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LINK Colorado AG steps in after Hobby Lobby defies COVID-19 stay-at-home order

Still pushing an underlying religious cause. How deep do you think this will get?

IAJO163 8 Apr 3

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I am thinking some of these incidents are test cases to try to place theocracy above Constitutional law. The religious, fundamentalist, conservative right, who effectively control the Republican party, is continually pushing their limits for a theocracy in 'merca.

Could well be.


The wife of the Hobby Lobby owner announced she can "pray away the COVID-19 virus." Stupid, delusional Christian.

I never shop at Hobby Lobby. The owners refuse to cover birth control in their health plan.

Workers shouldn’t have to get their bosses’ permission for birth control coverage.

"Workers shouldn’t have to get their bosses’ permission for birth control coverage." Or ANYTHING that is not specifically job related.

pretty sure she died of the common cold last week... (ok i was kidding) sounded funnier in my head


Well if you die from an exposure there you can chalk it up to being "god's will."


I wonder if they realize dead people don't buy craft supplies.

Maybe they will offer a coffin kit.

@JackPedigo At least the fancy liner.


Religion can get people to fly planes into buildings, strap bombs to their bodies, drink the kool-aid together. All stuff they know will kill them. So getting them to do stuff that might kill them? No problem.


Why bother with just sending them a letter, just walk in and close them down, weld ALL doors and windows shut then fine the idiots with massive fines and put the money towards masks, etc, for the essential workers like doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc, etc.

weld the doors shut... wow do i ever wish i had learned aluminum welding.

another great way to lock them out is super glue in the key holes. (don't ask how i know)

@lakota_5 LOL, we get a stuff here called " Kneadit," it's a tube of stuff that when kneaded together forms something very much like metal, you can drill it even once it sets.
Just poke a little of it into ANY lock, let it set and VOILA, no key/s can be ever be inserted ever again, totally stuffed up locks, padlocks, doorlocks even the key hole ports in car doors, etc, etc.
And do NOT ask how I know because I'll claim the 5th. Ammendment, even though we don't have one here in Australia...LOL.


I would consider boycotting Hobby Lobby, but they don't sell anything I would want to buy.

They do sell things I want but have been on my list of where NOT to spend my money for a long time. Their attitude towards healthcare for women is reprehensible.

i used to go in with my frames purchased at yard sales, do all my framing, using their framing area and then walk out.

but they caught on and banned me.


what is it with these religious freaks?

What is it? They think, believe, that their real allegiance is to their Sky-Daddy. Apparently, Mrs. Hobby Lobby lives in an alternate universe, along with all who have been partaking of the Kool-Aid, wherein prayer is a form of basic physical law.

@BirdMan1 it was a rethorical question, we all know what is it with them.

@Mofo1953 Sometimes I get too damned literal, sorry.


Businesses operate at the govts largess. Hobby Lobby will always need police assistance from time to time, or help from the DA when dealing with fraudulent creditors, or even help from the fire dept if their buildings catch fire. Or paved roads leading to their stores. HL likes it when the govt does things that allow HL to run a business.

In trade, they tacitly agree that the govt can make decisions for the greater good as well, even if it's at odds with HLs business model. That's the "social contract".

"my (fake as shit) religion" says i do not have to ascribe to any social contracts so (sticking tongue out) i won't"

that's all they have to day/do and it's done.


If they'd all just coagulate together, away from the rest of us and let the chips fall, that'd be just fine. But they're incapable of leaving innocents out of their obvious collective death wish.


coagulate? um... you might want to look up the definition of that word, pretty sure not what you think it means.


@lakota_5 No. I mean coagulate. Like blood drying on a sidewalk. That's exactly what I mean.

(of a fluid, especially blood) change to a solid or semisolid state.
"blood had coagulated around the edges of the wound"


I read this headline and my brain went: Another case of "hobby lobby does something stupid... and next up on the news, is water wet and do bears really defecate in the woods?"

oh shit (literally)


It's amazing that when "god" speaks to these people, he tells them to do something that benefits them. "God" supposedly told them that they shouldn't give sick leave. How fucked up is that?


They should close. Unfortunately, that's the way that it is. Why take unnecessary risks?


I hate Hobby Lobby, run by self-righteous pricks who care only about money. If people still intend to shop there, it's on them if they catch anything. I steer clear of that store. Shop at Michael's instead.

yes. yes yes.

I am working really hard to convince my daughter to not shop there.


It's all about the money, or it can also be about your religious death wish coming true. My religious friend thinks this is all in the book of Revelation and Hobby Lobby founders would agree with him even though there is nothing about our country in that book. Having to know helped infect them all with the death wish. They set back all full of "I told you so" hoping to see this happen. The end is near!

True. USA ceratinly was not in the BuyBull. Our country was founded on ignoring the book of revelations and the BuyBull itself


I vote with my dollars, won't shop here or at Chick Fil A....some others as well.

Same here for Chick Fil A... never seen hobby lobbies in Canada. Idk what the heck is so appealing in the Chick Fil A menus but there is constant long lines outside, from the time it was built in my neighbourhood, up until yesterday. What is there cocaine or something in their chicken sauce? It's just another fast food chicken place after all. 😕


Wipe them out


Some of these religious fanatics think (or want other to think) theirs is an essential service. It's only essential if you consider keeping the owner rich essential. I hat this company and would love to see them go under. Michael's is much better and it doesn't have the half page advertisements in the paper hawking their overtly religious propaganda. Ever think what the name is about? Lobbying congress to do their bidding.


AND the stupid people actually going there to shop.


Finally a bit of sanity


They are closing their stores! Common sense wormed it's way into their demented thought process.

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