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I’ve heard that people inevitably start gaining weight at 50, has this been your experience?

I’ve also heard that it’s a lot harder to lose weight and stay fit then.
What say you?

AMGT 8 Mar 24

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I an just 49 am about 50 lb overweight I was very skinny in my youth. Do to back issues, I can not do the extreme things I had done in the past. I bought an exercise bike on the doctor's suggestions. Just got it a couple of weeks ago have not put it together as of yet. Mostly because of the laundry room is full of building supplies. When I get that project completed, I will try to bike. I have arthritis in my back L5 S1 have been fused I have a polymer cage and 4 titanium screws in my lower back. I would like to lose at least half of this weight. I know from my past I was in shape had tons of energy and the girls were more attracted to me. Trying to get past the initial pain seems to be the hard part. The agony that I feel for days after I try to do some monumental task is my only stifling factor.

@Naturalist-Maine I love swimming, unfortunately, I live far out in the country. There is a pool the lady that owns the motel lets us swim in it is seasonal.


I actually am in better shape at 64.yikes I said it.

Same here!


Everything is harder after 50... well , most things. Lol

Buddha Level 8 Mar 24, 2018

Yes, my metabolism has slowed down and I have to eat about 500 calories less a day than I did in my earlier years to maintain my weight even with exercise.

@AMGT No, I was never that lucky.

I questioned if I ever had a metabolism it is so slow. I guess it is because of a thyroid condition.


I haven’t yet, but you know, that calendar, gotta live by it. 11/26/23 at midnight, my time zone, BAM!!! I’ve got 40 lbs scheduled to kick it with me.

@AMGT yeah baby, you’re right, that shit ain’t gonna creep up on this ??


true for me


I have weighed the same within + -- 5 lbs for over 2 decades now. I'm 6' tall and right around 175 lbs, and I'm 68. I'm pretty active and eat pretty well. I attribute it mostly to mountainbiking.

But, yes, once weight gets on, it's harder to get it off.


Up until around the age of 30, my diet was pretty much pizza, fries and ice cream and I was always skinny. Now, in my 50s I really watch my diet, won't eat sugar, trans fats, hardly any bread, lots of vegetables, maybe an apple for dessert, I jog and bicycle ride several times a week and it's still really hard to take those extra lbs off.


This has not been my experience. I lost 100 pounds between the ages of 43-45, going from 250 to 150. I gained back about 35 pounds by the time I was 59ish and knew it was time to take action once again. I lost the 35 in 4-5 months and have maintained 150-153 for the last five years (I am 65). I lost the weight by eating less and eating more sensibly. I also exercised more (which is easy to do in the summer, not so easy for me in the winter). I am in better shape at 65 than I was at 43 and in better shape than most people half my age or even younger. Largely, obesity is a choice, plain and simple. The number of people who are obese due to medical issues is a small percentage.

@AMGT An addendum: it takes constant vigilance. I do splurge, but keep it within bounds. When people tell me that I do not need to be concerned about my weight because I am not overweight, I respond that it is because I am concerned that I am not obese. Food is my drug, and if I knew that a comet were to hit the earth next week and obliterate all life, I would eat to my heart's content.


I say BS. So many folks that I've heard complaining about their wieght, and limitations they perceive to be caused by age , also talk about all the activities they USED to do . If you keep up your fitness and muscle tone - you burn fat . Simple. If you choose instead , to mostly sit around, and stop doing certain things because "I'm too old for that". Well - you will be !

I'm the same size I was in my 20's, and in better shape. No physical limitations.

A strong believer in "use it or lose it" . Eat healthy (mostly). Regular gym visits, yoga, and plenty of outdoor activity - it works !

@AMGT Unless you have a medical condition, you won't be your mom unless you allow yourself to be your mom.

@Gwendolyn2018 @AMGT menopause doesn't help!

@Presley1209 It may present challenges , but they can be overcome.

@Presley1209 I lost 100 pounds while going through menopause. However, that was just my experience. I also had no hot flashes or night sweats.

@AMGT I started menopause early and started showing signs at around 40/41, which was the norm for my mother and sister, as well. I was not period free until I was at least 48, maybe not until 49. So I lost 100 pounds during menopause, gained some back, and lost it well after I stopped having periods. I KNOW how fortunate I am not to have had hot flashes; my mother and sister suffered horribly. On the other hand, I did leave my marriage of 25 years (I should have left much earlier) and moved from California to Missouri. I guess that was a "mood swing."


I promise to keep you posted in 4 years 😉


I have, but I quit smoking at the same time so that contributed. Rather than smoking, I eat more.
I don't get much exercise because my back is junk, so I've got to fix my diet.

@AMGT No, I don't eat when I'm not hungry, it's more of a replacement for having a smoke.
I need to eat healthier food. Rather than eating junk, I need to start eating fruit. Bananas, apples, oranges, whatever. Lay off the carbs too.

@AMGT My doc prescribed me Chantix® and it helped immensely. I tried to quit so many times before and couldn't do it. It was fairly easy for me with that. You don't stop abruptly either, you taper off while you're taking it.
Thanks for the grapes tip. I'll definitely do that, I love grapes.

I've given up bread ,,not as hard as quiting the smokes,,but still breaking habits ,my next is cutting down the sugar ,,I too need to do this


During all the years I was smoking, my appetite was not as strong, and I could eat just about whatever I wanted (without being a glutton). During all the years I didn't or haven't smoked, I had/have to be vigilant.

Started periomenopause in 2008.
Quit smoking in 2014.
Complete menopause by 2015ish.
Started HRT in 2015 to combat hot flashes - ZERO regrets.

Between age, quitting smoking, and menopause, my metabolism did slow down.
It is easier for weight to creep up on me.
It does take longer to get the weight off.

I can no longer eat whatever I want in any portion at any time and not worry about it.
I still eat whatever I want, but just less frequently and in smaller portions. When I want pie or a donut once in a blue moon I think about the calories, but I also remind myself that I am here but once and that it's okay to have calorie dense foods with zero nutrition once in a while.

I do feel a bit hungry often, but I try to go for low-ish calorie snacks most of the time.

If I was still smoking, I believe I could eat another 500 calories a day and stay within my healthy and desired size range. And, sometimes I miss the habit, but, then I'd be attacking my already fragile kidneys - not to mention aging my skin faster than I'd like, etc. So, it's a trade-off. I'm not as small as I'd like, but I might live a little longer.


I hit menopause right at fifty. The switch in hormones changed how the weight distributes. I tend to run 5-10 pounds heavier, but manage it with my usual healthy diet and exercise.

Zster Level 8 Mar 25, 2018

As long as my life doesn't resemble Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria I have been able to stay lean but then again I am on male HRT. The biggest change to my metabolism happened in my late 30's.


After decades of being grossly overweight, I only started losing weight after 50.


I have found it harder to maitain my weight.


I don't know. My body doesn't hold on to fat or hair.


Clearly not true for everybody, but yes, true for me. Harder, but not impossible.

skado Level 8 Mar 24, 2018

Agree completely, in my 40s I was the healthiest and fittest in my life, though my early 20s were pretty good. In my 50s I put on a lot of weight.


For me at 62 yes ,put weight on and so hard to get it off ,

Ellen Level 4 Mar 24, 2018

The answer is yes for me but there are other factors besides age to consider. I have been into fitness my whole life and I have noticed results need more effort. I don't think there is a golden rule or a one age fits all answer here.


A lot of this is true because of a slower metabolism at that time. Stallone says he eats what he wants but just has to eat less of it.
As for me, I've got liver disease and a gut problem. The liver disease bothers my skin, and I see my doctors but also treat myself with herbs and vitamins. This last time around my blood readings even impressed the doctors. I take more naps but I'm very healthy for the shape I am in. Big belly, yes, but I am a 250 lb. gorilla with strong shoulders and big arms.


I have found it difficult to keep the weight down as im disabled but it is not even close to my biggest concern and I just carry a few extra pounds. I've got to be realistic as im not going to get back to my original weight of 6lb 9oz well until I die.


For me at 62 yes ,put weight on and so hard to get it off ,

Ellen Level 4 Mar 24, 2018

I lost 50 pounds two years ago, and have put about 15 pounds back on since I starting my current job (15 months). I'm 60.

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