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Why do the nonreligious let that go unchallenged?

Why do the nonreligious allow Christians to claim the moral high ground when the US is the most religious industrialized country yet has the greatest per capita rate of homicides and assaults in the industrialized world? Is it because the media allows these proclamations of morality by Christians go unchallenged?

FSMGirl 5 Mar 14

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Christian can claim the moral high ground, and other people can and do point out the absurdity of that claim.

From the Land of the Convict, it seems that a lot of the news outlets in the (dis)United States of America are in the pockets of those religious fundamentalists.


Because if you fought them every time it was warranted, you wouldn't have time for anything else.

Even Don Quixote could only tilt at so many windmills. 🙂


There are quite a few of us who do not allow all that.
Unfortunately, ours are still not the loudest voices which are heard.

And yes, the media does allow the "proclamations of morality by christians" to
largely go unchallenged.

However, there are the odd exceptions.
Case in point, the outlets that point out that 45 putting Pence in charge of the
coronavirus "task force" is pretty ridiculous. Especially based on the fact that
Pence oversaw the largest HIV/AIDS outbreak in one region of his state while
he was governor. It's been reported how Pence is a repeated denier of scientific
So, there's that.

Overall though, it's like shouting into a tornado.


"Why do the nonreligious allow Christians"
Since when did the hated minority gain the power and prestige to "allow" Christians anything?
2000+ years of tradition hammered into the societies head that Christianity is moral when it is not. It will take a concerted effort for decades or more to overcome such an ingrained tradition.


You don't allow a Christian. They seem to have the ability to both be forgiven and then go back to another challenging moral situation all the time. Remember "I'm not perfect - just forgiven." It's a game.


Possibly. The media is part of "The Establishment", and the establishment is happy to have a fanatic base.


The nonreligious are a minority and the voices of minorities are drowned out or ignored.


Who says they do? You fail to recognize that religious people are the vast majority in this country, but that they are si brainwashed that they do not listen and only see what they want to see. Haven't you seen the many videos from non believers like Hawkins, Hitchens, etcetera? Nobody "allows" anything, in fact, key arguments that you think are not used are definitelt used. One thing remains true, you can bring a thirsty mule to the river but you can't force that mule to drink.


Gender inequality and discrimination are root causes of violence against women, influenced by the historical and structural power imbalances between women and men which exist in varying degrees across all communities in the world.

A main cause of horrific gun violence in America: Republicans fight reasonable gun control. And the power of the NRA.

American citizens are all responsible for voting, protesting wrongs and contacting their legislators.

Don't blame non-religious people for being apathetic.

Since 18, I have been a strong, vocal Democrat. I am an atheist, anti-war, pro-gun control, environmentalist, support abortion rights, feminist and volunteer to help people in need.

Let me say… bringing gender into it likely loses 43% of those who’d have supported you.. Ask Elizabeth ..if she’s done the numbers. Pounding today’s men ..even of ‘our age,’ with age-old injustices is not incentivizing… And considering what it’s doing to young males ..deadly toward female progress.

I’ve daughters, sisters ..and a mom, but when dumped on by angry feminism ..turn off deep, if in a very controlled manner.. Given, women are ‘the majority,’ parody will eventually happen. If not, it will not be the fault of men.

Otherwise ~ right on

@MissKathleen If that’s estrogen talking, I’m impressed.. I’ve wondered if it’s not become a form of population control; too many people, thus a battle among the sexes? And look how touchy you are(!) … men get to listen to this shit on a daily basis, now. That’s new. And, if that’s the ‘new normal’ ..yup, reproduction will be slowing down. Fine with me, but keep in mind, “trump” may be Exhibit A as to where this leads ..and weirdly, it wasn’t just men voting for him.

PS There are ‘guys’ playing as if they think attacks & putdowns on men are some kinda wonderful.. Women generally figure them out ..if too late. You want honesty, you got it. You want some kiss-ass guy… enjoy the taste of shit 🙂


Thank you. I appreciate your intelligence, strength and support.

@MissKathleen Maybe that’s the difference listen to aggressive putdowns multiple times daily, and withhold their feelings. Women, touchy to the point of dangerous, can’t? As I look over what’s been written, I’m proud of my self control.

Keep in mind, when a guy who supports women ..warns you that it’s going too far, that you’ll actually hurt ‘your cause’ (as well as his daughters) ..listening, as opposed arrogantly dismissing might be a smarter move ~

@MissKathleen Messenger expected to survive - - A messenger was shot as several witnesses cheered. After courageously delivering an unpopular message, when asked if he’d continue, the messenger unenthusiastically stated, “Yes,” “It’s not a message I wanted to deliver, but one some need to hear.”


Xians make all kinds of baseless claims about themselves, their Gawd, their faith, etc... Rather than call them out on all their bullshit -- a 24 hour a day job -- it's less time consuming to pick and choose the fights -- gay hate, superstition and ignorance, separation of church & state -- and simply ignore the silly stuff like "I'm more moral than you!.


America is allegedly a free country with religious freedoms. No one should be challenging anyone.

If you mean that America really is a theocracy and that's not acceptable, you're correct. It isn't.

Given that only 8% of American are agnostic and/or atheist, just what exactly should that minuscule section of people do? This is one of those "pick your battle" questions. You can do whatever you'd like. I prefer to get along and love my neighbors, even if I find their beliefs ridiculous.

8%? I believe it's much higher.

@AgnoBill Actually, I lumped agnostics and atheists together because it's sad to type, "... 4% of Americans are atheists. ..."

Too many people think, and asset, "non-religous" equals agnostic/atheist. That is not even close to what that means. That simply means non-affiliated.

Here ya go, and if you aren't happy with this factoid/fun fact version of Pew Research's studies, I'm happy to link you to many more clinical/sterilized study format stats. They're are the same. 4% atheist, 4-5% agnostic.



What came first, the chicken or the egg? Was it the Xstian doctrine that lead to a might makes right, kill them all and let god sort'em out mentality or did Xstianity just fit nicely with this greedy and destructive mentality.
Xstians like to claim the 'moral high ground' but it is one of their own definition of what is moral. That's why I have no morals but I do have ethics and scruples, morals being a bit of a derogatory term.


Because they outnumber everyone else

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 14, 2020

IMO the media favors the Christians.



You can only take so much mental BS!!!

It just easier to turn the other cheek!!!


It is just easier to look the other way and walk most times away from moronic stupid idiots.

They are so mentally deranged that they are indelibly imprinted with delusional mystical magical lust of self worth over you!!!

Hence, the need to preach their way through life as the only way to justify their very existence!!!


This may be the one great legacy of our current president. He seems to have taken it to far. He isnt subtle about the bigotry and hypocrisy of it and has exposed the true intentions. Espcially since he is such a very obvious cheating pornstar loving glutinous bully and they worship his racism.
He seems to have changed that conversation and taken that moral highground away for many people.

MsAl Level 8 Mar 14, 2020

True, Trump has inadvertently exposed them for what they are


"Why do the nonreligious allow Christians to claim the moral high ground...?"

Christians are notoriously intolerant (and morally degenerate). Look what the German Christians were up to before and during WWII. American Christians are right behind them. That's why they elected Trump. Here's the famous picture of Madison Square Garden in 1939.

As for the media allowing these proclamations, they don't want their licenses yanked, frivolous lawsuits or staff threatened.

over 90% of Germany was some form of christian. the nazi's were christian. the holocaust was just the culmination of 1700 years of christian love toward Jews. I won't go into the history of christian love but it is easily found online. As an American Jew I have more fear of Christians than Muslims in our country.


It doesn't go unchallenged. It's just that you cannot convince them that they are wrong.


Industrialization equals wealth, wealth is power; wealth purchases evil politicians, judges, and media outlets… When that degree of wealth & power are what you’re up against … it’s amazing Atheists aren’t being burned as ‘heretics’..

We’re on the right side of history ...but history hasn’t quite caught up..

Varn Level 8 Mar 14, 2020

I challenge it all the time, when I get into a rational conversation with a devout Christian about real issues, which is basically never.


I don’t know that they do, do they?


We don't let it go unchallenged. We challenge it all the time. What good does it do?
In fact, there's a direct correlation between degree of religiousness and all crime markers, not just homicide.
I think the crimes themselves may be acts of defiance and rebellion against their KIND of religiousness-- a sort of 'god rewards the virtuousness and penalizes the nonbelieving, so why should we help the wicked?'
It's the opposite of true Christianity and what a very religious country should look like.
Many people in the USA are very unhappy and desperate for love--what they get instead is selfishness and greed and self-serving hypocrisy.
No wonder homicide rates are high!


They just blame it on the "godless heathens". You'll need to come up with hard facts to show that it is the religious who commit most crimes.


Most of the media is owned and distributed by 1 of 6 companies.
Media is not about quality information any longer, it's about profit and protecting the status quo.

Orly Level 5 Mar 14, 2020

And, they each play to a niche audience. Once, most had to compete with eachother for a portion of the pie. Now (due to increased population), a sliver of that pie is plenty for them to profit, especially when an entire nation’s divided into sixths… They’re simply feeding people what they want to hear 😟


America is the most religious Christian country on the planet, more so than Vatican City. Basically, I think Americans need to believe in God because they can't believe in their President.

Or themselves.

We’re a conglomeration of humanity, thus, it’s age old … if not new age religions. Over here, religions compete! And, that’s the problem -- squandering our rich resources, as is done within many other developing nations ..we’ve simply more to squander.. We make more noise; it’s the same infantile winning, except with A Megaphone!

Ironically through a statistical anomaly, Vatican City has the highest crime rate per capita in the world. But don`t rush to use this, because its due to only having a few hundred residents. Yet it has thousands of visitors, all liable to be pick-pocketed etc.


It's challenged, but it's ineffective in the end because non-believers do not have credibility with believers, and getting believers to see the truth, let alone tell the truth, about their hypocrisy is a tall order. People don't like to think or admit that they could be wrong about a 'truth' they have chosen to believe against all reason such as salvation, the afterlife, and all these things which are supposed to be their reward for submitting to a religion that is overwhelmingly a scam. Believers figure if these things are false, then is "killing/murder is immoral" false? Of course it isn't, but I can't tell you how many evangelicals have admitted that the only reason they don't kill, murder, rape, etc. is because they fear their imaginary god's retribution. They don't fear what the law or other men would do to them if they committed the crimes they want to commit (especially rape, for some reason they mourn the fact that they just can't rape any woman they want), they fear losing their spot in heaven if they committed any immoral act. This, at the end of the day, is not real human morality, and any decent human being can see this. Religion perverts morality and in a real ironic way reveals who is truly a decent human being and who isn't.

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