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Have you ever looked back on something did and wondered how you survived?

I recently took a road to a lake I used to visit as a kid. It would take me about 20 minutes to get there as a young adult. It now takes about an hour. It is a dirt road with about a 100 meter drop off on one side and a cliff face in the other side. It's about 20 miles to the lake.

Fulishsage 6 Mar 30

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Oh yes traveling alone in a foreign country with virtually no money eating dates to survive and sleeping in youth hostels with no hot water, never mind bunk beds with thin mattresses, and no locks on doors. In a country like Israel in 1973 all I would see were camels, Arabs and solders. I can write a book about my close calls with trouble.

You ate your dates!!! are a brave gal!


Oh hell yeah. I should have died 8 or 9 times, at least.


Kidnapped at age 15, by three adult white male strangers, taken to THREE crime scenes, quietly watched as we drove by potential body-dump sites: Survived with only my wits. I was very naive and unknowing. I do not know how I was able to overcome them intellectually. But I did.

Wow! That must have been terrifying! I’m glad you survived.

OMG, the things that happen to us, and we continue on..

Holy fuck! Damned impressive survival story.


There have been several 'somethings'.
What's the point of living this long if you don't have some really good stories
to tell about "the time I almost died"?



When I was a teenager in the 70s we used to travel by thumb. It's amazing that any of us survived.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 30, 2018

Got on the wrong city bus in Mumbai, India in '84 or '85. My friends/companions were receding into the distance so I jumped off the bus. Fell hard, rolled, got up and dodged all the bikes, motorized rickshaws and cars without getting hit. All I got was a big bruise on my hip. Ah, to be young and stupid again. 🙂


Too many times. 120 mph on icy roads, working derricks, other stuff I won't mention


Well, there was that one time I had the speedometer needle wrapped around and pointing straight down to neutral. 5 drunks, me included on bald tires. Good times.

Maybe there is 'higher power,' after all!!!

@Freedompath Yeah, it's probably a good thing I ran out of road and had to take my foot off the gas.


Too many things, big wave surfing on deserted beaches during cyclones, driving through flooded rivers,
all when I was younger thankfully.


Large swaths of my life.


many times ... thats called living to the max


My 20's


Yes! How did I survive? I look back and it's nightmarish.


Does marriage count ???


Several times, yes.


Yes trekking Everest I slipped on a waterfall path which we were crossing and luckily for my sherpa who managed to hold me by my poles, I was soaked and glad to be alive as the ravine was 150 metres down and there was no way up
i looked and pondered in a skip of a second i was a goner Yes that expereince will remain with me for the rest of my life

Rosh Level 7 Mar 31, 2018

Wow! Lucky escape, I guess that Sherpa got a good tip.

@girlwithsmiles yes and a friend for life too you start appreciating small things in life too.


yeah, my entire childhood. being from an abusive father to a mentally abusive mother, 2 child molesters, and always being moved to a new school, to deal with that drama. i was all to happy to grow up, and be an adult, out on my own. i started my childhood when i was 16, and moved out.

Your childhood sounds very familiar, other than the moving around. I started my childhood at 21.


I was once driving on the interstate with my kids, and suddenly saw that the two 18-wheeler trucks in front of me were going to cut me off and get me killed.

But it was as though I was somebody else..somebody confident, amused, fearless. I stood on the accelerator and shot through a tiny opening between the swerving, speeding trucks, and saved our lives.
But thinking back I knew if I'd miscalculated at all, we'd all be dead instead.

Walking to work 5 am one morning I was walking towards a gas station and a truck was skidding as it had overshot the station, (which it was meant to be refuelling I think). Everything went kind of slow motion as the truck was sliding to hit the service station. He regained control explosion. It was totally out of my hands, but so glad he recovered the truck in time. No one to witness it, apart from me, the driver and the chap in the service station.




A number of times on my motorcycle. Not sure how I survived those times.


Even with things that were dangerous, i never thought i was about to die! And i have been in real danger! And on that time thing...It seems to me everything takes longer, than in my young days! It seems like the days are even shorter...when I am trying to get something done! It must be an aged brain perception of time?


Hundreds of times lol


Climbing quite large sea cliffs when drunk and really stoned lol .. Won't be doing that again..

Climbing six stories of scaffolding when completely out of my face and dancing on the roof of a high building. Again no more lol.


Yes, I was mad on a motorbike in my youth, hung out with a couple of particularly hedonistic boyfriends and went caving alone. Perhaps I had a strong death wish, but here I am at 43 with some great stories to tell 😉


When I was young and naive, I hiked a mountain with a friend. we were not prepared at all and ran out of food and water and could not find our way back. Luckily the weather stayed warm.

Lols, you just reminded me about a time in Switzerland when we walked up a mountain in the day and came down at twilight. All the snow had frozen and it was just slippery ice, we basically did a lot of the descent on our bottoms! Fun times as long as you get back ok.

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