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What's a phrase you vehemently despise?

Mine's the phrase "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"
I'm not a cow, sex is not a commodity, and if I marry someone--I don't owe them sex (or vice versa for that matter).

Mea 7 Apr 3

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Open up your wallet.


"Everything happens for a reason." No, really, they don't.


it's gods will.


It is what it is. Hate that one.

Oh me too! GROAN!

My sister has that tattooed on her leg. Personally, I find the statement stupid.


Man up
Grow a pair
You run like a girl




"President" Trump


"God works in mysterious ways"


"Have a good one."

A good what? Accident? Stroke? Bowel movement?
Be more specific and less optimistic.

I've already HAD (that) some of those. Wish me something else?? I get weird looks when I give that answer.


hey optimism is positive as opposed to negative

@markdevenish I mean, don't tell me to have a good one, whatever it is. I may end up having a bad one.
I just don't like being told what to do. Ha!


Get 'er done!
A man said that on a first date once, as we walked into a restaurant. I was so glad I drove separately.

Ha! First and LAST date, correct?
I hate that phrase, as well.

@Donotbelieve Me too! And I live here in hillbilly land where I hear it every-fucking-day.


A few:
"Most powerful man on Earth"
"Leader of the free world"
"Greatest country on Earth"
"Please place your item in the bagging area"
"Unexpected item in the bagging area"
"License and registration"
"Fox News affiliate"

BenP Level 3 Apr 4, 2018

Good ones!


“It is what it is.” It’s saying nothing with a sound.

Marz Level 7 Apr 3, 2018

Prayers and thoughts


Let me axe you a question

Let me "mill" it over
Pivaligh=pilot light
...and so many more monstrous murdering of the language...


"You go, girl".
"Having said that.."


“I’ll pray for you.” Really? Which god are you pleading with? You think s/he/it isn’t aware? Please don’t bother your god on my behalf.

The best reply I've heard so far to "I'll pray for you" is "I'll think for you". I use it all the time.

When someone says they'll pray for me I always want to respond "And I'll commit an act of divination for you". But I don't. It would be over their head and it's the same thing, divination.

@farmboy2017 How about, I'll cast a spell for ya!?

@GoldenDoll I love that ❣

When somebody that knows I am an atheist says that they will pray for me, I say, thanks for the condescending remark. Pray for my conversion, see where that gets you.


"It is what it is.”
No shit, what the fuck else could it be?

This is one of those meaningless things people say when they have nothing intelligent to say. If you don't have anything to say, why speak?

JimG Level 8 Apr 4, 2018

"Jesus loves you!"

Don't care. It's unrequited love, so tell him to go find another guy to make love with.


"Feminism is a cancer" "I'm not racist but...." "I'm a nationalist"


Bless his/her heart... How meaningless that is

That is a sneaky insult. It doesn't mean ANYTHING nice.

@Emme ? The phrase is an insult? What I said after is an insult?

@moonmaid ya the phrase is an insult. Like
"Oh look how you dressed up, bless your /little heart"= southern for "you look not so dressed up"
"Well isnt that nice"=southern for "FU"
Tricky huh??

@Emme i must have had a brain fart. I actually do know this. But thanks for the clarification.


I'm getting pretty sick of conservatives constantly saying "ad hominem". Was there a conservatives meeting where their leaders all told them to use it at every opportunity? We get it you learned a big word.


One time before I married my husband someone asked him when we were going to get married. He replied, "Why buy the cow when I get the milk for free?" I replied back, "Did you just call me a cow??" ???

That would have pissed me off! Lol.

Response to that is , why buy the pig , when the sausage is so small .


"Boys will be boys" I find it an excuse that perpetuates gender stereotypes and bad behavior

I hate that one too. Your gender doesn't excuse you from being an ass.

Yeah, that one has been used to excuse gang rape, SMH.


"Make America great again!" When exactly did it stop being great?

What about Mongolia!? When are we gonna make it great again?!


My father often used the phrase "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" I hated it then and I hate now.

Mom's phrase was "It takes two to tango," when cautioning me about premarital sex, in fact she drove me to this run down tenement in a nearby town one day and told me that is where I would wind up if I got a girl pregnant.

I was 20 when I finally lost my virginity, but it wasn't from lack of trying... summer of '65.

I did observe a ham radio friend of mine who really struggled because he found himself in a family way in a day when marriage was the only honorable thing to do. Yes, they struggled, but also got a college edulation, got to grow up with their kids, and are still happily married 55 years later! Maybe that's the exception...


Whatever the latest idiocy to come out of Spanky's mouth or his twitter feed.

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