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What projects are you working on while shut-in?

"Everyone's coming to get materials to work on projects while shut in," the cashier at Joann's Fabrics said today.

Know how you get a mental picture of how you want a project to turn out?

I was looking for a pinstripe fabric- a soft, stretchy cotton with Lycra- to make a lightweight summer jacket. Will use the same pattern as the black corduroy jacket I made last August (pictured).

At the fabric store, there was no stretch pinstripe fabric. Darn. Two seamstresses convinced me this gray/black fabric would look great as a jacket. It's 97% cotton with 3% Lycra like the black corduroy jacket, but lighter weight for summer. The diamonds are small.

I'm such a conservative dresser, this is a stretch for me.

I hope a jacket in this fabric would look good with solid-color pants and shirt. Perhaps with black piping on the lapel.

What do you think?

LiterateHiker 9 Mar 20

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I'm sorting out the maple trim on my spiral staircase in order to get it ready so I can install the bamboo flooring on the upstairs landing. After that i have a bunch of marble tiles to install in the upstairs bathroom.


I am a 73 year old artist who has worked as a photographer, filmmaker video producer, entertainer and songwriter, and most recently a substitute teacher and school bus driver. I am currently laid off from the school bus but I always have so much to do I am never idle. I ride bicycles and have been doing something I have been wanting to do for years, and that it scanning thousands of old negatives from as far back as my graduation from Philadelphia University of the Arts in the magical year of 1968! There are so many, that I may never finish, but it sure keeps me busy! Here are a couple of examples. BTW, the second picture is my classmate, Joe Dante, director of Gremlins, The Howling, The Burbs, Inner Space, and many more. Three of the others are self portraits I havent seen in many years. These are just a few I picked at random. There are literally thousands more to go. Keep busy!


That looks REALLY nice! What talent!

My life is little changed, retired as I am, and living in a secluded place. I’m getting in some green firewood to use in three years. Getting ready to plant the spring garden. Daily walks in the woods.


You look brilliant, as ever!
I’m off to New York in the morning, to help my daughter retrieve her belongings and car from college - hope this doesn’t turn into a Cormac McCarthy novel!

Playing drinking games with Delta Airlines as I attempt to cancel the aforementioned flight to New York in the morning:/


I just started a small project: drinking a bottle of ale and devouring a pack of pistachios... Yay!!! 🥳


I have a duck pond to finish.


Here's mine....

@PondartIncbendog Nice! Here's mine, so far. Well, its actually just the hole without the liner at this point. I am using the pond liner for the ducklings (inside the house). I brought it out so I could gauge the size of the hole I was digging. I will have a waterfall of some sort, rocks, plants etc. when it's all said and done.

The ducklings got to spend some time outside the past couple of days. My rooster had to come around and let them know he is the boss.


Just a few silly computer nerd stuffs.


Skull blanket & octopuses.

You are scary........


I'm going to try to make myself some face masks to keep myself safe at the hospital. I've also got a few furniture refinishing projects to complete.

I am sure you have seen the video on how to make face masks produced by a hospital asking for people to make them masks.

Last night (probably the last time I will see her for a very long time or ever (hope not)) while putting together a puzzle at her house I asked a RN, a very good friend, if I should make her some masks as they have no masks for her and she has a patient that tested positive. She replied, "No. They will not work." I told her I saw the information on the news addressing a website with directions and she repeated, "No. They will not work! The masks we are supposed to use are rated for three hours and we have none of them. Oh well, I've had enough life. time to die."

She is an older heavy smoker not that is not in good health and often coughs. I noted now would be a good time to stop smoking . She noted she knows. They told her that.

A different friend noted a face mask made from silver fabric / mesh would be very good as when silver is wet (from your breath) it kills germs.

Really hope you make it through this in good health.

@NoMagicCookie if she means as a replacement for n95 masks, then yes, home made masks aren't even in the same league. Unfortunately, we are now in times so dire the cdc is actually telling people to use bandanas, which I find horrifying. Your friend must not be familiar with the "swiss cheese model" for masks. I will be making mine 2 or 3 ply. I am looking at charcoal filter cloth on Amazon to put between the layers.

Hello beautiful 🥰, I've been trying to text you directly for a while but all to no avail! you're just too beautiful for me to resist so I had to find any way we could chat so I texted you here,hope you could text me directly....hope you see my comment and hope you don't mind if we chat and get to know each other better!have a nice night 🥰😊


I'm working from home so, it is business as usual during the week.

What I'm doing this weekend is re-covering two kitchen chair seats and sewing up face masks for my daughter in MA. I am leaving a pocket in them so she can insert and replace carbon filters. She can also wash the masks as needed. She is in admissions at a hospital and they are out of EVERYTHING.


Greenhouse getting plants seeded for the May planting season. Our season starts later and ends later because of the elevation.


Getting back to wood carving. My goal is to get good enough that I can carve a person's head and others would recognize who it is.


I m working on furnishing my basement and selling unwanted items and replacing them with Pre owned and new but mainly trying for pre owned Have a rough idea what i want ,will know it when I see it plus going to be doing some wild flower seed potting to get a jump on spring


Not shut in yet. I'm hoping to get through another week. Hoping they will let me take vacation, I've got several weeks accrued. I might see if volunteers are needed, I can nearly always find some way to be useful.

Today we found out our facility is considered essential so we will not be idled by tomorrow's statewide shutdown order. Makes some sense, but I really didn't expect that.


Lots of time at home . . .

I used to make my living Extreme Skiing, but now have no real danger in life (besides Covid-19). I love to juggle, but juggling is safe. None of that little tickling I would get on the back of the neck when standing on top of an avalanche chute. Even juggling knives and fire really isn't as dangerous as it looks.

So -- I created a powerful little neutron emission source, and put it inside a juggling ball. And, it is indeed a little bit dangerous, and therefore makes it much more exciting to juggle! 😈

I'm working on an open-mic style routine, I made that case with lights in it for that. It involves jokes with advice to the audience to dive under their tables if I drop the ball, juggling patterns where I keep the ball as far away from myself as I can, and etc. 🤓

**Note: This is actually safer than it may seem (and legal) enhanced drama for fun. This stuff is mostly bad if you eat it, just like things under ones kitchen sink.

Oh yeah. Been there...Done that!🤷♀️😉

@fishline79 Awww, and I thought out of 8,000,000,000 people I might actually be the first to make a radioactive juggling ball! 🙂 Well, I have assumed however that at some point in history I'll bet in a lab somebody has briefly juggled a chunk of plutonium or something just to freak everybody out! Just not made a dedicated radioactive juggling prop!

@Observer-Effect I took a tour of Chernobyl and juggled three petrified horse turds I found on the ground. I may be the first, but unfortunately I've been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I guess I should have seen that coming!

@fishline79 Petrified horse turds? Wow, old! And terminal cancer from touring the facility. LOTs of people are around Fukushima and Chernobyl all the time - a spike in cancers from simply touring it would be immediately noted. But you could have done something really risky - did you lick something? So . . . what kind of cancer, and what specifically do they think caused it? <3

@fishline79 Hey this is intense though, I was sitting at a workbench when I saw this - and just out of curiosity took a reading. Even just your profile is HOT! Should I evacuate now?! (And, that is a real Geiger counter, taking a reading just now).

@Observer-Effect I just thought two can play this game. It was my move. I wonder if Ron Popiel would have been interested. You could have been the first juggler to keep three balls in the air without touching your hands!

@fishline79 Ron Popiel, that guy still going at it? He did the little rotary chicken cooker on late night TV?

This funny creation has me stretching some of my juggling skills which is fun. And it really does make me pay just a bit more attention when playing with it -- I can measure the alpha/beta/gamma radiation the juggling ball is putting out, but I don't have the tools to directly test its neutron emissions - which it is likely at least throwing out some of, and possibly a bunch. 🙂

@Observer-Effect "Pocket fisherman", "In the egg scrambler" and on and on.

@fishline79 I had to look up the egg scrambler, that is hilarious!

@Observer-Effect That inventor was an institution in our country. He virtually invented the concept of direct marketing media.


I am still trying to figure out what to do tomorrow, no less next week. With two days off, I am already going stir crazy. I can't wait for the weahter to get warmer and I can get outside to walk a bit, while keeping social distances from everyone else going out doors to walk a bit.


Writing research papers mostly.

In my spare time i plan on using my 3d printer to test 3d printed face masks. If one gets approved by the medical community, I aim to print as many as I can and donate them.

There is a global group working on an open-source ventilator. I hope to make some contribution to that over the next few weeks.


I'm downloading Art Classes . Calling 3 or 4 friends when I get cell service listening to dance music and practicing a little by myself. Continuing to clear out clutter. Simplifying Simplifying. Quiet meditation while connecting more with my human person: That's me


I'm going out for walks with mu binoculars and camera, taking pictures of local birds, may get some published,locally, on our villas association newsletter. The local birds are quite active, here in central Florida. In fact Bald Eagles have offspring that are already leaving the nests, and hanging around before they actually fledge.


I've got like four crochet projects going, a counted cross stitch project, innumerable books on kindle and overdrive media, and a stash of cotton that the hospital is asking folks to make masks out of for them. May as well donate it for a good cause.

Hello beautiful 🥰, I've been trying to text you directly for a while but all to no avail! you're just too beautiful for me to resist so I had to find any way we could chat so I texted you here,hope you could text me directly....hope you see my comment and hope you don't mind if we chat and get to know each other better!have a nice night 🥰😊


I ain't doing shit! I'm gonna sit here in a fetal position until I can come out!

Yes but the point is. Now that we have coronavirus, what are you doing that is different ?

@Fernapple I heard from a friend's brother's neighbor, if you keep close to the ground you won't get it.

@Fernapple Btw, I moved to a different corner.

@PondartIncbendog Your friends neighbor dosn't go to church by any chance ?

@Fernapple Not mine anyway....

@Fernapple I go to the Church of Jesus Christ You're Idiots....

@PondartIncbendog It is said that you can not catch it from stting on a dirty church pew either.


Lawnmower is fixed!
Kids' moped...torn apart! Carb parts to be ordered.
Looking for a used bass guitar. Music stores shut down, checking on-line options... playing away on the usual ones
Cleaning up the woods and the yard.

Whole interior of house needs painted...I'm not feeling it

Looks like I have some work for next week.... if there isn't a complete shutdown. I can use the money.

twill Level 7 Mar 20, 2020

You will look good in anything. 🙂

or less 😉


Think it's finally time to set my recording studio up again.


My taxes.


gardening and organizing

..if only I were as concise 🙂

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