hip! I was shocked by the suggestion. But then there ARE crazy people out there!

@RiverRick turn us into fertilizer to grow food from, no problem though. Cycle of life and all


Fuck no

1of5 Level 8 Sep 12, 2019

I have not eaten meat diary or eggs for the past 15 years and feel greater than ever. People (especially religious) people don't feel bad, but I do because they are me. The only difference is that I have a little extra brain (~1LB of fat extra in my brain). They did not choose to be born in torture factories, and I didn't choose to be born who I am. I think, chance are extremely high that after I die, I be reborn as one or many of them. What goes around, will come around. All these people that think they are tough ignoring torture of the powerless, mute and defenseless (kids), may I hope an pray face justice (Edison: This world is Infinite intelligence). That would be sweet, to see these animal torturers burn in hell.


No... I am not doing the slaughtering after all! 😛 I went for a week without meat after my tooth extraction and Ii was constantly hungry... fck that misery! 😟


No. Plants are living things too and life is life right?

lerlo Level 8 Sep 12, 2019


What about caging, torturing and butchering people then ? Humans are animals too. So what is the big deal, why the 2ble standard (discrimination) ?

@rayfunrelax no one asked how I felt about eating people. After seeing Soylent Green, I'll pass thanks. Last I checked animals aren't people and if they had a chance to eat us they would.

animals aren't people, but people are animals and burnt-cooked meat tastes the same whether chicken or beef or human or lion when eaten with plant-based vegges, seasoning, condiments and spices.

@rayfunrelax don't burn the meat

@lerlo Burning cooking same SHIT.

@rayfunrelax you just don't seem to give a shit about plants oh, why is that? Because it's your only out? I notice you also left out the defense to the fact that animals would eat us if they could. Humans have been eating animals since the caveman, you should get used to it. Let me guess, you have leather shoes or leather belts? Did the Fig Leaf bother you? Poor plants.

@lerlo Plants don't have brain and central nervous system (like we do) to feel pain. They don't feel nothing. Animals are like us an Feel pain. Have you seen trees running away when there is forest fire ? No, they sit there quietly and burn.

@rayfunrelax ahhh they don't have a brain "so they don't feel nothing" So we can cut the arms or legs off paraplegics because they can't feel it...did you look in your closet for your shoes and belts yet? Think a lion would eat you walking in the jungle? Keep ducking the arguments but they won't go away

@lerlo ahhh they don't have a brain "so they don't feel nothing" So we can cut the arms or legs off paraplegics because they can't feel it ( ? paraplegics DO have brain and central nervous system )...did you look in your closet for your shoes and belts yet? (Mine are plastic, and yes, I do look at them, they don't talk back) Think a lion would eat you walking in the jungle? (of course lion would eat me, I am a Herbiovre) Keep ducking the arguments but they won't go away (I never ducked anything).

@rayfunrelax all plastic shoes huh? So animals can eat us but we can't eat them?

@lerlo Carnivores and Omnivores have eaten us for millions of years because we are Herbivores (no long sharp Canines like some herbivores and ALL omnivores have) I have no problem You eating animals RAW without plant-based condiments spices and herbs. Go shoot a horse, deer, duck, rabbit or mouse and eat it RAW without plants, like a real omnivore would. []




Nope, I still slaughter pigs, cows, sheep, chicken and muscovy that I grow myself. I do understand that because of the way we grow meat it is bad for AGW and we need to stop deep plowing to raise crops.


Yeah, I kinda do. Mostly when I know I'm helping create the demand for it by my food choices. There are actually plenty of available alternatives that arent that expensive.


No. People evolved to eat meat. I would prefer it be done humanely but not going to feel bad about eating meat.


Nope... But I don't eat too much... Mostly veggies, fish, chicken...



bobwjr Level 10 Sep 12, 2019

That's how nazis felt working in concentration camps.

@rayfunrelax they didn't eat jews and weren't intelligent

@bobwjr I don'[t think that matters. When you are dead, who cares if they bury or eat you. I rather be eaten than buried with worms 6' under.

@rayfunrelax I respect your views on eating meat but you should respect others who do

@bobwjr Sorry, I don't respect torturer of the innocent, mute and powerless. Livestock animals are my friends.

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