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I was 12 the day I stopped believing.
I was 15 when I told my parents.
I was 19 when I was forced to read scripture at my dads second wedding.
I was 22 when I decided to live my truth.
Im 25 this year. I wonder what'll happen next.

Kaycee 4 Mar 23

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I bet 26 happens next. πŸ˜›

jorj Level 8 Mar 23, 2018

The next 75 years of your life will happen next!


The important thing is that you proved god isn't real. There was no bolt of lightning that struck you dead when you read scripture. It's like reading any other literature, no more, no less. Well, maybe less because scripture is kinda stilted. What is next is what YOU make of it. Its up to you. I just turned 60, trust me, you're at the beginning of your life. Make good choices, make choices that reflect your truth, what you want to be. Do the math, average life expectancy in the US for a female is about 90, you have lived a fraction of your life so far. Go create an awesome life.


I'm always ready to see what happens next. πŸ™‚


You dropped the myth at an early age, which many of us weren’t capable of doing. The faster you let go of beliefs, the more you start loving the natural world. It’s taken many of us years to simply get rid of the fear of hell. And that could suck the fun out of life. Enjoy the journey and make the best out of it.


you will be free if not already as the cages have gone.


Convince a person to become atheist?

I have a couple friends started to question and wake up ?


Well, you know. Yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery, right? Who can say what will happen in the future?


Well, since you live in Bible Thumping Texas, there's no telling.

There are many like us in Texas, including yours truly. Pearland is near Houston; there may be a million agnostic-atheists nearby her.

On another note, there is a progressive running against Sen TeaParty Ted Cruz named Beto O'Rourke, Democrat, who takes no PAC money. Beto has a chance of winning, and would champion the people's cause. He does already as a congressman.

@EdEarl I've looked into the Meetup groups there (in the past), and agree -- lots of them, although I've heard from many non-believing Texians who are frustrated by the prevalence of fundies and religiously conservative legislators.

That is very encouraging that O'Rourke has a chance to win.

@EdEarl O'Rouke, seemed to speak from good sense.


My guess is you'll remain decisive, and stay in the "driver's" seat. Your journey may be hazy at times, and your circle (of true friends) may get smaller; however, as you continue exercising your courage, empathy, and confidence; your character will compel others to accept or reject you. More importantly your self respect should remain intact. Don't let anyone be the glacier that sinks your ship. Continue embracing each challenge, and enjoy the ride (of life).


You will be working on making the life that you want!! And...enjoying every minute of it, even when you get sideswiped once in a while!! You go girl...


You will also start to question other long held indoctrinated beliefs as well.

I was 25 and felt guilty to the point I hid it. It led me to question other indoctrinations

Over the years, after becoming a nonbeliever, my skepticism has led me to find out about the Pledge of Allegiance, In God We Trust--on money, how our holidays are mostly Pagan, etc.


you will read the vedas.

As in, eastern religion? Already did that. Im in a world religion class this semester lol

no. you will actually read them. just the upanishads.


I was 12 when I told my Mom that I did not believe. From that day forward, she had considered it a whim.


" I wonder what'll happen next." You have been able to review your life and look at it truthful to yourself. I see you as developing this skill to help other people. Getting as many comments and Likes as this is just the start. Not a Pastor but a therapist perhaps ?

Unfortunately I have poor mental health, therapy is not a good fit. I do like the idea of professional organizing.


You will find your way, now that you are not under foot of your parents. It sounds like you have guts and determination. Those will see you through a lot. And....there are people who believe in you, even if you do not know or see them...Just be you...that was what you came here to do, what you were born for!


And in your future you will perhaps be raising children and deciding how best to allow THEM to learn the truths before them, in a world of christmas, easter and what not, it is NOT always as straight forward and easy as it may seem !!!

I still celebrate Christmas, because Christians don't own it. I do gifts, tree, food, decorations. I also sing many carols, even the Christian ones, because I love to sing.


Just your life with your decisions made by you for you and no one can get in your way unless you let them!!


I hope you have a wonderful life.


Next you will realize the true defintion of God is the Universe - and you will start believing in God again πŸ™‚

gater Level 7 Mar 23, 2018


@Kaycee I think you'll find the definitions for both very similar - both Eternal, both credited for creating life on earth. To me "God" is an old word for Universe.


You’ll start answering some of the questions you’ve been wanting answers to before you finally realize that living your life is more important than solving life’s mysteries.


@Kaycee -- try this:


I want to encourage you to listen to Seth Andrew's The Ultimate Question. He does the Thinking Atheist podcast. You can listen to the whole thing or listen to the most important part at the end of his speech

Ill look into it, thanks. Im totallt caught up on the Lore podcast so I need a new one.


Whatever happens, stay healthy!

Im trying lol

You are growing and determining your own belief system.  The sky is the limit.  Live your own life.
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